Faux Fur Pom Pom Keychains

Faux fur pom poms continue to be very popular this year, and you may remember that I previously blogged about some beautiful Bernat ones HERE.  They look so chic ontop of crocheted and knitted hats and are such a great pop of texture and luxury!  I was so happy to find them at Deserres last year but they sadly stopped carrying them at my local store.  If you look around any accessory store this season, however, you might be able to find an alternative: faux fur pom pom keychains!  We have spotted these keychains in many different stores around the mall, and today we stumbled upon a great deal at Ardene.  These keychains are buy 1 get 1 for $1, and they range from $5.50 – $7.50 (so they average out to being $3.25 – $4.25 each)!  We picked some up to use for future hats and here is an example of one below!


The keychain can be easily detached as you can see below.  The loop that is left can be used to help attach the pom pom to hats- very handy!  And of course, you can reuse the keychain and even perhaps attach an adorable amigurumi to it (Bonbon Bears, anyone?)!


These are the three different types of faux fur pom poms that we picked up!  They are going to look so cute ontop of my knitted and crocheted beanies!  You can see an example of what faux fur pom poms look like ontop of hats by checking out my “Seed Stitch Beanie” and “Cabled Beanie, version 2” posts!


If you are looking for some faux fur pom poms, I would look around your local accessory stores and see if you can snag any keychains for a great deal!  They will probably get cheaper and cheaper as the weeks go by too as they try and clear their inventory.  Check to see how the keychains are connected to the pom poms as some can easily be removed such as the ones we purchased.  They make such luxurious additions to crocheted and knitted projects, such as atop beanies and on the ends of scarves!  I thought I’d share this quick tip with you as we are loving our inexpensive pom poms that we snagged today!  Happy pom pom hunting!

{Update: Here is a photo showing how these pom poms look ontop of these “Knitted Fisherman’s Rib Hats” that I recently whipped up as gifts!  I think they add such a cute touch, don’t you?


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