Happy Crochet Book Review & Giveaway

I know so many mothers (and some fathers) who learned how to crochet after having a child as they wanted to pick up a productive hobby to make items for their children!  If you are on the hunt for some cute crochet patterns for babies and children, check out One and Two Company’s “Happy Crochet Book” by author Carolina Guzman!  Meteoor Books sent me a copy to review and I happily obliged as I could see that it was full of adorable projects!

The projects are all cute, colourful, and very well laid-out with step-by-step photos.  Crochet diagrams also accompany each project, which is a neat and helpful addition since not every crochet pattern or book includes diagrams!  The book includes a beginning section explaining basic stitches, techniques, and materials necessary to make the projects.  The playful collection featured in this book includes a great range including rattles and mobiles for babies, to dolls and backpacks for older children.


Below you will find some of the projects in the book that really caught my eye!  I love these adorable Animal Rattles and how they’re shaped!  I usually like to crochet hats for newborn babies, but I think these animal rattles would be such an adorable gift too!

I LOVE this “Sweet Dreams Mobile“!  The little bunnies, bears, stars and moon are just so adorable, and the colour scheme is beautiful (that’s actually the colour scheme of Brielle’s room).  Even if you don’t have a baby or want to make a mobile, you could use this pattern to make cute keychains or Christmas ornaments!

The Lion, Hippo, and Elephant Garland is also very sweet and I love their tiny kawaii faces!  The details are so delicate, and I can’t get over those tiny colourful buttons!  These animals would make a fun appliqué on a blanket, cup cozy, or zipper pouch as well!

Lastly, this Teddy Bear Rug really caught my eye!  It is so whimsical and large- what an adorably fun project!  It’s such a bold and sweet addition to any room and would bring a smile to your face whenever you stood or sat on it!

In total, there are 12 projects that can be found in the book- you can take a look at the rest of them HERE and also purchase the book through the AllCrochetPatterns.net website (you can also purchase the book through Amazon HERE!  Three of you will get a chance to try out these patterns as I am partnering with Meteoor Books to give away some PDF copies of the book!

***To enter this GIVEAWAY [NOW CLOSED], leave a comment below telling us which project you are most excited to try in the Happy Crochet Book!  

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and will close on Friday, February 10th at 8 PM MST!  You can also enter through Facebook and  Instagram to increase your chances!  One winner will be chosen from the blog comments, one winner from Instagram, and one winner from Facebook!

Note: Thank you to Meteoor Books for giving me a copy of this book to review. All opinions and views expressed are 100% my own!  This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

  • Ahh those baby rattles! I am hungry for baby patterns 🙂

  • I love it! the small lion, hippo, and elephant are my number one! I image to make it and clipp to my son’s sweaters 🙂

  • Anne Marie

    I would love to make the teddy bear rug – so cute.

  • Flo Landeck

    I love the teddy bear rug…thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Bc

    Since I have been blessed with 3 baby boys grandchildren the past year, I would love to make the animals rattles to help them pass the teething period.
    Bc from Israel

  • Patty

    I have new babies arriving soon, I think the mobile and rattles would make ideal gifts!

  • Abbie Liu

    I love the baby rattles! I’d love to make some and try making the mobile for my friends’ babies.

  • Christina W.

    They look amazing! I think they’re all so cute to make, but the mobile with the stars, moons, bears and bunnies sounds the most exciting to make! Thanks for the chance to win 😊!!

  • Debbie D

    I would love to try my hand at making any of them. We have had quite the baby explosion at work with lots of staff pregnant, so any of these would work beautifully.

  • Crafty Math Chick

    I look forward to making Scrappy the Happy Puppy scarf because I love dogs and I LOVE colorful things – thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  • Sugar & Snark

    The Teddy Bear Rug would look amazing in my son’s room! Great giveaway 🙂

  • Cristy Ehnes

    The #1 thing I get asked to make is baby stuff. It would be so great to have some fresh fun ideas!

  • Andrea Thompson

    I would love to make the Teddy Bear Rug. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Madelyn

    That cow basket is so cute! It would be perfect for a little boy’s room. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Crystal Hartley

    I’d love to make that pink kitty baby rattle! So cute!

  • Laura

    I would love to make the baby rattles! I love to give homemade gifts but don’t always have time to finish a bigger project and they are so cute!

  • Lis K

    I love the lion backpack and the cow basket, so adorable!

  • Jasmine

    I’m excited to try the rattles

  • Titlili

    Oh, very nice book. I love the owl cushion, and the doll (especially her hair).

  • Thanks for the giveaway Stephanie! I just finished a bunny from your Spring Bunny pattern (love him!) so I’d love to keep progressing and try my hand at the mobile. Thanks again!

  • JJ Wong

    I’m a beginner when it comes to crochet, but I try to work on new projects while I watch TV. I’d love to win the Happy Crochet Book. The projects look amazing, especially the hippo, lion, and elephant garland. They would look really cute on a blanket. I’m currently working on a jellyfish and just finished a rooster for Lunar New Year. I tried to upload, but it failed. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  • Emilee Manley

    I love the Sweet Dreams Mobile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • PuterPrsn

    The mobile and the rug would make a fantastic gift set for any soon-to-be-mom. Especially if you coordinate the color of the bow tie with the room colors. Adorable!

  • Rebecca Lynn Goure

    I like the animal rattles

  • Erin Kitzman

    I love making baby things and those rattles are so ridiculously cute!

  • captiria

    Several items I would like to make! Love the little owl!! I would also like to make the rattles, the mobile, and the rug. Oh – and don’t forget the doll. I am a doll lover!!!

  • Chris Warner

    The book has a lot of super cute projects that would all be fun to make. I’d say I would start with the precious bear rug, as were I live we have both black & grizzly bears that we see all the time 🙂 I have been building my library of One & Two patterns over the last few months as they are some of the sweetest ami’s around! I just bought her Riley the little tiger this morning and want to start on him right now

  • Jess Ica

    I really love those rattles and mobile. I would probably make one of those first

  • Brianna Marie Dick

    Oh my goodness these patterns in the book are just adorable! I would definitely be excited to make the rattles or the teddy bear rug 💖

  • Tracey M

    I love the lion, hippo and elephant garland. So cute!

  • Natalie Criscione

    The rattles are so precious! I would make all of them 🙂

  • Angela Mitchell

    OMGoodness! So Cute! I love these baby rattles and must make them for my friend who is expecting in April!

  • Lauren Schencker

    I’d love to try and make the cute cow basket for my kids. The rattles are also very cute and would make great gifts for my newborn niece. 💖

  • Karen Everton

    I just adore the cute little owl I just looooove owls 😊😊😊

  • Maria Karfi

    oh these Animal Rattles! so cute!! ♥

  • Linda Maile-Smith

    I am always doing baby things for folks. The rattles and mobile would be great things to add to my gift list.

  • lupuswontwinK

    I would love to have a go at the rug.
    Thanks for this chance at this gift.
    GOOD LUCK Everyone

  • Sandrina Martens

    I think these projects look like a lot of fun! I love the mobile, but the little bee rattle is just to die for!

  • Steph

    Ohhh I love that mobile and the rug!! I want to try them all!

  • Flash Ragler

    I would love to make the rattles they are too cute

  • Vicky Gray

    I would love to make the mobile for my best friend who is having a baby soon – it’s so cute!!

  • Gretchen Schmidt

    I’ve been dying to make the bumble bee rattle since I saw the book release photos! It’s darling!

  • tessy

    I adore the garland! <3

  • Rosalin Afan

    The Teddy Bear Rug is so cute! Cant wait to try them.

  • Elise Mark

    I really like the cow basket. It’s adorable!

  • Hillary

    I would love to try the bear rug! My toddler would get a kick out of it.

  • Marga García Romero

    I´ve been looking for Animal Rattles like these! They look great!

  • Emily Hergh

    I want to make the Teddy Bear Rug. It is adorable.

  • Pam Dondaneau

    With my First baby on the way, I’m definitely most excited to try a mobile. I love all of one and two company’s working have made lots of projects for friends, will be great to make something for me! 🙂 🙂

  • Lisanne Frank

    I would like to make the garland!!!

  • Cheryl Jacobo

    I would love to make the rattles

  • This book is adorable!!!! Hosently, I would make everything lol! But my favorite would be the rattles! That would be the first thing I make from the book!

  • Jourdan Rivas

    I adore the little raccoon hat that’s in this book. I have a little one coming in August and haven’t made a successful baby hat for any of my other littles!

  • Stacie Knight

    The adorable teddy bear rug.

  • April Chesworth

    Oh my so hard to decide. I thought I’d want to do lion first but now I’d say the owl. Love the owl or the lady bug doll. Too much cuteness in one book. (crochets4ubyapril)

  • Chris Baker Cox

    Love the teddy bear rug!! Love!

  • Lori Hanson Johnson

    The Teddy Bear Rug! Wait! The Mobile! Wait! The Lady Bug Doll! Wait! I think you know how it goes on from here!!!

  • Joana Alves

    I just can’t take my eyes off the Animal Rattles! Specially the super cute baby cat! =)

  • Cheryl

    So many cute things here but I’d be most excited to make the bear rug. His tie really completes his look!

  • Lisa Schwartz

    I love all of the patterns I have seen from this book. I’m probably most excited to try the lion backpack. But I might make the Teddy Bear Rug first.

  • Beth H

    I think all the patterns shown are adorable. I would love to make the rattles & the bear rug. Totally awesome.

  • Booblue

    Has to be the owl cushion for my daughter and the colourful lion rattle for my son. Love the patterns they are all so fun.

  • Jele Na

    Love the mobile …this is the first thing I will love to do

  • oh those rattles are so cute!!

  • TurquoiseTassel

    Oh all of these are adorable! I would totally love to try the sweet dreams mobile pattern ❤️

  • Sarah

    I’m expected a niece or nephew in July. I think I’d start with making a rattle!

  • Ami

    The mobile is adorable I’d love to make one!

  • Dottie Lou Crisp

    I just love making toys and things for children. It is always so much fun to learn new patterns and techniques, and these books are marvelous. I have a couple of the Zoomigurumi books, and this would be an excellent compliment!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  • Cora Shaw

    Oh my everything is so cute! I love making toys and dolls for the grandkids as well as just giving them to kids I meet. I’ve always been a fan of rugs and I love that teddy bear rug! It would look cute near my bed. I ❤️ Carolina Guzman! She sure takes after her mom Kim Guzman.

  • Linda Risher

    I would love to try some of those precious baby rattles to give as baby gifts!! So cute!!

  • biena kaneshiro

    Oh my! The teddy bear rug….the mobile….the rattle…they’re all so cute!!!

  • Nicole Bowers

    I love the bee rattle. That would be my first project!

  • Nancy

    I would definitely make the mobile for my newborn!

  • lesley

    i am dying over that mobile!!

  • Carol Rodewald Anderson

    The Bear Rug is so adorable!!

  • maria joao Lima

    I would love to do the Raccoon hat! is soo cute!

  • Nicola Light

    I’d just *have* to make that adorable bear rug!


    love the teddy bear rug it is absolutely gorgeous

  • Ana Diaz

    I love the Teddy bear rug ❤ Thank you!

  • Pedro Baptista

    I would like to do the bear rug!

  • Tiffany Hinds

    The Teddy Bear rug is adorable!!!! Love it!

    • Congratulations, Tiffany! You are the blog comments winner of this giveaway! I will e-mail you 🙂

  • SJ Fraihat

    The teddy bear rug

  • Warastri Rezka Hardini

    I would like to do the “Sweet Dreams Mobile“. I just wanna make it one for my little nephew 😊

  • Sumi

    My daughter would love the owl cushion.

  • Robyn Cook (Tamuril Vardamir)

    I’d be most excited to try the cow basket or the owl pillow. Both are so precious ❤️

  • I’d love to make my nieces the puppy scarf!

  • Sandra Donald

    I like the lion, hippo, and elephant garland

  • Sara Little

    OMG I love the kitty rattle or the bear rug! So cute!

  • I’d try the sweet dreams mobile .. thanks for that chance ! <3

  • Claudia Merkel

    I would love to make that kitty rattle!

  • Madeline Yapp

    I would love to crochet a bear rug!

  • Melanie Mei

    I would love to make Sweet Dreams Mobile

  • AnaMaria

    I’d be delighted to crochet the bear rug and baby rattles 😊

  • Christia Fiolianty

    i would love to make Sweet Dreams Mobile, Bear Rug and also Animal Rattles for my little nephew. <3

  • Nessa Ann

    Sweet dreams mobile!

  • Nancy Wang

    Owl pillow!

  • Paula

    I love those rattles. That would definitely be my first choice.

  • Annka

    the lion 🙂

  • Noga Crochet

    The lion bag and the bear rug are so cute

  • Kelpad

    Omgosh, I love the rattles!!!

  • Yaney Yusup

    Kyaaaa! Such adorable items. It’d love to try making either the rattles or the teddy bear rug first.

  • emine shares

    I’d love to try the owl pillow and sweet dreams mobile for my kids

  • Michelle Ong

    I’d love to try making the owl pillow! I would say it’s pretty age friendly (hahah) and it’s a really cute gift to make for friends who love cute things!

  • Ana Alexandra Figueiredo

    I would like to do the Sweet Dreams Mobile anda the Animals rattles, there are adorable.

  • Winnie Lee

    I like e teddy bear rug! Can imagine myself on it when I get out of bed

  • Kim Thomas

    Very Cute~! The kitty rattle is adorable and would be so sweet for a shower gift. Thanks for the nice review.

  • Charlotteo

    I would like to try the teddy bear rug!

  • Brooke Fieber

    Those rattles are making my ovaries hurt, they’re so cute!!! But i love the little slippers too!!

  • Bonnie Cao

    I would like to try the Teddy Bear Rug and rattles!

  • Radical

    I would like to try the mobile

  • Smi74

    They are all so cute but I’ll try the mobile first.

  • Timi Mertl

    All of these patterns are amazing, but my favourite is the giraffe rattle! My brother has a baby, it would be a great present 🙂

  • I would love to make the Sweet Dreams Mobile for my Goddaughter!

  • Michelabianchelli

    i love that bee rattle. My cousin’s wife is pregnant and I would love crocheting this toy for her! this book is amazing! thank you for sharing!

  • SL

    I would love to try the rug! It looks so fun and cute 🙂

  • Barbara Young

    I love the rattles. It would be great to have something different to make for the new babies in my life.

  • Meliana Susanti

    I love teddy bear rug 😄

  • E Lopez

    I would love to try the animal rattles

  • Silvia

    This book looks wonderful! I’d love to make these cute rattles and the Teddy Bear Rug. Thank you!

  • Jenna O

    The teddy bear rug is so cute <3

  • Yari F

    The teddy bear rug is so cute!

  • Sophy Crochê

    Genteeee são todos lindos, mas aquela almofada de coruja!!!!! Ameiii, com certeza faria ela primeiro.

  • Bethany

    Those rattles look adorable! What a great way to use scraps!

  • cezovski

    I like Scrappy The Happy Puppy Scarf
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Crystal Thompson

    I realllllly want to make that teddy bear rug for myself!!

  • Barbara Noel

    I Knit but don’g Crochet yet. But I do work with a girl who crochets beautifully so I would give it to her if I win. Thanks for what you do.

  • Oh my, the bumble bee is charming!!!