Alpaca Yarn Giveaway

Over my years of blogging, one of the things I’ve loved most is becoming a part of the online crafting community.  I’ve enjoyed connecting with other crochet bloggers, designers, and yarn enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do!  Almost one year ago, I started attending a local Sip and Stitch group and became a part of a real life crochet and knit community!  I look forward to our monthly meetings, and it is wonderful being able to chat with people who are enthusiastic about the fiber arts and have the same interests as me!  Everyone brings their own projects, and we love seeing what everyone is working on and squishing each others’ yarns!  Many are small business owners, so they can share their challenges or market advice with each other as they believe in collaboration over competition!  I highly recommend joining (or creating) a local crochet or knit group as being able to learn from one another, ask questions, bounce ideas, and inspire each other is amazing, and will help spur you on as you pursue your craft. {Photo credit below to Sarah Willey of Mama Knows Luxury!}
One artist in my Sip and Stitch group is Holly from Ilex Everyday Couture.  We first connected online when she showed me some Spring Bunnies that she had crocheted following my pattern.  They were her first amigurumi she had ever made back in 2013 as a new crocheter.  You can see her sweet bunnies below!  It was so neat to meet her in person during the very first Sip and Stitch I attended as it is always amazing connecting with online friends/readers in real life!
Holly fell in love with the fibre arts a few years ago when she decided on a whim to learn how to crochet in order to make something handmade under the Christmas tree for her daughter, and she has not stopped since!  She opened her Etsy shop HERE a year later at the urging of some friends.  As she focused on learning her craft and developing her personal niche, she began learning how to spin and dye her own yarn, and soon she started selling both finished items and yarn in her shop.  Holly places great importance on using environmentally sound practices when processing and dyeing her yarns.  She also tries to use local fibres as much as possible and tries to source materials from the most ethical sources as she can.  Holly loves learning new techniques and says that “there is this magic that happens when I’m at my wheel in the middle of the night with the rest of the world asleep, music in my earbuds, and a beautiful rhythm of my hands and feet working together to make something original, unique, and full of my own soul“.  Isn’t that beautiful?  Here is a picture of us below when I visited her during the Etsy Made in Canada Show back in September 2016!  We are standing behind Holly’s spinning wheel, and she spins yarn during the lulls of her markets!
As mentioned above, Holly believes wholeheartedly in fair trade practices and humane treatment of the animals used to create her fibers, so many of her items are made with homegrown, local fibre (we live in Alberta, Canada).  Holly gifted me this stunning Sassafras Alpaca Yarn that is sourced from a farm in Rollyview, just outside of Beaumont.  The farmer washes and cards the fiber and Holly spins it on her pedal-driven wheel in Edmonton.  She spins one ply of white and one ply of brown, and plies them together to get the marled look. I adore this gorgeous marled look and how luxurious it appears!  It’s neat because this yarn uses the undyed natural colours of the animals, and since the brown is naturally-occuring, there is some variation in each skein!   You can find this alpaca yarn in her Etsy shop HERE!
I LOVE how this alpaca yarn has been sourced locally and handspun by a local artisan and friend!  I can’t wait to work with this alpaca yarn in the future, and I’m thinking of trying to knit my first pair of mittens with it!  Whatever finished item I end up making, I will always remember its special origins.  I encourage you to explore what locally sourced wools you can find in your areas whether that be in the USA, UK, or Australia as it will have a special significance, and you can support your local farms and spinners.  I know many people who love to travel (including myself) and picking up some local yarns sourced from that area as a wonderful souvenir!
Holly provided me with this picture below showing you the roving she uses to create this marled yarn and how it looks worked up into a scarf!  It is incredible how that fluffy roving gets spun into yarn!

The very exciting part is that Holly and I are partnering together to give away one skein (100 g) of her lovely handspun alpaca yarn to one of my readers [GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED]!  I know many of you are interested in working with more luxurious fibers, so this is an amazing opportunity!  Holly currently has 4 colourways in her shop that you can choose from: Sassafras, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Seashell.


***To enter this GIVEAWAY:
  • Visit Holly’s Etsy shop HERE and leave a comment below telling us which colourway you would want to win (Sassafras, Peppermint, Spearmint, or Seashell)!
  • In the same comment, tell us what you would knit or crochet with it!
  • Optional: Suggest an alpaca colourway that you would love to see!

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and will close on Friday, April 7th at 8 PM MST!  You can also enter through Facebook and Instagram to increase your chances!  One winner will be chosen at random from all the entries!  Be sure to follow Holly on all her social media (Facebook and Instagram) to keep up to date with her work!

Note: Thank you to Holly for providing me with this alpaca wool and for sponsoring the giveaway!  All opinions expressed are 100% my own!


  • Deborah W

    I love the spearmint and I would make a button-collar scarf. It’s so pretty and looks so soft!

  • Sarah Livermore

    The seashell is beautiful, I’d make a super comfy pair of gloves with it since alpaca yarn is so amazingly soft!

  • BEChamness

    My favorite is the spearmint! I would knit a lovely cowl scarf with this gorgeous yarn!

  • Giagia Duck

    The peppermint is absolutely gorgeous! I’d crochet the softest shawl ever!

  • Brianna

    The Seashell is beautiful! I would try to make socks!

  • Alicia May

    I love the Sassafrass! I would make tiny hats for a friend’s preemie twins who are in the NICU.

  • Steph

    I love the Seashell colour, and I would love to crochet a shawl with it.

  • Linda Chan

    I like the seashell colorway and I think it would be perfect for a short cowl. I’d like to see the alpaca handspun in a blended purples colorway.

  • Janie S.

    Love love love the Sassafras color! I would definitely crochet some beautiful mittens with this yarn. Thank you for this awesome contest!

  • Dara S.

    I love the spearmint color. I’d probably make a shawl or scarf. 😊 I think a blue or even light purple would be beautiful color for the next to try!

    Also I love that you’re part of a local group. I just found one at my local yarn shop. I’m the youngest one there at 32 but I don’t mind at all! They meet weekly and most are knitters. Some spin too and the shop owner even offered to teach me! And supporting local artisans is super important to me so it’s nice to see this! Thanks for sharing her shop with us.

  • Phyllis Allen

    I love the Seashell – i would crochet a headband/ear warmer for myself. I get so hot at night that I have to sleep with a fan on, but the blowing air also bothers my ears. I’ve been wanted to create a pattern for a headband/ear warmer, and this would be the perfect yarn to do that with.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Madelyn

    That yarn is so beautiful! I like the color you have, Stephanie, the sassafras. I would love to make a messy bun hat. I’ve seen a lot of those around and I think they’re a really cute idea. I’d love to see a maroon colourway. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Myriam Moore

    Loving the peppermint color. I would do something for Christmas. Maybe a tiny cushion?

  • Chris Baker Cox

    Loving Sassafrass!! I would make a scarf and/or hat. Would love to see a lime greenish color. 🙂

  • Lynnette Kawakami

    I would love to have a Sassafras for a cowl and maybe a hat! Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Kelly Groves

    I love, love, love the spearmint!

    Crocheting with alpaca wool has been on my to do list for a little while now, so this would be a brilliant first alpaca project for me, a cowl scarf I think.

  • Spearmint definitely! Because I love the color and the flavor! 😉 I think I would make a hat out of it.

  • RonHelen King

    I would definitely make a cowl with the gorgeous color Seashell!

  • Natalie Criscione

    I would crochet a soft little baby blanket with seashell! I love the colors <3

  • Sarah Kendall

    I’d love the spearmint. Green is my son’s favorite color and alpaca is his favorite fiber so I’d certainly make him a cuddle buddy stuffy of some sort. A marled magenta and coral would be perfect for me. Like a sunset.

  • Shelby Parks

    I’d love to crohet a hat wih the seashell color! So pretty.

  • Heather Davis

    I love the sassafras color and I would make me a cowl 😊

  • Sarah

    I like the seashell color and would knit one of Jen Geigley’s cowls or sweaters with it!

  • I love the Sassafras colour most 🙂 I’d knit a pair of boot cuffs with them, or maybe leg warmers if there’s enough yardage. Handspun yarn is just so precious!!

  • Rosalin A

    I love seashells! It is so pretty and I will make a vest with it. I would love to see more soft pastel colors. Thanks for chances Stephanie

  • Erin Kitzman

    I LOVE them all but like the neutral look of the Sassafras color the best. I would crochet some kind of pretty scarf or cowl. I would love to see some kind of purple or green colorway using this pretty yarn! 🙂

  • Nancy Wang

    I love the Sassafras wool and I’d make a hat for my mom with it.

  • Michelle Medeiros Correia

    In love with the sassafras but The peppermint is calling for me to make some Christmas mittens ❤ I would love to see this in a deep jewel tone purple/pink color-way! Thank you so much for the contest.

  • emily

    I like the sassafras. I’d make a nice warm cowl.

  • Vonnie

    sassafras! and I would knit and crochet a slouchybeanie (if there is enough to make 2 beanies!) if anything I would knit it :p

  • Katherine

    I love the sassafras. I’d make a cowl or hat out of it.

  • Heather Edwards

    I love them all, but Sassafras is my favorite. I would make a cabled cowl. I would love to see a soft green colorway.

  • Patricia Neufeldt

    I read your blog frequently, but this is my first time commenting! I was so inspired by this story and the beautiful handmade yarn that I couldn’t help myself. Plus, I was struck by the beautiful “seashell” colorway and how well it would suit my sister-in-law, who loves peachy/coral colors. I can imagine this yarn as a knit toque, which would be a great accessory for her, since my sister-in-law lives in Winnipeg (I reside in Kansas and have limited use for cold-weather accessories). I am a crocheter and have been wanting to learn how to knit for some time–perhaps this yarn will provide the final push I need! I have been impressed by your forays into knitting and have seen how a variegated yarn can knit up beautifully using a simple stitch and pattern. I can imagine this yarn as your “Simple Stockinette Hat” or the “Pom Bomb Hat” which have both been featured on your blog. One last note: I think a colorway in gray would be beautiful–a subtle twist using white and light gray strands would be great for all-around neutral accessories.

    • Helene Gold

      I would love to win seashell. It would make a beautiful cowl.

  • Sherry Wilbur

    I love the seashell color. Right now it would be something for a baby since that’s what I’ve been making lately. All my kids are older but people love to buy baby things. Plus, it takes up less yarn. 🤗

  • Sarah Fussenegger

    I love the seashell one. I don’t know what I would make. But I am moving to a different continent in a bit and I need a new yarn stash! 😉

  • I adore warm colors – esp tangerine/golden colorways. So, I’d choose the beautiful Seashell color! Wow. So lovely. Maybe some fingerless gloves, or one of the crochet baskets. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

  • Rebecca B.

    The Sassafras is a beautiful color, I would either crochet or knit either a triangular scarf, or infinity scarf.

  • Donna Edwards

    I love the look of Holly’s yarn. I am so excited that she ( and you! ) are in Canada! I am waffling between the peppermint and the sassafras colorways. I think peppermint would make a lovely ‘pop’ in an otherwise bland Winnipeg winter. I would definitely make a cowl from it…can you imagine all that loveliness next to the face?

  • Char

    Spearmint! I’d like to make a soft hat for my new baby.

  • Peggy Carlson

    Seashell please, it would make a wonderful Shawl🤗💕

  • Emilee Manley

    I LOVE the seashell color. I would probably make a hat or maybe a pair of fingerless gloves.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Giselle Koo

    That Sassafras colorway looks like Barred Owl feathers so I would make a cowl inspired by their feathers *_*

  • Jacqueline del Rosario

    I like the sassafras one. I can knit an everyday companion afghan out of it. 😊 I’d like to see a solid brown colorway.

  • Margay Roberge

    I really like the Seashell and Peppermint Stick. Not sure what I’d make with them – a hat, maybe – but I’d have a lot of fun figuring it out!

  • Sofia M

    I would love to win Sassafras! I would make a warm scarf with it. I’d like to see grey and dark blue shades.

  • Oh I love the spearmint colorway! I’d make a hat with it!

  • Mary Clare Struthers

    I love the spearmint! I’d make a hat or scarf for me of maybe my little girl ❤

  • Sandy Koenig

    Hi, so excited to have a chance to win the alpaca yarn. I love the sassafras color and would like to crochet a beanie hat.

  • Carly Orris

    I love the peppermint. I would make a scarf! I would love to see a dark blue and white

  • Sarah

    I would enjoy Sasafrass, and would make a cowl with it.

  • Abbie Liu

    i’d love to attempt a pair of cozy mittens with the spearmint alpaca yarn if i win!

  • Alicia Grayson

    I’d pick Sassafras Stick White & Brown Natural Fiber Undyed Alpaca Yarn and knit it into a cowl

  • Kamela Lim

    Love the spearmint and I think I’d make a cowl with it.


    WOW – gorgeous yarn – I would love the peppermint made into an adorable muff! Now how cute would that be?? Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to see the lovely yarn with a chance to win!

  • Christina

    I’m torn between the peppermint and the
    spearmint. They’re both so pretty! 😍 I think I’d go with the spearmint
    and make a hat or cowl. 😊

  • Kimberly

    I like the spearmint colorway and would probably make a cowl out of it.

  • Terrie Faria

    I would love to win! I would love to win the sassafrass. Grandbaby coming hoping a girl! It would make a great teddybear or lovey!
    I love the earth tones in colors, maybe a gray and pink.
    Color of this year green would be awesome also!

  • Becky S

    The alpaca yarn is beautiful! I like the sassafrass, and I would knit a hat with it (or maybe a cowl!).

  • A. Babin

    I would make a cowl using the gorgeous Seashell colourway!

  • Ryanne Levin

    I would love to win the color “seashell”! I love to crochet amigurumi and I think the color would be great for some little kitties or puppies. I’d love to see some kind of green in this yarn I think.

  • Lori Hanson Johnson

    Seashell, please!

  • Melinda K

    I would love to win the Sassafras, and I think it would be beautiful incorporated into the Coffee Shop Wrap (on Ravelry) that I’m planning to make next. As for color suggestions, I think the natural brown with a rust color would be beautiful. And thank you for the chance to win!

  • erica whitchurch

    I would love to win the spearmint. And I would most likely make a few headbands and flowers for clips. I would love to see am orange and red combo.

  • juliette

    I would love to win the seashell and I would like to crochet an infinity scarf from it. The color is so cool it can be used fall, winter and spring…I think it would compliment the coral blush on one’s cheeks – I would like to see a teal and lavender combo….I think that would be lovely

  • Rachel Ballew

    would love to win the Seashell colorway! But all of the colors are so pretty!! I
    would probably make a cowl or scarf as I love them so! I would love to
    see a green colorway.

  • Kate

    I’d love to win a skein of Sassafras. I’d really love to make a hat for my son with this cozy yarn.

  • SL

    I’d love to try the Spearmint! I think it would make a great set of mittens and hat!

  • Sally Rae Morris

    I love the Sassafras color way!
    I would make an alpaca with it, simply because I’ve always wanted to make an alpaca out of alpaca yarn.

    I think a cool color way would be autumn in Canada. It’s my favorite season because of how the colors look together.

  • Iris

    First time commenting here! The sassafras colour is my favourite and I would use it to make a soft warm scarf or shawl for my mother 🙂 A colour I would love to see is perhaps a palette of natural blue shades and even some white all mixed together. I think that would be calming and pretty like the evening sky~

  • Lisa McGraw

    I love everything from Lion Brand!!! The sassafras is very nice ….I’m needing to make some baby blankets for some of our soon to be new mommies at church. It would be hard not to make me a pretty wrap though :). Thank you both for the giveaway & good luck everyone 🙂

  • Lisa q

    Beautiful, I especially like seashell although the. Naturals are always appealing too!!

  • Rust

    Love the sassafras, for a winter cap for my daughter.

  • Jordan

    I’d want to win the spearmint and I would use it to make something for my mother-in-law. She loves alpacas and she’s helped us a lot after having our first child.

  • Jihi

    Peppermint! Make scarf or cowl with it.

  • Juliana

    I would love to make a whole blanket out of the Sassafras!

    (Also I think a white/dusty rose combination would be cute!)

  • Bizz

    Would love to crochet a scarf for my boyfriend with the Sassafras skein.

  • Love your sweet story of both!
    I’ve also been crocheting your spring bunny this weekend for the first time after the new year little rooster and i’m in love! your pattern are amazing, thank you!
    About this giveaway, it is just wonderful! My eyes get caught by the Spearmint Stick bulky alpaca for so many ideas: certainly some knitted scarf for my amigurumis, a bigger bunny and some of it for a wall handweaving! Fingers crossed 😀

  • Brenda B.

    I really like any of the colors! They are all so lovely. I would crochet a scarf/cowl with it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Rebekah

    Sassafras is my favorite. I would love to crochet fingerless gloves with it. I would also love to see a colorway with robins egg blue in it. It would be gorgeous for spring. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Karen Powell

    I would choose Sassafras so my item could benefit from the natural coloring. I think this would be great to make some salt n pepper patterns from my Newfoundland heritage. It looks so soft so either a comfy warm hat or a lovely snuggly scarf. thx for having a contest.

  • Michelle Nguyen

    I would definitely choose Seashell because it is a very unique color! I would make a bunny out of it.

  • Natalie

    I really like the Spearmint one, and I’d probably crochet a hat with it.

  • Maria M

    I would love the seashell color to make a shawl for cool evenings. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Eman

    I love the sassafras so much. It would be perfect for crochet projects for my patients or small amigurumi. The yarn looks so beautiful! I think a burgundy and cream color blend would also look lovely.

  • Amy Stromquist

    That seashell is gorgeous. I’d love to make either a hat or scarf with it 🙂