Here is a matching mommy & babyKnotted Headband” set I made as a gift!  You can get the free pattern for the adult version HERE.  For the newborn version, I followed the same basic pattern but chained 45 in the beginning (increase this number for older babies with bigger heads) and made 3 rows of double crochets.  For the knot, I chained 7 and made 4 rows of double crochets. 

If you’ve always wanted to make my Knotted Headband, now is a great opportunity as it is the March Crochet-Along project on “The Curious Pug”!  You can participate by visiting Alycia’s blog HERE to link up your finished projects and see how everyone else’s turns out!  Can’t wait to check back and see all the finished Knotted Headbands at the end of March too!