I was tagged by Kay of “Mikaylove” to show what’s in my bag on Instagram!  I thought I’d use this opportunity to show a sneak peek of a project that I will be blogging about- can you spot the crocheted item?  In this purse I carry my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, grapefruit Icebreakers, NYX lip gloss, EOS lip balm, hand sanitizer, hair clippie, iPhone and sashiko kleenex holder (which I blogged about here).  I seem to have an affinity for grey and pink things 🙂

I managed to snag a “Phillip Lim for Target” mini satchel in taupe, and I have been loving it!  It can hold quite a bit and the cross-body strap allows me to be hands free.  For all you mommies wondering, I carry a separate collapsible bag that has Myla’s diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, change table, nursing cover etc.  It’s a nice change from the big diaper bags I’ve been carrying for most of the year!  

If any of you are interested in this bag, my friend Natalie of “Coquette” is doing a GIVEAWAY of this same bag in black and yellow (only open to US residents, closes on Oct. 7).  Head over to her blog HERE to see how you can enter her giveaway!  And stay tuned for the step-by-step blog post of this newest crochet project 🙂