Chunky Dotty Blanket

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Pattern Description: Knit this gorgeous blanket with beautiful texture using the dot stitch and your favorite super bulky yarn! This chunky blanket works up quickly and is framed by a lovely garter stitch border. 

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern


Gauge: 8.5 stitches and 14 rows= 4 inches in dot stitch

Final Measurements: Width: 45”/114 cm, Length: 52”/132 cm


  • This blanket is knit flat in turned rows using the dot stitch, which is worked over four rows.   The dot stitch features staggered purl stitches among knit stitches that provide a beautiful texture and dotted look.
  • The garter stitch frames the dot stitch, providing a beautiful border that prevents the edges from curling.
  • If you want to make the blanket wider, add more stitches to the initial cast-on. Please refer to the diagram to figure out your initial cast on.  You can add more stitches to the dot stitch section (number within the dot stitch section must be a multiple of 4+3), and your overall initial cast-on must be a multiple of 4 +1 (if you are working the chained edges and keep the garter stitch border numbers the same).   If you want the blanket to be longer, increase the number of rows.
  • To give a cleaner edge to this blanket, the chained edges technique is used. To work these chained edges, do the following: For right side rows, slip the first and last stitch purl-wise with the yarn in front.  For wrong side rows, knit the first stitch of the row through the back loop. Knit the last stitch of the row.
  • Two stitch markers are placed and used to differentiate the middle dot stitch section of the blanket from the left and right garter stitch edges.
  • Within the dot stitch section, keep checking to make sure that your purl stitches are lining up correctly. 
  • In this pattern, all the odd number rows are wrong side rows, and all the even number rows are right side rows.
  • When adding a new ball of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, you can felt the yarn ends together with a felting needle tool since it contains wool. See my blog post about felting yarn ends together HERE!
  • Each skein of yarn gives about 26 rows in this pattern.
  • Leave about 65 g/41 yds of yarn for the final garter stitch border (R171 and onwards). You can do fewer rows of the dot stitch in case you need to do fewer than 170 rows to leave this amount.
Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern


  • WYIF = with yarn in front
  • BLO = back loop only
  • PM = place marker, SM = slip marker
  • WS = wrong side, RS = right side
  • GS = garter stitch

Gauge: 7 sts and 9 rows = 4″ (10 cm) in stockinette stitch

Number of Stitches:

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern


Using long tail cast on, cast on 97 sts.

We begin with the garter stitch border:

Row 1 (Wrong Side): Knit first st in BLO. Knit across. (97 sts)

Row 2 (Right Side): Slip first stitch purlwise WYIF. Knit across.  Slip last st purlwise WYIF. (97 sts)

R3-R10: Repeat Rows 1 and 2.

We will now move into the dot stitch section.  Note that both the left and right sides of the blanket will continue to be framed by the garter stitch. The two stitch markers we will place in the following row will help differentiate the dot stitch section from the garter stitch borders.

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern

R11 (WS): Knit first st in BLO.  Knit 4 stitches.  Place marker (PM). Purl 87 stitches. Place marker (PM). Knit 5 stitches. (97 sts)

R12 (RS): Slip first st purlwise WYIF. Knit 4 stitches.  Slip marker (SM), K1. *P1, K3*, rep from * till last 2 sts before stitch marker. P1, K1. Slip marker (SM). Knit 4 sts. Slip last st purlwise WYIF. (97 sts)

R13: Knit first st in BLO. Knit 4 stitches. SM. Purl 87 sts. SM. Knit 5 sts. (97 sts)

R14: Slip first st purlwise WYIF. Knit 4 sts.  SM, K3. *P1, K3*, rep from * till stitch marker.  SM. Knit 4 sts. Slip last st purlwise WYIF. (97 sts)

R15-170: Repeat R11 – 14 or until desired length.  The last row will be a right side row.

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern

It is now time to finish the garter stitch border of the blanket:

R171 (WS): Repeat Row 1. (97 sts)

R172 (RS): Repeat Row 2. (97 sts)

R173-179: Repeat R1 and R2. (97 sts)

Cast off all stitches knitwise on right side.

Fasten off and weave in ends. You can block your final blanket.


The dot stitch has become one of my favorite knit stitches of all time! This special combination of knit and purl stitches provides such an amazing and unique texture. As long time readers of my blog know, I have designed MANY projects using the dot stitch throughout the years now, from cardigans and scarves to cowls and hats. I put all my dot stitch patterns together in this “Dotty Series Knit Pattern BundleHERE in case you have also fallen in love with this stitch and want to try out other designs! I have always wanted to make a large blanket using this stitch, and I am so happy I finally have! Look at the texture of this beauty!

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern

Once you get into the rhythm of the dot stitch, it is very relaxing. You do not have to switch colors or attach any pieces together for this blanket, so once you are finished that last row, you are done. I love how the flat garter stitch provides such a lovely frame for the dot stitch!

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern

I love knitting blankets as once you are further along in the project, your work-in-progress drapes across your lap and keeps you warm and cozy as you work on it! This blanket will allow beginners to try some new skills such as chained edges, possibly felting yarn ends together with a felting tool and combining knit and purl stitches in a special way!

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern

Enjoy knitting up this beautiful blanket for yourselves and using them in your homes! You can choose any color you would like to match your decor! I would recommend using a solid color if you want the dot stitch to really shine as otherwise it can become muddled if you use variegated yarn or yarn with speckles and flecks. Once again, you can find the Lion Brand Yarn kit HERE! Thank you for supporting my work, everyone, and happy knitting!

Chunky Dotty Blanket Knit Pattern

{This post is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn!  I’ve loved working with their yarn throughout the years and I’m thrilled that I get to collaborate with them every month!}

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