Knit Collage: Pom Bomb Hat

Sometimes when I am scrolling through Instagram, I am mesmerized by images of tiny and intricate amigurumi, stunning new stitch patterns, or breath-taking yarn.  When I first discovered the gorgeous yarns by Knit Collage, I could not stop staring at all their incredibly unique and whimsical fibers.  Never before had I seen natural fibers spun with bits of ribbons, sequins, or flower appliques!  Amy Small is the brilliant mastermind behind Knit Collage, which she started in 2010 as she fell in love with hand spinning long ago.  Amy is constantly inspired by the places she travels such as India and Hong Kong, and is continually challenging herself to come up with new colors and spinning techniques.  Her creativity and passion for fibers is evident in all her work and it is so easy to get lost on her website as you scroll through images upon images of amazing yarn.  All the Knit Collage yarns are dyed, carded, and spun in Punjab, India by a team of 15 women who Amy taught.  When you purchase yarns by Knit Collage, you are supporting the livelihood of the women who craft them in India as well as Amy’s US-based small business!

As you can imagine, I was ecstatic when Amy reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out one of her yarns!  I had admired them for so long on-line and could not wait to feel and work with some in person!  Amy sent me her incredible “Wanderlust” yarn in the colourway “Frolic“.  It is a super bulky 100% wool that has a rainbow of colours peeking through.  Typically I tend to stick with neutrals, but every so often, I LOVE working with bright colours!  Amy loves natural fibers and most of Knit Collage’s yarns use wool or mohair.  The wool fibers are sourced from Australia and the mohair comes from South Africa.  Spinning one skein of their yarn takes around 2 or more hours and all the fibers are hand dyed and hand carded.  Thus, no two skeins are ever alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein!


One skein of Wanderlust contains about 30 yards of wool (200 grams), and I heavily debated between knitting a cowl or a hat with my Wanderlust.  I knew a cowl would be incredibly gorgeous with these vibrant colours, but I had also seen the stunning “Pom Bomb Hat” on the Knit Collage site HERE designed by Susan Sheby.  After plenty of back and forth, I finally decided to make a statement hat!  Once I started knitting with Wanderlust, I was amazed with the beautiful stitches that resulted as the colours that came forth were always a surprise!

To knit my hat, I used my 25 mm circular knitting needles from Mama Knows Luxury.  The pattern states that you need the entire skein to knit the hat, so I hoped that I would not run out of yarn and tried to knit a bit more tightly!

I learned some new techniques while knitting this hat and had so much fun working through the pattern.  As I was about to finish the second earflap, I started getting worried that I would run out of yarn!  My mind raced as I thought about possible alternatives or how to modify the pattern if needed.  Thankfully, I managed to finish the second earflap with *just* enough yarn left!  I was jumping for joy when I finished my hat!  Once again, I used my handy dandy Clover felting needle tool to felt the ends to the rest of the hat since Wanderlust is 100% wool.  Be sure to check out my “How to Felt Yarn Ends Together” tutorial as it is VERY important when working with precious wool since you do not want to waste any by weaving in ends!

As an AMAZING finishing touch, the Pom Bomb Hat calls for 3 white Bernat faux fur pom poms to be added: one at the top and one at the bottom of each earflap!  I’ve never added 3 pom poms to any hat before, and they really complete this bold hat!

I finished the Pom Bomb Hat just in time for our visit to the Ice Castles!  We were so excited to visit as we were unable to go last year when the Ice Castles first debuted in Edmonton.  They were breath-taking, and we enjoyed the stunning backdrops, epic music playing, fireworks, fire twirlers, and slide (sadly the adult one was closed since the temperatures were warming up, but Myla enjoyed the child slide)!

We dressed warmly as we knew it would feel colder within the Ice Castles since we would be surrounded by ice!  They closed the afternoon hours so we could only go at 6 PM, just as the sun was setting!

I am so in love with my statement Pom Bomb Hat with its brilliant colours and luscious pom poms!

The girls had fun exploring the Ice Castles as well!  They were able to take pictures with two snow princesses who resembled Queen Elsa & Princess Anna!

They also wore their Fuzzy Crochet Bear Cowls that I made for them using alpaca yarn for Christmas!  And in case anyone is curious, my snow boots are the Joan of Arctic Boots by Sorel, and my jacket is the Britannia Parka from Aritzia!

I am so incredibly excited to tell you that Amy has generously offered to give away TWO skeins of Wanderlust yarn to two readers (1 skein to each person)!  You will LOVE working with this incredible and luxurious yarn 100% wool!  Wanderlust has been very popular, and Amy currently only has two colourways available: Magic Galaxy and Lullaby.

***To enter this GIVEAWAY [NOW CLOSED] leave a comment below telling us:

(a) which Wanderlust colourway you would prefer: Magic Galaxy or Lullaby (see what these colourways look like HERE).

(b) what you will make with your Wanderlust wool (e.g. hat, cowl, etc – see examples of patterns using Wanderlust yarn HERE). The winners can choose a pattern from the Knit Collage database!

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and will close on Tuesday, March 14 at 8 PM MST.  You can also enter through Facebook and Instagram to increases your chances!  Follow Knit Collage on social media and see how you can take part in their exciting Knitalong coming soon!  I can’t wait to rock my Pom Bomb Hat for many many years to come as I brave the cold Canadian winters!

Note: Thank you to Amy of Knit Collage for providing me with the Wanderlust yarn to work with!  All opinions and views expressed are 100% my own!


  • Romy

    The Magic Galaxy colourway is awesome! I think I would knit a chunky cowl. I can imagine it would be very cozy to wear.

  • carolyn_woo

    Magic Galaxy is beautiful! I would make a hat.

  • Kelli Rose Clutts

    I think Lullaby is lovely, and I would make a hat.

  • Anne Marie

    Lullaby is my favorite – would use it to make a cowl!!

  • Madelyn

    I love the lullaby color way. Honestly, I just love the pom-bomb hat that you made. I reminds of a thick, colorful, wool hat that I saw in a gift shop years but never bought because I thought I could make it myself. Well, now here’s my chance! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sally Rae Morris

    I love the look of Magic Galaxy! I would probably make a scarf.

  • Jess

    Magic galaxy to make a cozy cowl!

  • Abbie Liu

    WOW! both colours are beautiful… If i have to choose, I’ll choose the lullaby colour to make the snow drift scarf because it looks great in the photo!

  • Audry

    Oh my goodness!!! I adore knit collages yarns!!! I would definitely choose lullaby and a cowl or hat would be perfect!!! Ahh!!! This is to die for!!! Fingers crossed so tightly! ❤ ✌ 🌹 already following on social media’s

  • Audry

    I have been dying to try knit collages yarn!!! Thank you for the amazing opportunity iry!! I would choose magic galaxy and make a bag!! Although any of her yarns would be perfect to make anything!! Fingers crossed to tightly!! ❤ 🌹 on instagram as @alwaysaudry 🎉🐙🎉🐙🎉🐙

  • Melissa Gaige

    I love Knit Collage yarn!! I would also make the pom bomb hat, in Lullaby! (and maybe also a matching Wanderlust cowl, if I had enough yarn left!)

  • maria joao Lima

    I would love to use the Lullaby Wanderlust Yarn in a Cowls pattern!

  • Emily

    Oh my goodness I would love to play with the Magic Galaxy, absolutely gorgeous! I’d definitely make a snuggly cowl

  • Kristi Pickup

    Lullaby looks gorgeous; would have to be a cosy hat! <3

  • The lullaby colourway is definitely more “me”. I’ve never had the chance to work with luxury 100% wool yarn like this before, I would love to opportunity to try making a hat with it!

  • Crystal Fairley

    Hi Stephanie! This is such beautiful yarn, it look so cozy! I would love to make a cowl out of the Wanderlust Lullaby!

  • Betty

    I would make the pom hat in Lullaby by Wanderlust since I love it! Keep up the great work and love your patterns.

  • Megan Price

    I LOVE the Magic Galaxy color way, especially knit up in the cute cowl pattern that they have.

  • Maria Karfi

    love your hat! i would like to try it in magic galaxy! looks so cozy ♥

  • Vi

    I would make a baby blanket (or lovey, if there’s not enough yarn) out of Lullaby!

  • Judy Heide

    I’d crochet (since I don’t knit) a cowl if I won in the magic galaxy colorway. 😍

  • Ada Luisa

    Lullaby and I would make earmuffs or a teddy bear!

  • Yasmin Said Issa

    Magic galaxy for me 😬😬😬I will make a cowl

  • Lynnette Kawakami

    A cool cowl with Magic Galaxy! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Alisha Johnson

    I like Magic Galaxy and I would knit a hat!

  • Jaybird Jdr

    I love the Lullaby yarn, I would make the Pom Pom…so cute 😍

  • Lullaby! And I think I would make a hat or a scarf. 🙂

  • Rosalin A

    Both are so pretty but I would like to venture out and try the magic galaxy one. All I could think of is making an iPad case because it is so bulky that way it will protect it. Thanks you Stephanie and Knit Collage for hosting.

  • Cheri H.

    I would love to knit a beautiful cowl with the Lullaby.

  • Rachel Ballew

    I love the Magic Galaxy colorway! And I would attempt a hat or cowl.

  • Nicole

    I would knit a cowl in magic galaxy.

  • Sarah

    I would love the Lullaby yarn, and I think I would make a cowl. Thank you!

  • Emilee Manley

    The lullaby is my favorite, and I think I would make a cowl. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • DJohnson

    I love the Magic Galaxy color. I would make a lovely cowl with it.

  • Patricia DeHoag

    I would love lullaby and I would love to crochet a pompom hat!!

  • maria_maria

    I prefere the Lullaby and will knit a cowl with it.

  • PhiPhi Nguyen

    Tough choice 🙂 I would love lullaby and will knit a hat for my little girl 🙂

  • lilla spazio

    I would win Lullaby and make a great cowl with it…

  • Angie Schneider

    I can not get enough of this yarn!!! So beautiful…and that hat …amazing!! I am a Canadian as well. Living in Northern Ontario the windchill can be pretty cold..brrrr. I would love to make a cowl with Lullaby. Or maybe the hat :/ ….uh oh…..

  • Jenny McMillan

    The Lullaby ❤❤❤ would make the most gorgeous and luxurious cowl
    I’ve ever owned/made! What an amazing giveaway!!

  • Alicia Grayson

    I would make a cowl with the lullaby colourway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Helen King

    I would love to make a cowl with Magic Galaxy.

  • Christina

    Such a hard choice! 😍 I’d have to pick lullaby for a cowl or hat.

  • Crafts onthego

    I like the multiple colors in magic galaxy and make the cowl.

  • Juliana

    The Wanderlust yarn in Lullaby is so pretty – I would love to make a hat as well!

  • Bekk de Smit

    I love the chunky Lullaby yarn and i would to make a sweet bonnet from it! 💖💖

  • I would make a chunky cowl with Magic Galaxy. The colors are just gorgeous!

  • Chontelle Vargas

    I would love to make a cowl with lullaby!

  • Natalie

    I would love to make the Cozy Companion Throw with Magic Galaxy!

  • minibea12

    I love Magic Galaxy and would use the Pom Bomb Hat Pattern to make a hat!

  • Linda Kivits-Vink

    I would love eiter Lullaby or Magic Galaxy, they are both 🎵😍GORGEOUS🎶😍
    I would be making a lovely cowl with it…….ooooooohhhh can’t wait!!!!!

  • Julia Young

    I would love Lullaby and would use it to make a little hat for my 20 month old!

  • Wendy

    Lullaby! I would crochet a cushion cover for my sons chair 🙂

  • Crystal Thompson

    Oooh, I’d so love to make the “Take a Chance” hat in Magic Galaxy! I made hats for everyone this season EXCEPT myself, of course- isn’t that how it always goes?? Thank you for this giveaway!!

  • Lori Hanson Johnson

    Frolic for me! I may be a bit older, but I love fibers that reflect my inner spirit and show my sense of fun. Even in the Deep South I love cowls and wear them often! Love cowls, love fiber, so can’t wait!

  • I would love Lullaby! I’d make a gorgeous hat with it!

  • Belén Galán

    Lovely yarn! I would make a cowl with Magic Galaxy

  • Sarah Livermore

    I would love to make a super comfy scarf with the Magic Galaxy!

  • Emma C

    Lovely hat! I think it would be fun to see how this yarn might work for a pair of cozy slippers – both colourways are really neat, but I think I like lighter Lullaby the best 🙂

  • Kimi

    Gorgeous hat! I love it. Love the “Lullaby” and the “Frolic” colors the best of all. I would make myself a hat JUST LIKE THAT ONE! I LOVE IT. 🙂

  • Brooke

    I would love “lullaby” to make the Pom Pom hat for a friend! I am a new-ish knitter and absolutely love their yarn!

  • yokieB

    I would love Magic Galaxy!! I will probably make a hat with this beautiful yarn.