OttLite 13w Craft Space Organizer Lamp: Review & Giveaway

As a stay-at-home mom to my two young girls, it can be difficult finding time to crochet.  It was especially hard when the girls were younger as I was nursing every couple of hours and functioning on very little sleep!  I was so thankful to have my crocheting back then as it felt so relaxing and therapeutic, even if I was only able to crochet a couple of rounds at a time while the girls were napping.  Now that the girls are older and a bit more independent, I am finding it easier, and it is so sweet whenever they run off to play together!  The majority of my crocheting and blogging time, however, is still done after they both go to sleep at night!

The challenge with crocheting at night is the lack of natural sunlight and my need to take step-by-step photos for my blog tutorials!  It is especially difficult working with darker yarns and small crochet hooks as it is nearly impossible to see the stitches with poor lighting.  When OttLite recently reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out one of their lamps, I jumped at the opportunity as I had already heard so many positive things about their products and I was definitely in need of good lighting!

Dr. Josh Nash Ott founded OttLite Technologies in 1989 to bring the power of natural daylight indoors through his one-of-a-kind natural daylight bulb.  Through his 40 years of scientific research, Dr. Ott found that a light with the entire visible spectrum of light wavelengths was best for vision and well being.  He developed the first sunlight lamp and believed that by seeing better and feeling better, people could do what they love longer, whether that be sewing, drawing, jewelry making, or in my case…crocheting and knitting!


The OttLite team sent me their 13w Craft Space Organizer Lamp to review!  I love how it is not only a lamp or light source, but also a wonderful organizer!

When working through crochet and knit designs, there are often many notions that are needed, from stitch markers and safety eyes, to yarn needles and threaders.  This organizer helps keep all my materials readily accessible with pockets of various sizes and depths.

The upper storage area has tiered compartments that are deep, so they can easily store crochet hooks, scissors, and pens!

The lower storage tray has six rounded compartments for smaller supplies such as stitch markers, safety eyes, and threaders.  I chose the white craft space organizer, and I love how all my colourful supplies really pop against it!  The functionality of this lamp is fantastic since it does not simply take up space on a table or counter: it provides wonderful storage as well!

The multi-position shade rotates to adjust the lighting so you can get exactly how much light you want.  The flexible neck is very sturdy and easily adjusts the light angle over my projects.  Once you place the neck in the position that you want, it stays firmly put!  With its special natural daylight bulb, it allows for more accurate colours, and it is rated to last up to 10,000 hours!

Since this is not a big floor lamp, I can easily unplug the lamp and carry it to another location in the house, whether that be on the sofa or my dining room table.  It is so convenient having all the tools I need at my fingertips PLUS good lighting when I need to work on amigurumi projects.  Here is an example of some photos I took at night with no editing: the picture on the left shows my normal dining room lighting while the picture on the right shows the same work under the OttLite!  What a big difference, hey?  The stitches are much better illuminated on the right (particularly with the black yarn) and I love how the light does not cast a yellowish tinge.  Clear, crisp lighting is so important when you need to find the next stitch and seam pieces together!  Sometimes you do not notice how poor your lighting is until you get a special craft light such as this one, and you see what a big difference it makes!  You do not want to be straining your eyes when reading, embroidering, painting, or doing any activity, so good lighting is worth the investment!  The photos below are from my newest design, the “Snuggle Bunny Pillows” that required A LOT of attaching!

I am so happy that this special light is now part of my crafting arsenal, allowing me to see more clearly without straining my eyes so that I can crochet and knit longer!  I also dabble in jewelry making, sewing, and macrame, so this light will be put to very good use for years and years to come!  You can find the OttLite 13w Craft Space Organizer in the US at many different stores such as Michaels, Jo-ann Fabrics, and online at and on Amazon.  It has stellar reviews on Amazon, so you can see what other consumers are saying about their craft space organizers HERE!  If you want a fun pop of colour in your home or on your desks, this organizer also comes in turquoise and purple!  In Canada, you can find the organizer lamp at Michaels!  I am very excited because OttLite and I are teaming together to give one of YOU the chance to win the very same lamp that I have just reviewed!

***To enter this GIVEAWAY:
  • Leave a comment below telling us WHERE and WHEN you do the majority of your crafting (e.g. on your couch, in the car, at night, in the morning, etc.)!

This giveaway is open to residents of the USA and CANADA ONLY (sorry, overseas readers!) and will close on Saturday, April 14th at 8 PM MST!  You can also enter through Facebook and Instagram to increase your chances!  One winner will be chosen at random from all the entries!

Note: I was provided with an OttLite 13w Craft Space Organizer Lamp for review, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own!

  • I do most of my crafting on my couch after dinner.

  • Chelsea

    Most of my crafting is done in my rocker (so that I can easily see my kids but also not be in their way). I usually wait until after the kids are in bed to do most of my crafting, though I like to grab moments here and there throughout the day when I can!

  • Anne Marie

    i do most of my crafting at the dining room table early in the morning – love the peaceful alone time of the early morning hours.

  • BEChamness

    I tend to do most of my crafting after work in the evenings or squeezing time into my weekends either in my little office or on my couch.

  • Brianna

    I oftentimes will sit at my sewing machine in the morning because of how much sunlight that room gets and get some quilting done. For needle work, I am usually in the living room with the rest of the family in the evenings.

  • Erin Kitzman

    I do most of my crocheting on my living room couch in the evening. I have one floor lamp but it is way on the other side of the couch so I would LOVE to see what kind of difference this lamp would make!

  • Stephanie

    I crochet mostly in my favourite chair from Ikea and mostly afternoon and evening 🙂

  • Natalie Criscione

    I do my crocheting in the evening after work and dinner! I am usually cuddled up on the couch beside my fiance crocheting while we play video games

  • Susan chitty

    When my kids grew up we changed their game room into a sewing/craft room for me. I have been looking at these lights for a while now…..would love to try one out!

  • donsgirl40

    I usually do most of my crocheting in my easy chair in the afternoon and evening. As I’m disabled I pretty much crochet during the week and the weekend when we are not going somewhere.

  • Sara Kathryn Christoph

    I do most of my crocheting at night in my living room. I’d love to have this light!

  • Madelyn

    I normally sit on the couch to crochet but I have to turn on the bright lights while everyone is watching a movie to have enough light. 🙁 This lamp would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Christina W.

    I usually do my crochet at night after the kids have gone to bed and usually on my sofa. I sometimes sneak in crocheting during the day because it has better lighting but that is short lived with all the demands from the kids and household chores.

    It would be extremely helpful to have an organizer light lamp like this!

  • Audry

    I do the majority of my crocheting in the living room at night once the kiddos are down to sleep. This would be prefect!!

  • Heather Bailey

    I do all my knitting at night on the couch but lately I have been having trouble sleeping so it is terrible but I also sneak in some knitting in bed when I can’t sleep.

    • Congratulations, Heather! You are the winner of this giveaway! I have already e-mailed you!

      • Heather Bailey

        OMG, I am so excited. Thank you so very much. LOL. I never win anything.

  • Deborah W

    I do the majority of my crafts and sewing in a spare bedroom. There I keep my fabric, sewing machine and supplies. It’s a pretty dark room. Most of the time I work during the day, especially early mornings, but I also do some work at night.

  • Beverly Marks

    I crochet alittle in the morning & then in the evening after supper & dishes are done

  • MsPTC

    I mostly crochet on my couch in front of the tv or iPad after my two kids have gone to bed. This would be great for my evening crafting!

  • Abbie Liu

    I find I crochet late at night on my couch also. The next morning, I’d find lots of mistakes and I’d have to unravel my work. I usually blame fatigue, but now that you mention good lighting, I realize it’s too dim in my living room at night!

  • Shira

    I crochet on my couch whenever I have free time!

  • yeeliv

    I craft mostly at night on a table in a little corner. I do use an LED light bulb on my lamp at the table, but an OttLite would be wonderful to have!

  • Sabrina van Ginkel

    I do most of my Knitting at home.

  • Angie Schneider

    This lamp looks FANTASTIC!!! I do most of my crochet at night after my kids are in bed. Have my little spot on the couch where i watch TV while i work! Thank you for your amazing giveaway’s Stephanie. They have all been amazing!!!!

  • Barb Bennett

    I do most of my crafting on the couch in the evening. This looks like a wonderful lamp and organizing idea!

  • Beverly ONeal

    I do most of my crocheting at night, after my 3 boys are asleep! 🙂

  • I do my crafting all throughout the day, mostly in the afternoon though. And almost always in my living room on my couch! 🙂

  • Waverly cinense

    I crochet at night on my couch. I like to crochet while watching movies since at night you can see them better.

  • JenniferJuniper

    I usually crochet after work while catching up on my programs. 🙂 Sometimes I’ll spend the whole day on Saturday as well. Lighting can definitely be an issue sometimes, especially when working with dark colors.

  • Mary Williams

    I am a math teacher and am still fairly new to knitting but loving it as a way to relax! I knit at night after grading and my kids have gone to bed – I knit on the couch, where light is so often a challenge! This lamp looks great, and I love that it’s an organizer too!

  • Laura

    Mostly I knit or crochet in the evening on my couch

  • And She Laughs

    I work full time and crochet on my couch at night. It was so nice when Daylight Savings Time started because I actually was able to do some crochet in the light without my living room lamp on.

  • Rosalin Afan

    I do my crafting ( crochet, paper crafting) mostly on the weekends when I am not working. Then I usually do it on my living room. Thank you so much Stephanie for hosting as always. You and Ryan have always been an inspiration for what both of you have done for the girls as well as follow crocheters.

  • Patricia Hersl

    Any minute I can get in my studio adds to my life.

  • natacha cormier

    After a long day at work, I do most of my crocheting in the evening, in the comfiness of my living room!

  • Marie

    I knit at any free minutes in my day. Being a busy stay at home mom means I don’t get to work on projects for hours during the day when the light is the best. My chinks of time to really dig into a project is in the evening after the kids are in bed. I position myself directly under the living room lamp to see my stitches well!

  • terryscwayons

    Most of my crafting is done in my craft room in the late afternoon/early evening. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  • Christine

    I mostly crochet at night on my bed while watching tv or a movie. It’s a great giveaway!

  • PuterPrsn

    I crochet at my computer desk while watching movies or talking to the family. My office chair is about the most comfortable I’ve found, and setting the arm rests just right makes hours of crochet just fly by.

  • Tammy Huffaker

    I do my crafting on my couch at night while watching television 📺

  • Chi LB

    I do most of my crocheting in bed at night and I so need good lighting for that!

  • Katie Roberson

    Wow, this OttLite is perfect for the busy crocheter! Most of my crochet is done at night watching Netflix on the couch with my honey. <3

  • rita vollon

    I do My crafting always on My couch, with a small light behind my seat

  • Jonnie

    I do most of my crafting in my crafting chair in the evenings

  • Giaochau Nguyen

    I do most of my crocheting on my bed at night while watching shows, so the light would be extremely helpful since I sit at an angle where the light would be dim and I can’t see the stitches as well especially when I’m working with dark yarn.

  • Phyllis Allen

    I do most of my crocheting after work while watching TV with my hubby – having an OttLite light like this would sure make it easier for me and nicer for him too since we could then turn off the bright overhead

  • Laura

    I too do most of my yarn and needle crafting at night after the kids are in bed. I was actually just thinking about how much I need a good lamp, especially now that my eyes are getting a bit older! ; )

  • I do most of my crafting on my couch during nap time on weekends!

  • mystyk163

    I have the floor lamp model and it sits behind my recliner (on the left). The OttLites are the most amazing source of lighting available for any type of crafting! I’ve had mine about 18 months or so and wouldn’t give it up for the world!! I use it almost every day-even for reading!
    Like the smaller version-the shade is adjustable and stays in the position -no matter where you set it. Not only do I use it in the evening, I also use it during the day when I’m working with dark yarns OR if the day is overcast. It does make quite a difference.

    The greatest thing about the Ottlite line is there are several different versions and in the continental US, both Joann’s and Michael’s carries the line-AND they both have them on sale on a regular basis (several times a month/throughout the year) along with 40-50% off coupons! They can also be purchased online as well as Amazon (free shipping with Prime Accounts).

    I’ve been tempted to purchase this exact lamp that you’re reviewing today, because its smaller and has the storage options-along with the fact that its portable and ADORABLE! But with having the floor lamp, its tough to justify the purchase since I almost always sit in the same spot to crochet.

    I do see the purchase of a new lamp in the future, however. When my husband retires in a few years, we’re planning on doing some traveling. The floor lamp will be staying home and I’ll be needing something smaller/portable to take with me. This one may do the trick!!

    Thank you for your wonderful review!! I’ve never researched the background of the lamp and its founder. Very interesting!! Thank you also for all that you share with us. I certainly appreciate you and Ryan sharing your creativity & family with us -along with your silliness!!

  • Cheri H.

    That light looks great! I do most of my crafting in a cozy chair in the evenings.

  • Most of my crafting happens on my couch during my kiddos naptime 😄

  • Steph C

    I crochet at night on the couch in the living room. An Ottolite would be useful to me! I currently use a headlamp to see my work because I have no other direct light to use 🙂

  • Minh Huynh

    My crocheting happens in my bed to help me relax and get some sleep. My stitch markers are currently all over my nightstand lol.

  • Katherine

    Usually at night after the little has gone to bed. I work in front of the tv when I don’t have a ton of school work.

  • Michelle Fjelstad

    I typically crochet on the couch, and I’m constantly losing my little scissors and stitch markers! this would be perfect!

  • Nicole

    If I’m home then 99% of my knitting or crochet happens on my couch. Otherwise we’re on the go and you can find me knitting in the stands at my kids’ hockey or baseball games!

  • Amy Georgopoulos

    I craft in tiny spurts throughout the day at home when my almost-3-month old lets me! It’s a successful day if I’m able to knit or crochet one entire row. 😁

  • Angela Wang

    I like to crochet at my desk at night while watching something on my computer!

  • Sonja Tompkins

    I do most of my crafting at the dining room table. My crochet I do in my living room chair. 😀

  • Emilee Manley

    I usually crochet in my bedroom or on the couch watching a movie. I do it most of the day but late afternoon is my set aside “crochet time”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cindy Henderson

    I create in my designated sewing room. The lighting could be improved as it’s in the basement. My schedule revolves around my husband’s work schedule; I aim for blocks of time. That is a beautiful light!

  • Sherry Wilbur

    I usually knit and crochet in bed all day long

  • Heather Louise Navarro

    I have multiple spots around the house.Out on my deck if the weather is nice, the couch, my rocking chair in the corner and my bed. I love to crochet in bed but I don’t have good lighting in there.

  • Variable Spoon-Count

    I crochet and knit in my room after the rest of the house has gone to bed. There’s nothing like late-night peace and quiet to sculpt yarn into a new garment. The sound of a rainstorm and a little wine are a nice bonus, too! 😉

  • Nina Reichert

    I crochet at night on my couch curled up totally not ergonomically correct but cozy!

  • Kate

    I do almost all of my knitting at my desk after my son is asleep. The light is definitely not ideal!

  • Erinne

    I do my crafting in the evening curled up on the couch. My cat is always stealing my tools! An Ottolite would definitely slow him down.

  • I do most of my work at night after dinner. I have a chair and ottoman that is designated as my “crochet” chair. 🙂 I have seen these lights and been tempted to purchase one. Thank you for the review!

  • Maggie Turbak

    I do most of my crafting either in my bedroom on my bed or at my craft desk usually in the wee hours of the day or late at night after the sun has gone down and I am home from classes and work!

  • I usually crochet on the couch after work in front of the TV 🙂 All my crochet items are all over the coffee table ><

  • Amanda Paetz

    I crochet in bed in the evening after I get my little ones off to bed, while catching up on Netflix haha This organization light would be so handy!!

  • NancyBPlatt

    I usually knit and crochet in the den while watching TV. I also love taking my projects with me on trips, and work in the car, plane and once we get to our destination.

  • Heather Edwards

    I craft in bed after my 13 month old daughter goes to sleep. Sometimes I luck out and can get a few stitches in during the day while she plays.

  • Lindsey Scott

    I mostly craft at night. I work at night so I’m usually sleeping during the day.

  • Erin M Long

    Love OttLite! I crochet at night on the couch 🙂

  • Alicia Grayson

    I knit every night while watching tv. I’d love this lamp by my chair! My craft room currently has no lighting so I can’t really use it except for storage.

  • I do crafting on my couch in the afternoon.

  • Kari Harper

    I craft where ever I can. My favorite place is in my favorite chair in the living room.

  • Leah Kathleen Taber

    Love the lamp! I do my crocheting on my living room couch at all hours during my days off. Since I live in a basement apartment the lighting is pretty dismal!

  • Chris Baker Cox

    I do the majority of my crafting in my craft room. I am very lucky to have a room in my small house for all of my stuff. It’s almost always unorganized, but I love it! Oh, and I could not craft without an OTT Lite. They are the best!

  • Loviegirl

    I do most of my crafting in my armchair late at night (or early in the morning) after everyone else is asleep. I would love to have a lamp with natural spectrum light to help me see those tiny stitches and get true color pictures of my projects. 🙂

  • Victoria O’Neill

    I do most of my crocheting at night, when I get home from work, although (shhh) sometimes I crochet at work. One of our cats is what I call a “defiant lap sitter”, because he WILL sit in my lap when he will get in the way of whatever I’m doing, so I have to retreat to my bedroom and close the door when I crochet. My dream is to have a room dedicated to crafting!

  • Alissa Larson

    I crochet in my living room while watching TV, mainly at night after my three little girls are in bed. Occasionally I’ll crochet during the day if I’m hurrying to get a gift made for a birthday party they’re going to.

  • DJohnson

    I craft a lot on my couch in the evenings, while I am spending time with my family.

  • I crochet every day, sitting on the love seat, with my beverage on the end table to my left, and my dog snuggled up to me on the right. The Ott light would be the perfect addition to my crochet things on the end table, so I don’t need to use the overhead light which floods the entire room.

  • Becki Fields

    I knit and crochet throughout the 24 hour day. I live in a nursing home and do not sleep much at night. Most of the time I am in my recliner with my feet up
    (ordered by the doctor). Right now I have Shingles and am in isolation,, so I have even more time to knit and crochet . My room is very small and un fortunately do not get good sunlight so I really need this lamp. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thank you !

  • Pamela

    Most of my crafting time is in the evening after work in our apartment’s second bedroom. It’s normally pretty dark so I’m trying to leave curtains open until the sun goes down and turn on as many lights as I can. Always thought these looked so nice and the storage part would be super cool!

  • Meggie

    I crochet in the evening on the couch!

  • Angie Eghtesady

    I also do my crafting at night after putting my 2 small kids to sleep. I love to sit on my couch with a tea in hand. It’s relaxing.

  • Tammi Asay

    Most of the time I crochet on my chaise in my yarn room. The lighting isn’t always the best depending on the time of day. I make do with a standing lamp but really need a great upgrade!

  • Sarah

    Mostly crochet & knit on the couch, after the kids are in bed. It is my “ME” time!

  • Caitie Beggarly

    I normally craft on my couch while my little boy plays or in the car if I can get my significant other to drive places.

  • Brooke

    I have a bad habit of starting projects as I’m just about to get into bed. I end falling asleep at 2am, with stickmarkers and all sorts of bit and bobs hiding in my bed.

  • Mahdi Martin

    I do most of my crating on the floor, like a kid! I usually do it in spurts.

  • Rita M Karaffa

    I do the majority of my crocheting on the couch so that I can spend time with the family. Occasionally though, I get lucky enough to do it at work as well. When we are super slow and I get my work done early, then I get to crochet the rest of my time away. (Shh don’t tell)

  • Marie ANTONiETTE

    I crochet in the late afternoons until the wee hours of the morning, mainly from my living room couch while listening to podcasts, but I can also be found hooking happily from my bed and on the bus! Blessings & good luck to all!

  • Ginette Vallières

    I craft in my sewing room or on my couch in the evenings. This lamp would be great to keep things organized as well as help me see better in he evenings as my lighting in the family room is not ideal for crafting. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Shama Horton Dawson

    I knit on my couch all hours of the day and night when I’m not doing other things around the house!!

  • Tara Hayes

    On the couch in the evening. This light would be perfect!

  • Rachel Ballew

    I craft at anytime possible! I am usually on my couch watching tv!

  • Betty Hardesty

    I crochet in my recliner on and off all day and in the evening. This would be great when working with dark colors especially.

  • Nikki Watts

    I am a nightowl (or vampire, take your pick 🙃😏) so most of my crafting is done in the wee hours of the morning.

  • Mary Clare Struthers

    I do most of my crafting on the couch or at my desk, usually when the littlest one is napping in the afternoon, sometimes in the evenings too.

  • Sandy Koenig

    I do the most hand crafting in my recliner with a side table and lamp, not so good on eyes. Or I craft at a table that I have to bring a lamp over to for fine details. would love the ott light.

  • hanbaagaa

    I craft whenever I can, usually late into the night when my babysitting duties are over 😀 I craft at my desk because it’s where my best light source is located, but I’d rather be crafting in a comfy chair!

  • Johnson Mari

    I have a little craft corner in my bedroom. I craft morning, noon, and night whenever I’m not sleeping or working.

  • KC

    I craft mostly at night after everyone is in bed in the recliner.

  • I do most of my crocheting while sitting on the sofa watching TV. My desk space is taken up with my other hobby – nail polish.

  • Tina Farthing

    I tend to crochet and knit my major projects while sitting on our couch either upstairs or downstairs in our basement. Generally this takes place in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed .

  • Peggy Carlson

    I do the majority of my knitting and crocheting on the couch🤗

  • Sarah Harrison

    I either crochet in the living room while my mom is ready our history lesson or on my bed in the evening.

  • Bonnie

    I crochet on my couch watching television in the evening. I especially like the area on the light whereby you can keep all those crafty items you need. I can also use a better light. Thanks for the opportunity of winning this great light!

  • Shelly Lynn Easton

    Mostly on the couch after the kids go to bed, or if I can make it to my knitting group Panera, or if on a long car ride I try to knit in the car when my husband is driving!

  • dalimami

    I crochet in the living room in the evening. If it’s the weekend then I’m up early while everyone sleeps in and crochet in the living room all morning in peace and quiet. And sometimes in my room while the hubby watches tv in the living room.

  • Juliana

    I do almost all of my crocheting in the middle of the night! I’m chronically ill and feel better during the night, so the nights are my “days.” I understand the need for more light!

  • Cynthia Younger

    I craft mostly on my couch while listening to the t.v. or Netflix. I’d love a cool lamp like this.

  • PK Solberg

    I do most of my crafting in my sewing room, late at night. This light would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Annette

    I do most of my crafts on the sofa at night.

  • knittingdancer on Ravelry

    I knit everyday on my love seat in my den.

  • Durbin R Amelia

    I crochet at night on the couch.

  • Debbie D

    I crochet whenever I have the time to do so. We have a group at work that meets during lunch to crochet for charity. Also early in the morning, waiting for my car to be fixed, whenever I get a minute to myself.

  • SL

    I usually crochet during the weekend from afternoon to late night on the couch!

  • After the evening meal . . . at the table. Crafting in the morning? Does 1am count as morning???

  • Judith James

    I crochet on my couch. I do my most creative work here. I have been known to take naps under my current wip, sitting with my hook in hand. I also crochet in the car on the way to and from our vacation.

  • Christie Yuen

    I usually crochet during my train rides to and from work, and also at home at my desk!

  • Rebekah

    I crochet in my living room, on my couch. Sometimes during the day, but mostly in the evening while everyone is watching tv.

  • Betsy L

    I do a lot of my crocheting (and reading) in the evening/night in our den. Only overhead light which is terrible if I’m using a dark color. I’ve been looking into getting a portable light to help.

  • Yvonne Williamson

    I craft in short bursts, often at night, and sit on our couch or at the dining room table. Not so glamorous!

  • Megan Price

    I mostly craft on my couch in the morning when the light is good. If I had better lighting, I would definitely craft more at night.

  • Patty

    I mostly crochet on my couch as I chase my 2 toddlers around the house 😊. I tried many times to crochet at night when babies are sleep, unsuccessfully since I feel as I am going blind I did not know this existed what an awesome invention.

  • Wendy

    I crochet in bed after I put my little one to bed. it helps me relax and I can catch up on netflix!

  • Debby Greenlaw

    Well that depends . . . if I’m weaving on my floor loom, in the living room, usually in the evening. If I’m spinning, usually in my studio in the daytime. If I’m dyeing, in the barn, in the daytime. That said, all could use better lighting.

  • ImDesertOlive

    I always crochet on the couch in the afternoon and evenings. I certainly could use a craft light to help me see my stitches!

  • Melanie Titus

    I crochet in my living room or on my bed at home, in the car and in waiting rooms all of the time. I pretty much always have a project with me wherever I am. lol I even was crocheting in my dream last night! 😀

  • Mei Mei

    great post! i knit when my kids are asleep. i’m usually knit in bed either listening to a podcast or music.

  • I typically crochet in my living room after my kids are in bed.

  • Reagan Andrew

    At night I crochet and accomplish some stitches before my eyes close .. Eventually waking up in confusion of where I left off. So hard to crochet with my son and cat not wanting to participate in play with the yarn. Countless times I found myself unraveling the knots before I can even try to complete my craft. I learned It is challenging to get crafts done unless it’s a night task when everyone is sleeping. Trick is keeping yourself up

  • Melanie Gin

    Most of my crafting is done in my bedroom at night.

  • Cindy

    I knit after our toddler is down for the night on the couch, get that PVR down and something creative made at the same time!

  • Paula Verry

    I am crocheting mostly in the evenings and am trying to learn past the beginner stage. I live in Maine and lighting is an issue 6 months a year. I hope to win the light with caddy.

  • Kirstie Morphet

    I work with teenagers and spend a lot of time waiting. I always carry a project in the car. I also live on a small island so a lot of my time is spent on a small plane. Crochet helps with my nerves and the air hostesses are getting used to it.

  • Natalie

    I usually crochet in our living room, during noon/afternoon time 🙂

  • SoulShine

    I’m disabled so crochet is my therapy, when I have yarn, and friends keep me fairly well stoked with beautiful, new or nearly new thrift store yarn, which I VERY much appreciate! I crochet day & night between housework & cooking, which takes me a long time & is hard to do, so I go back & forth between chores and crochet to give my muscles both rest and movement. I have a small round wooden dining table w/my pc on it and I have to have the table to rest my arms on and my floor lamp has a shorted out wire & has begun ti flicker off & on, ARRGGHHH! I really need some kind of good light and would love to find me a magnification piece to attach somewhere for me too. Thx for the chance to win, OttLite’s are all awesome!

  • Amanda Hutchens

    At night on the couch while my daughters cuddle next to me.

  • Kristina Fukuda

    Lately, on the couch in front of the TV 🙂

  • Heather Bailey

    I received my OttLite and I love it. I was so excited to win and I want to thank you. Thank you!