Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl (Crochet)

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As soon as Lion Brand Yarn’s new Cobblestone yarn arrived at my doorstep, I knew that I wanted to design a project with it. I was very impressed with the color palette available (12 different shades) and how each colorway is plied with a lighter contrast color (which you can see in the close-up picture below). This gives more depth to the yarn rather than just having a single color. Cobblestone is a worsted weight (level 4) 100% acrylic yarn, and the beautiful light pink “Misty Rose” and light grey “Sphinx” colorways jumped out at me. I thought it would be neat to combine them with a pure cream yarn such as Wool-Ease in “Fisherman” (which I worked with for my square in the Traveling Knit Afghan) since it could help tie all these different colorways together. I wanted to crochet a color-blocked cowl to show off all these beautiful shades!

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

I knew exactly which stitch I wanted to use: the Single Crochet Columns stitch! I used this beautiful stitch in the Accent Panel of my Camellia Tote Bag, and I immediately fell in love with the stitch because of its amazing texture and modern look. I started off by chaining 50 with my 4.5 mm Clover Amour hook. Starting in the second stitch from the hook, I worked a *single crochet, then skipped 1, chained 1* and repeated this process till the end of the row. You should end with a single crochet as the last stitch. For the second row, you chain 1, turn and work your first single crochet in the second stitch from the hook (which is the last single crochet of the previous row). Once again, you work single crochets across the row, skipping 1 and chaining 1 in between. Note that the single crochets should stack upon each other (you work each single crochet ontop of the single crochets from the previous row) and NOT in the chain gaps (this is unlike the granite/moss stitch which is another favorite stitch of mine).

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

I worked each color block for 41 rows before switching to the next color! Take note of the instructions on how to switch yarn colors in the written pattern below. Don’t these three colorways look beautiful together? You will be working 8 color blocks in total!

When you are finished crocheting all the color blocks, it will be time to seam your cowl together. Whip stitch the two ends together and you are done!

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

Note that I did the following color block order for this crocheted cowl: Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B, Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B. When you loop the cowl together as shown below, the pink blocks stack ontop of each other and the grey blocks stack ontop of each other. If you would like the color blocks to overlap (for example, one pink block stacks ontop of one grey block), then do the following order: Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B.

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern


Here is the free crochet pattern for the Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl:

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

Crochet this stunning color-blocked cowl with 3 different shades of yarn that blend harmoniously together.  This cowl makes a bold statement with its gorgeous texture using beginner-friendly stitches.


Gauge:  23 sts and 18 rows in single crochet columns stitch

Final Measurements: 8.5”/22 cm wide, 74”/188 cm  long(each block = 9.5”/24 cm long)


  • This cowl is worked in turned rows using the “Single Crochet Columns” stitch.  Single crochet stitches are stacked upon each other row by row.
  • There are 8 different colour blocks and the order is as follows: Yarn A (Misty Rose), Yarn B (Fisherman), Yarn C (Sphinx), Yarn B, Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B.  Yarn A is used in 2 blocks, Yarn B is used in 4 blocks, and Yarn C is used in 2 blocks.
  • Note that if you would like the colours to overlap when you wear the cowl looped around (i.e. one block of Yarn A and Yarn C on each side rather than two blocks of Yarn A on one side and two blocks of Yarn C on the other side), follow this order: Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn A, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B, Yarn C, Yarn B
  • To switch the yarn colour: Work last stitch in old color- work as if typical single crochet until two stitches are left on the hook (i.e. insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop).  Use new color to yarn over and pull through both loops.  Continue crocheting using new color.
  • When the overall length has been achieved, the ends are whip stitched together to form a cowl.


*Section 1

Using Yarn A,

Chain 50

Row 1: Starting in second st from hook, sc 1. *Chain 1, skip 1, sc 1* across. (49 sts, or 25 single crochets and 24 chain 1’s in between).

Row 2: Chain 1, turn.  Work 1 sc in second st from hook (this is the sc from row below).  *Chain 1, skip 1, sc 1* across (the single crochets should stack upon each other and the chain 1 gaps should stack upon each other).  (49)

Row 3-41: Repeat Row 2

*Section 2

Switch to Yarn B,

Row 42-82: Repeat Row 2

*Section 3

Switch to Yarn C,

Row 83-123: Repeat Row 2

*Section 4

Switch to Yarn B,

Row 124-164: Repeat Row 2

*Section 5

Switch to Yarn A,

Row 165-205: Repeat Row 2

*Section 6

Switch to Yarn B,

Row 206-246: Repeat Row 2

*Section 7

Switch to Yarn C,

Row 247-287: Repeat Row 2

*Section 8

Switch to Yarn B,

Row 288-328: Repeat Row 2

Fasten off and leave long end for seaming.  Whip stitch the two scarf ends together to form a cowl.


I adore how this romantic and elegant cowl turned out! As you may know, this is one of my favourite color combinations, particularly since these are my blog colors!

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

The texture created by working this crochet stitch is incredible, and I love how it uses such basic stitches such as single crochets and chain 1’s. This cowl is very beginner-friendly, and I would encourage you to give it a try if you have always wanted to learn how to crochet. If you are in the mood for a mindless project that requires little concentration while you are chatting or watching a television show, this is your project!

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

Cobblestone Yarn comes in 12 beautiful shades, and I hope you will enjoy coming up with your own color combinations based on your personal taste and what you would like in your wardrobe! From greens and blues to burgundy and greige, there are some lovely colors available. You can find the convenient Lion Brand Yarn kit HERE and choose any colors you want! When I was brainstorming a name for this cowl, the word “cadence” came to mind as it is defined as “a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language“. I thought this suited the cowl well since these shades flow so well together in their color-blocked sequence!

Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

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Cadence Color-Blocked Cowl Crochet Pattern

{This post is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn!  I’ve loved working with their yarn throughout the years and I’m thrilled that I get to collaborate with them every month!}

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