Etsy Gift Guide 2020

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I have always loved browsing Etsy to discover beautiful handmade items, and I thought I would put together some of my recent favorites in a blog post! There is so much to see on Etsy, and I know many of us are now shopping on-line and trying to support small local businesses. I have connected with many of these makers through social media and am so happy that I can help them spread the word about their wonderful makes!

Sandy of Fireflynotes (Richmond, British Columbia) makes the most beautiful stitch markers and tins! Whenever I use my cat stitch markers in my knitting projects and videos, people always ask me where they are from. Sandy offers these kitty markers in various sizes and materials, and she has other adorable designs such as llamas and bees. I also LOVE Sandy’s amazing tins as she has so many lovely designs, from whimsical cakes to beautiful succulents. They are so handy for storing stitch markers or other small items, and pairing these tins with her stitch markers would make such a lovely gift! Check out the Fireflynotes Etsy shop HERE!

Firefly Notes Etsy Shop

With masks being a requirement nowadays in public places, I am so thankful that I came across Gracescraftstore from Toronto, Ontario. Grace makes my absolute favorite masks as they are soft, breathable and very comfortable. She hand-embroiders lovely designs such as flowers and animals onto her masks so that they really stand out with her exquisite handiwork! I have received numerous compliments wearing these masks, and the girls have said that her masks are their favorite as well (she offers some adorable designs for children’s masks). Check out the Gracescraftstore Etsy shop HERE – she has some new winter designs now!

Gracescraftstore Etsy shop

Heritage and Bloom (Colorado, USA) has a beautiful selection of handmade earrings and headwraps! When I was traveling in Tokyo two years ago, I came across some lovely headbands with wiring inside at some Japanese accessories stores (I could spend hours browsing those adorable boutiques). I loved how I could twist them any way I wanted and they were not too tight since I could adjust the size. I scoured Etsy for wire headbands and discovered Allison’s Etsy shop and was SO impressed with her beautiful prints and fabrics! I immediately ordered one and loved wearing it – you can see how I wear my wire headband in various ways in my IGTV video HERE! Allison was kind enough to send me some of her lovely earrings later on, and I love how she mixes materials such as brass and clay. If you love accessories like I do, you need to check out the Heritage and Bloom Etsy shop HERE!

Heritage & Bloom Etsy Shop

My good friends Emily and Michelle have been working hard on their Etsy shop called “Lifewithlittlesco” (Edmonton, Alberta). They choose such beautiful fabrics for their scrunchies and recently launched knotted headbands as well. I purchased these holiday plaid headbands so the girls and I could wear them during our annual Christmas family photo when we wear our red plaid onesies! The elastic in their scrunchies is very strong, and I always like keeping my hair back in low ponytails with pretty scrunchies. Shop their modern handmade accessories for you and your little ones HERE!

Lifewithlittlesco Etsy Shop

I love layering my necklaces of various lengths, but they often get tangled. I discovered this handy layered necklace spacer clasp from Hanhancraft (Toronto, Ontario) and am so glad I did! Each end of your necklace hooks up to this neat spacer that keeps the necklaces separated! It comes in silver and gold, and there are 2, 3, or 4 clasp options. Check out this handy item HERE. {Picture below from the Hanhancraft Etsy store}

Hanhancraft Necklace Spacer

As an avid Gilmore Girls fan, I love owning some items that help me show off my love for my favorite show! I started watching this show when I was a teenager, and I have been rewatching episodes on Netflix – there is so much nostalgia and comfort when I watch Gilmore Girls. I found this t-shirt from CosmicTeesCo (Washington, USA) HERE and thought it was so cute with all the female names. How adorable is this outfit with the Uptown Cardigan?

CosmicTeesCo Etsy Shop

I have been eyeing these beautiful posters by “Windowshopgal” (Washington, USA) for a long time – I love how the artist has interpreted Stars Hollow, Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn and the Annual Dance Marathon into these vintage style posters. These are such a great way to show off your love of Gilmore Girls in a subtle way in your home and room! Check out the Windowshopgal Etsy store HERE! {Pictures below from the Windowshopgal Etsy store}

Windowshopgal Etsy Shop

Florals & Floss is a beautiful Etsy store (Edmonton, Alberta) that focuses on hand stitched embroidery! I have always been intrigued by embroidery, and I think I would really enjoy this artform. Alex offers lovely PDF patterns, floral hoops, needle-minders, kits and supplies for embroidery lovers. I just purchased her Mini Wildflower Embroidery Kit pictured below (they sell out quickly) as I think it is so convenient how she provides all the necessary materials (pre-printed cotton-linen canvas, needle, embroidery floss, hoop, instructional booklet and pattern) to get started. It can be difficult gathering all these materials yourself as a beginner, so kits like these are very handy! I am very excited to try out this beautiful artform and lovely kit. Check out the Florals & Floss Etsy store HERE! {Picture below from the Floralsandfloss Etsy store}

Florals and Floss Etsy Shop

I hope you enjoyed this Etsy Gift Guide – you can check out more Etsy Gift Guides HERE as they are separated into different categories (e.g. “Gifts under $30” and “Get it personalized”). I have also compiled all my favourite items into various lists (e.g. “Hair Accessories”, “Paper & Stationery”) HERE so you can check them out! Thank you for reading, and I hope this guide gave you some potential gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones!

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