I am so excited to share some absolutely beautiful artwork with you!  As you all know, I love connecting with my readers through social media, and it really helps make the world a smaller place.  It has been my pleasure getting to know Ania, a stay at home mom from Poland, who has two kids and another one on the way ❤.   Ania not also crochets, but also has many other interests, such as card making, sewing, and drawing.  Ania loves drawing floral motifs, and I was in awe of her work as she started displaying her pieces on Instagram.  Much to my surprise and delight, Ania drew my daughters’ names “Myla” and ‘Brie” in her signature floral motif design and sent them to me as a gift!  I wanted to share them with you as they are stunningly intricate, modern, and so unique!  Click on each photo above to enlarge them and get a closer look at the exquisite detail 🙂  I am excited to hang these one-of-a-kind pieces in their rooms as they are so personalized and special!

You can read more about Ania’s floral patterns in her blog post HERE where you can see more examples of her names and individual letters.  You can also check out how you can get your hands on one of her special notebooks with her beautiful hand drawn floral patterns on the covers (each of them is unique)!  If you are interested in having Ania personalize a letter or name for you, contact her here: byania.contact@gmail.com or visit her Etsy store HERE!  These would make such amazing gifts (baby showers, birthdays) and they are so on trend right now with the popularity of adult colouring books- you could personalize these pieces even more by adding your own colours!  You can also check out Ania’s Etsy storeblog, Facebook page, and Instagram!  Thank you for these lovely gifts, Ania!  We will cherish them!