Staman Stitch Cushion Cover

When you are first learning how to knit or crochet, it is so handy having kits available that include everything you need to make a project, including the needles/hooks and yarn!  Stitch & Story reached out to me last year and asked if I wanted to try one of their knitting kits.  This company was started by two friends named Jenny Lam and Jen Hoang in the UK.  They wanted to empower others to start their own creative projects and tell their own stories through all-in-one knitting kits, online tutorials, and workshops in London.  After struggling to find a good knitting project for herself, Jenny came up with the idea to “throw some wool in a bag with a good pattern and clear instructions” in February 2012.  Jenny and Jen come from backgrounds in design and publishing, so they set out to create a product that would “inspire more people to learn to knit and emphasize the richness of stories behind handmade products“.  I love hearing the background and stories behind these small businesses and companies, and it’s wonderful how they decided to create their own kits when they couldn’t find what they were looking for!

As I browsed through their knitting kits, I was drawn to the Staman Stitch Cushion Cover HERE as the stitch looked so unique and unlike any I had seen before.  Once I saw the ivory/pink/fossil colour combination, I could not resist!  The kit comes with 12 mm long (35 cm) bamboo knitting needles, 3 balls of Stitch & Story The Chunky Wool (100% merino wool, each 100 g), the pattern, sewing needle, and basic knitting instructions.  You can choose to purchase the kit without the knitting needles if you already have that particular size in your collection!  Their logo is very elegant and regal, and all the contents come in this sturdy Kraft bag!


I had so much fun learning how to knit the Staman (stamen) stitch!  Who knew that such a gorgeous texture could be created by working knit stitches and slip stitches together!  I asked you to guess what stitch this was and whether it was knit or crochet on social media, and many of you were stumped or guessed Tunisian crochet!  You can check out how to knit the Staman (stamen) or honeycomb slip stitch HERE!  Working with chunky wool and large knitting needles makes the project absolutely fly by!  Incorporating all three colours was very fun, and this wool is incredibly soft!

Both sides of the Staman Stitch look very unique!  As you can see below, the edges of the cushion were curling quite a bit, but I knew that once I seamed the edges together and stuffed a pillow form in it, all would be well!  If I wanted this piece to be very flat, I could always block it too!  I tied my ends in a knot when switching colours as I did not know the technique of felting wool ends with a felting tool when I was knitting this project.

I found this 16″ x 16″ pillow form from Walmart (similar HERE on Amazon) and was excited to place it in the cover!

Here is my finished Staman Stitch Cushion Cover!   It is so soft and I love the gorgeous texture of it!

It is a beautiful addition to our home, and I actually keep it in my workspace!  I love cuddly cushions!

I think pink and grey look so stunning together!  In fact, this colour combination looks like my blog colours!  You can check out the other beautiful colour combinations available for this cushion HERE!

Stitch & Story has recently launched a new collaboration with Sophie la girafe!  I know many of us purchased Sophie as teething toys for our babies, and it’s neat to see a whole knitting collection based around this iconic toy!  Jenny and Jen sent me the Sophie’s Hat knitting kit to check out, and it is so lovely!  The packaging is gorgeous as I love the white sturdy bag with illustrations of Paris around it including the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

The Sophie’s Hat kit contains their Lil’ Merino Wool (100% superfine merino wool – 50 g of a cream shade for the main hat and 10 g of a mustard brown for the ears and horn) as well as 8 mm bamboo knitting needles.

Through their kits, Jenny and Jen hope to “help more people experience that wonderful sense of accomplishment you get from learning something new – the pleasure of taking time for yourself and discovering your own unique creativity“.  These Sophie la Girafe knitting kits are perfect gifts for new parents or baby shower gifts as it is so empowering being able to create beautiful items for our little ones!  Wouldn’t it be so special and practical if you gifted Sophie the teething toy with one of their knit kits?  Below you can see some more of their Sophie la Girafe knitting kits, such as their Sleepy Baby Blanket!  The colours in this collection are gorgeous, and complement one another so well!

This is the Lily Bow & Booties Set, and they also have a Mini Mitts & Booties Set and a Raglan Bebe Sweater kit!

You can browse all the Sophie la Girafe knitting kits HERE!  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to knit through a Stitch & Story kit, and now one of YOU will get this same opportunity!  Jenny, Jen and I have partnered together to host a giveaway so that one of you will get your hands on a Sophie’s Hat Knitting Kit from their new collection!!  To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us who you would make this hat for or who you would gift this knitting kit to!  Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and will close on Sunday, October 1 at 8 PM MST.  You can also enter through Instagram and Facebook as well!  Check out all the kits and tutorials available on the Stitch & Story website HERE to help you on your knitting journey, my friends!

Note: Thank you to Stitch & Story for providing me with the Staman Stitch Cushion Kit & Sophie’s Hat Kit for review!  All opinions expressed are 100% my own!

  • Kris Marie

    What an adorable hat! No babies on the way right now, but the next one in my family would love this!

  • Ozopy

    Lennon Rae, born yesterday!!

  • Ellen Swinnen

    My boyfriend will be the godfather of the baby of his brother that will be born in october! I would love to knit something for that little wonder 🙂

  • Lorraine Munro

    I would make this for a coworker expecting her first baby! First babies are always the most exciting!

  • Mary Clare Struthers

    I would make this for my new little niece!

  • Salina

    I would make this for my friend who is expecting!

  • Lily Wallis

    I’d make it for my new baby nephew who is due in December 😊

  • Terrie Faria

    My daughter is due 10/30. It will be her first a boy! It would be awesome to win, So many hand me downs, would make this gift even more special

  • Sabrina Pedlar

    I would make it for my tiny neice 🙂 <3

  • Rachel Albring

    I want to make that adorable hat for my nephew, who is due in January!

  • donsgirl40

    I’d make it for my soon to be born granddaughter!! This hat is so cute I love giraffes!!

  • RonHelen King

    I would make this for our 4th grandchild who is due in December.

  • Laura C

    I would knit this hat for my friend’s new baby coming in November!

  • Karen Grace

    My niece is pregnant and due in oct. I’d make this for her baby number 3!

  • Alex Mojica

    Hi Stephanie!! 😊 I would make it for muy friend’s new born baby 💛

  • Michelle Turner

    I’d make it for a friend’s baby.

  • Madelyn

    So cute! I would give the kit to a woman in my church who is pregnant. She would love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Rhiannan

    I would make it for my bump :), due early next year, when it will be chilly x

  • Rose Nishiyama

    I do need another project and this one would be perfect. I haven’t worked in this particular yarn and the colors are fabulous.

  • Sarah

    I would make this for my brand new nephew. He’s just a month old!

  • Amanda E. White

    My husband’s cousin is having a baby due this February/March. They don’t know yet what they’re having but this would be perfect for either a boy or a girl.

  • Christina W.

    I have a baby due this upcoming January so I would love to make this for my baby to be. I am a bit anxious as I’m a crocheter and don’t really know how to knit, but up for learning!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Taylor Flanagan

    I would make it for my boyfriends neice! She would look the CUTEST in it!

  • Patricia Bugg

    I would make this for my daughters best friend who has a little boy due in February..I think he would look adorable

  • Sherry w

    SO many babies I know to make this for. It would get me started on all the baby projects I’ve been putting off.

  • Linda Chan

    I’d make this hat for my friend who is expecting his first child in November.

  • Rosalin Afan

    I would love to make that for my coworker’s future daughter. She is due in November. Thanks Stephanie!

  • Noreen

    I love to make for my friend (my daughters’ former teacher) who just adopted her daughter from Japan.

  • Terry Schwartz

    I would love to make this hat for my niece ( my second grand niece is due in January!) Her big Sister ( now 4, was the lucky recipient of the Sophie giraffe teether … it was her favorite toy as an infant) Beautiful kits … can’t wait to try one.

  • The cushion is so cute! It reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream 😛

  • Louanne

    I would make this hat for a friend of mine who just found out she is pregnant at 44!!

  • Mary Lou

    My dear cousin just gave birth to an amazing 1.5 pound micro preemie baby girl four weeks ago. I would love to make this darling hat to be ready for when her little fighter is big enough to wear it.

  • Our niece is expecting – due mid-October. This would be so perfect. Thx for the opportunity to participate

  • I would love to learn how to knit, this would be the perfect time!

  • Caitlin Duguid

    My Sister is expecting her second child this January, and she would just adore this hat – giraffes are her favourite animal! Of course she has Sofie for her little one now, but it would be wonderful for the new Baby to have his or her own with this gorgeous hat! I love to knit, even though it can be hard on my arthritic hands (having been diagnosed with Juvenille Rhumatoid Arthritis as a child). This would be such a perfect project with the large needles and lovely wool, and would look so darn cute on a newborn! What a wonderful collaboration!

  • Rachel Ballew

    I would love to give this kit as a gift for a friend!

  • Rebecca B.

    I would give the hat to one my grandaughter’s step-family. New babies coming!

  • Deborah W

    I would make this for my on-the-way grandbaby!

  • lesley

    since i am a knitting newbie i would probably give this to my mom who is a much better knitter

  • Lindsey Scott

    I would make this for my coworker who is pregnant with her rainbow baby! She and her family have been through the ringer she really deserves something nice.

  • Emilee Manley

    I would make this for a girl I know who just had her first baby! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ariel Jensen

    Hoping to start a family of our own soon so I’d love to make this for our first little one. 🙂

  • Stephany

    I’d make the Sophie hat for my new niece Bianca.

  • Victoria O’Neill

    I started teaching myself to knit many years ago and gave it up as life got busy. Now that my children are grown and on their own I’ve been getting back to crafting with yarn, crochet mostly but recently I’ve also been starting over with knitting. I have 3 grand children already too big for the Sophie hat but there are babies in my church family, I have a niece who’s almost engaged, and one of my daughters is (as yet) unattached so . . . Lots of possibilities!

  • Eunmi Lim

    Hello! I’d love to make the hat for my 27months old son who actually in LOVE with giraffe! I’m a new knitter and I’ve been looking for cute+fun project to try for my kid! Thank you xoxo

  • maria joao Lima

    I would love to do this beautiful hat to my best friend baby, she is pregnant and the sex of the baby is a secret so, this gift, is so magial if is a boy or a girl

  • Natalie

    I would make this hat for one of my little cousins! It would be so cute on one of them!

  • SL

    I would make this for my cousin’s newborn! It’d be a great opportunity to pick up knitting again since I’ve been so busy with schoolwork, and I’m sure my cousin and his wife would appreciate a hand knit gift!

  • Therese Eghult

    I would make this adorable piece for our baby boy that we are expecting in December. 💖

  • Anon

    Just some recommendations I’d love you to tackle *u* Knitted sweater worked IN THE ROUND + COLOR CHANGE. easy, simple cables in a knitted hat.
    Thank you, you inspired me to learn knitting, even though I was a stubborn ‘crochet is superior’-thinker 🙂 Thank you so much. Your family is so perfect and adorable, your hobbies so YOU and inspirational. Keep it up, you’re honestly the highlight of my week!

  • Annette

    I would love to make this for my cousin!

  • Charleen Lee

    I would make this for my nephew who was born premature. Haven’t met him yet but would love to make his first hat before it gets cold!

  • A really good little craft project thanks from