Cell Phone Cozy Tutorial #3

This is the third and final tutorial of my cell phone cozy series (check out the first two here and here).  This one takes the most time and effort, but the results are beautiful.  This is the cozy I made for myself, hence the pink- my favourite colour!

I started off by crocheting a long piece.  Make sure the width of the piece is the same width as your phone (you do not have to take into account the thickness of the device as in the other tutorials).

Wrap the piece around your phone to make sure it fits.

This cozy will have a front flap, so wrap the piece over itself.

We will be making a button hole in this front flap, so make rows of single crochets that run only halfway across one side.  Bind off the end when finished.

Now even it out by making rows of single crochets on the other side.

Single crochet all the way across to close up the hole.  For a more in-depth look on how to create a hole in the front flap for a button, see Tutorial #2 (has step-by-step pictures with arrows).

This is the new part: we will be using fabric for the lining of the cozy!  You may remember this fabric from the Spring Bunnies (lining of their ears).  I had material left over, so I was happy to use it in another project.  Wrap the fabric around your cell phone and sew a straight seam down the middle.

Wrap the crocheted piece around the fabric lining.

Sew the crocheted piece around the fabric lining.  You can see the seam in this picture.

Sew on your favourite button with colourful thread for contrast.  In this case, I used a wooden button with hot pink thread.  These materials may look familiar because I used the same silk bamboo pink yarn, wooden button and hot pink thread when I made my mom’s cup cozy!

Here is the finished cozy, all buttoned up with the cell phone inside!

The fabric lining really adds a nice touch with the decorative patterns only peeking out on the sides.

As you can see, I really like pink!

This cell phone cozy is a welcome addition to the other must-haves in my purse: my Kindle (I love whipping this out and reading whenever I have time to pass), keys, handcream, Sashiko kleenex holder and now my new handmade, chic-looking cozy!

And that concludes my series on cell phone cozies 🙂  Hope you found them useful and that you’ve been inspired to make one for yourself or for a loved one.  It’s great being able to use and carry something special you’ve made that can’t be bought in stores!