Rustic Tweed Basket

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I love crocheting home decor items, and I have always wanted to design a basket similar to my popular Waistcoat Basket with a different shape. The Waistcoat Basket has a round circular base but I wanted to try making a basket with a rectangular base. I got my hands on some Re-Tweed Yarn (worsted weight level 4 – 40% wool, 40% polyester & 20% acrylic) and thought it would be perfect as it feels very hardy and durable. The label says this recycled tweed was “made in an eco friendly process using nearly zero water, no dyes or chemicals, and close to zero CO2 emissions“. I love the muted colours available and how there are tiny flecks of contrast colour in the yarn. I chose to use the colourway called “Wheat” for my basket (“Flax Yellow with flecks of Pale Citron, Sky Blue, and Orange”), and each ball is 3.5 oz/100 grams and 202 yds/185 meters. I used 4 balls of Re-Tweed Yarn in total for this project!

Re-Tweed Yarn

To start off, I crocheted a rectangle by working single crochets in turned rows. I held the Re-Tweed Yarn double (two strands at the same time) to make it thicker and give it extra durability using my 5.5 mm Clover Amour hook.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

Next, I picked up slip stitches around the perimeter of the rectangle but soon discovered that I had to pick up fewer stitches. You will notice the basket rippling in my photos below and I was not happy with the shape that was being created!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

Thus, I frogged my work and decreased the number of stitches I picked up. I started in the corner as indicated by the red circle and then picked up 37 stitches down the first side, 24 stitches down the second side, 37 stitches down the third side, and then 24 stitches down the last side (total of 122 stitches). I tried to space these stitches as evenly as possible while going around the perimeter.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

I played around with different edgings, and I ended up doing the following: I worked slip stitches in the front loops (indicated by the picture on the left) for one round, and then worked single crochets in the back loops from the previous round (indicated by the picture on the right).

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

From then on, I worked the waistcoat stitch/center single crochet continuously round by round. The waistcoat stitch is a fun stitch to crochet since you are inserting your hook directly into the V of the stitch. You can watch the video below to see a demonstration of the Waistcoat stitch!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

Once I was happy with the height of the basket, it was time to work the edging! We decided to do something a little different with this basket – at this point, we actually flipped the basket inside out so that technically the “wrong” side is facing on the outside! We liked how the stitches looked on the other side, and how the shape was like when flipped inside out – the edging was also very pronounced on this side.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

The picture below shows the basket once it has been flipped inside out! To work the edging, you will work the reverse single crochet/crab stitch in the opposite direction your normally work (as indicated by the arrow) using a 5 mm hook. You can view this video HERE to see how to crochet the the reverse single crochet stitch.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

To add some more structure to the edging and to provide more definition to the corners of the basket, we used a flexible wire. We previously purchased this wire from Daiso (a cheap Japanese dollar store), and you can try and look for craft wire at your local dollar stores too! We placed the wire ontop of the basket and I crocheted around it, leaving about an inch of wire out at the beginning.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

I continued crocheting around the top edge of the basket and the wire until 7 stitches remained.  Ryan laid the wire across these stitches and overlapped the wire with the 1″ end that we left from the beginning of the round. He then twisted these ends together and wrapped some tape around it to secure them together. Next, he snipped the end and I continued crocheting across the rest of the 7 stitches. We could then emphasize the corners of the basket with the flexible wire inside the edging!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

To crochet the straps of the basket, I used a 4 mm hook and worked slip stitches in the back loops only to create a dense fabric with beautiful V’s.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

We used stitch markers to hold the straps in place to determine where we wanted them to be on either side. Ryan then used the running stitch to secure the straps into place, forming a rectangle shape on each strap end.

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

To provide even more structure and shape, we cut out a rectangle from a cardboard box (the Lion Brand Yarn box that the yarn came in) and taped it to strengthen it. We then placed this cardboard insert into the base of the basket!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern


Here is the free crochet pattern for the Rustic Tweed Basket:

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

Crochet this gorgeous basket using Re-Tweed yarn that has a rustic look to it with its tweed flecks and muted colours.  The shape of this basket is unique with its rectangular base and rounded corners.  The sturdy straps allow you to carry the basket around and store all your items inside.  This basket is a great way to add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your homes!  Optional wiring in the edging and an optional cardboard base help to further emphasize the shape and sturdiness.


Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern


  • This basket is crocheted while holding two strands of yarn at the same time (yarn is held double) for the base, body and edging.  One strand of yarn is used for crocheting the handles.
  • The rectangular base is first crocheted in turned rows using single crochets.
  • Next, slip stitches are picked up around the perimeter of the rectangle.
  • An edging to help define the base is created by working certain stitches in the front loops (the loops closest to you) and the back loops (loops further away from you).
  • The body is crocheted in continuous rounds using the waistcoat stitch/center single crochet.
  • The height of the basket is built up as these rounds of waistcoat stitch/center single crochet are crocheted.
  • After the desired height has been achieved, the basket is flipped inside out (wrong side facing outwards).
  • The reverse single crochet/crab stitch is crocheted around the top as the edging.  To provide more structure and the ability to shape the top edge, you can crochet this edging around a flexible wire (optional).
  • Two dense rectangular straps are crocheted by working slip stitches in the back loop only.
  • These straps are sewn onto each side of the basket.
  • An optional cardboard rectangle cut from a cardboard box can be inserted into the base to help provide more shape.

Special stitches:

  • Waistcoat stitch or center single crochet (Csc): Insert hook in the middle of the V from previous row (rather than front and back loops), YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops.
  • Reverse single crochet or crab stitch (Rsc): Working from left to right (opposite direction you normally crochet), insert hook from front to back in stitch to the right.  YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.

Gauge: 13 sts and 14 rows = single crochets worked in turned rows

Finished dimensions: Base = 12”/30 cm x 9”/23 cm, Height = 7”/18 cm



Holding two strands together and using 5.5 mm hook,

Chain 29

Row 1: Starting in second st from hook, sc across. (28)

Row 2: Chain 1, turn.  Starting in second st from hook, sc across. (28)

Row 3 – 41: Repeat Row 2.

Do not cut the yarn as we will now begin crocheting the body of the basket.

Base is approximately 12”/30 cm x 9”/23 cm.


We will now be crocheting in continuous, unjoined rounds so there is no visible seam.

Holding two strands together and using 5.5 mm hook,

Round 1: Pick up 122 slip stitches around the perimeter of the rectangle (37 stitches down first side, 24 stitches down second side, 37 stitches down third side, and 24 stitches down fourth/last side). To pick up slip stitches, insert hook into space, yarn over and pull through both loops.  Keep repeating across. (122 sts)

R2: Slip stitch in front loops only. (122)

R3: Sc in back loops of slip stitches of Round 1. (122)

R4: Center single crochet around. (122)

R5-25: Repeat Round 4. (122)

The body is now complete.  Flip the basket inside out and do not cut the yarn.


{Please reference note below if you would like to add the wiring.}

Holding two strands together and using 5 mm hook,

Row 1: Reverse single crochet around. (122)

Fasten off and weave in end.

Note: If using the optional wiring, place the wire ontop of the basket, leaving a 1” end sticking out. Crochet the edging as normal and work the reverse single crochets through the loops and around the wiring.  Continue crocheting around until 7 stitches remain.  Lay the wire across these stitches and overlap the wire with the 1” end that you left from the beginning of the round.  Twist these ends together and wrap some tape around to secure them together.  Snip the end and continue crocheting across the rest of the 7 stitches.  Fasten off the yarn and weave in the ends.  You can now shape the edging to help define and emphasize the four corners of the basket.

Straps (make 2)

Holding one strand of yarn (leave long initial end for attaching later on) and using 4 mm hook,

Chain 51.

Row 1: Starting from 2nd chain from hook, Slip stitch in each chain across (50 sts).

Row 2: Chain 1, turn. Slip stitch in back loops only across. (50 sts).

Row 3-7: Repeat Row 2. (50 sts)

Fasten off and leave long end for sewing.  Straps are approximately 9”/23 cm x 1”/2.5 cm.

Attach each strap to short sides of basket.  Seam 1.25”/3.2 cm of each end of strap to basket: place them so that the strap ends are seamed between Rounds 20 – 23 (span across 4 rounds) with approximately 7 stitches in between both strap ends.  Use the running stitch and form a rectangle to securely attach each end of the strap.  Fasten off and weave in ends. 

An optional cardboard base can be cut from a cardboard box and inserted into the basket to provide more structure. My cardboard base measured: 12”/30.5 cm x 8.3”/ 21 cm.  Wrap the cardboard base using clear tape to reinforce it and make it stronger. 


The Rustic Tweed Basket has such a gorgeous and unique shape! Imagine how beautiful this basket will look on your shelves and in your homes, ready to be filled with all your items!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

It is a great size basket, and I love how it only uses four skeins of Re-Tweed Yarn. The sturdy handles add such a beautiful detail and function!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

I hope you enjoy choosing what shades of Re-Tweed Yarn you will use for your basket (pictured below are “Sleet” and “Arctic Ice”). I think a colour-blocked basket would have such a neat look as well! You can purchase the convenient Lion Brand Yarn kit HERE that includes all the Re-Tweed Yarn you will need to crochet this basket as well as the yarn (you can choose any colour you want)!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

Crocheted items add such a beautiful touch to any home, and they make wonderful gifts as well. I hope you enjoy this new basket design and that you love the shape as much as I do! If you are looking for a round basket, do check out my Waistcoat Basket Pattern, and if you are looking for some handy little trays, check out my set of Carry-All Tray Patterns!

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

{This post is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn!  I’ve loved working with their yarn throughout the years and I’m thrilled that I get to collaborate with them every month!}

Rustic Tweed Basket Crochet Pattern

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