Dotty Cowl

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Description: Knit this beautifully textured cowl using only one skein of worsted weight yarn and the gorgeous dot stitch! This cowl works up quickly and would make wonderful gifts for yourself or loved ones!

Worsted Weight Dotty Cowl Pattern



  • These cowls are knit in the round starting with the initial ribbing at the bottom, the dot stitch for the main body and then the final ribbing at the top.  
  • Only a few rounds of ribbing are worked to help frame the dot stitch without taking away from the beautiful texture of the main dot stitch.  If you wish to have more ribbing, you can increase the number of ribbed rounds at the beginning and end of the pattern.
  • If you would like to adjust the number of stitches for the cast-on, be sure to make it a multiple of 4.  Add more stitches to make the cowl wider and decrease the number of stitches to make it narrower.
  • To make the cowl taller with more height, add more rounds to the body.  To make the cowl shorter, decrease the number of rounds in the body.
  • This pattern uses the dot stitch which staggers purl stitches among knit stitches for a beautifully textured and dotted look.  The dot stitch is worked over four rounds.
  • Keep checking to make sure your purl stitches are lining up appropriately in the body of the cowl. 
  • For a seamless join at the very beginning, cast on an extra stitch (i.e. 97 stitches for the worsted weight version). Slip the first stitch purlwise onto the working needle. Take the extra stitch that was made (now second stitch on the working needle) and slip it over the slipped stitch (now the first stitch on the working needle). Pull yarn tail and working yarn tightly and add stitch marker. Continue with pattern. You do not need to cast on any extra stitches in subsequent rounds. See how to do this HERE!
  • I recommend using a stitch marker to help you keep track of your rounds.
  • The Dot Stitch consists of these 4 rounds:
    • Round 1: *P1, K3* around.
    • Round 2: Knit around.
    • Round 3: K2. *P1, K3*, repeat around until two stitches remain.  P1, K1.
    • Round 4: Knit around.
  • Since the dot stitch is worked over four rounds, always begin the final ribbing after a Round 1 or Round 3 repeat (the rounds involving the purl stitches/dots). This ensures that the ribbing looks more symmetrical with the bottom and top of the cowl. If an additional Round 2 or 4 is worked, it makes the ribbing appear extra long at the top.
  • Similarly, how you work the ribbing at the end affects the overall appearance and perception of the ribbing’s height.  To make the ribbing appear symmetrical, if you end off on a Round 1 repeat of the dot stitch, you will work a *K2, P2* ribbing.  If you end off on a Round 3 repeat of the dot stitch, you will work a *P2, K2* ribbing.
  • Each cowl maximizes the amount of yarn in a skein (so that the design uses most of the skein with minimal left-over yarn).  Thus, be sure that the yarn you are using has the same amount of yardage or adjust your numbers accordingly.

Final Dimensions: 23”/58 cm around, 11.5”/29 cm tall

Gauge: 17 sts and 25 rounds = 4” in dot stitch

Worsted Weight Dotty Cowl Pattern


Using long tail cast on, cast on 96 stitches. We will begin with the ribbing.

R1-4: *K2, P2* around. (96 sts)

We will now begin the dot stitch. 

R5: *P1, K3* around. (96 sts)

R6: Knit around. (96 sts)

R7: K2. *P1, K3*, repeat around until two stitches remain.  P1, K1. (96 sts)

R8: Knit around. (96 sts)

Rounds 5-8 make up the four round repeat that will be repeated for the body of the cowl.

R9-67: Repeat Rounds 5-8. (You will end on a R7 repeat.)

We will move into the final ribbing.

R68-71: *P2, K2* around. (96 sts)

Cast off all stitches in *P2, K2* ribbing.

To join the last stitch to the first stitch of the round:

(1) Thread yarn tail through tapestry needle.

(2) Thread tail under both front and back loops of first stitch.

(3) Insert needle between the “V” of the last stitch and under the back loop.

(4) You have now joined the last round together.  Weave in end.

Finish Off Dotty Cowl

Watch this video to see how to knit the dot stitch in the round:


The dot stitch is one of my favourite knit stitches as it has such beautiful texture and you fall into a lovely rhythm when you are working it up! I love the ease of one skein projects, and if you have any spare balls of worsted weight yarn lying around your stash, I hope you’ll give this pattern a try!

Worsted Weight Dotty Cowl Pattern

If you have a different weight of yarn you would like to use, check out the Bulky Dotty Cowl HERE (level 5 bulky yarn) and the Chunky Dotty Cowl HERE (level 6 super bulky yarn). You can also find my Dotty Beanie pattern using worsted weight yarn HERE!

Dotty Beanie Knit Pattern

Happy knitting, everyone! Enjoy the dot stitch!

Worsted Weight Dotty Cowl Pattern

{Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for providing the yarn for this project!}

This pattern is an original pattern by Stephanie Lau of All About Ami.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.

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