Hi, I’m Stephanie.  Contrary to popular belief, my name is not Ami, though I completely understand why people would think that given my blog name!  “Ami”, pronounced ‘ah-mee’, is actually short for amigurumi, the Japanese art of knitted/crocheted stuffed animals.  I discovered the beauty and joy of amigurumi after grad school and after getting married, although *technically* I started making amigurumi since I was 10 years old (see my first blog post).  I’ve been crafting ever since I was a little girl, from making friendship bracelets and doing beadwork, to knitting and crocheting afghans and clothes for my teddy bears.  My loving husband Ryan fully supports me in my hobby and even helps me assemble and put the finishing touches on my amigurumi!  Ryan is also the official photographer of “All About Ami” as he takes most of our photos…the rest are usually Instagram photos snapped on my iPhone!

I work through patterns I have found on-line and in amigurumi books, showing step-by-step pictures of the process along the way.  I also design my own original creations and post my patterns for free.  I have been blessed to have my work featured in various crochet magazines, such as Simply Crochet and #crochet Magazine (see full list of features HERE).  We are so thankful that All About Ami has been recognized with numerous awards such as 1st place in the Made in Blog 2013 Awards in “Design/Home/DIY/Craft”  and Runner-up for “Best Crochet Tutorials” in the 2015 Craftsy Blogger Awards (see rest of awards HERE). I also served as a judge for LoveCrafts’ Blogger Awards in 2019 called “The Crafties”!  My blog is an outlet for me to express my creativity and love of crafts, as well as a journal and portfolio of my work!

Ryan and I are also very blessed to be parents to two sweet little girls: Myla and Brielle!  Our lives have certainly changed since becoming parents, and we cannot wait to continue sharing about our adventures and crochet projects in the future!

All About Ami Family Picture

I feel very strongly about using your God-given skills and passions to help and love those in your life and around the world.  I love to hear that I have inspired others to take up crocheting or to pick up their crochet hooks once again to make these kawaii stuffies or other crocheted pieces, like cardigans and cowls!  I have also rediscovered my love of knitting, and I am so happy that many of you have decided to learn how to knit after seeing my original knit designs!  I also write about my other interests, such as baking, style and traveling, as well.  Journey with me as I blog about these adorable Japanese knitted/crocheted friends, mes amis!

                                 {Custom Chibi by Kenzie of @kbkawaii on Instagram}