As you know, I love gifting amigurumi I have crocheted with love to children we know.  I made the P.J. Teddies for a pair of sisters, and Hedgehog & Elephant Ballerina for another pair of sisters who were moving overseas.  This month, a family dear to us will be moving overseas as well.  Their two girls came over a couple weeks ago and were flipping through my “Amigurumi Toy Box: Cute Crocheted Friends” by Ana Paula Rimoli.  The younger sister’s eyes widened with delight as she saw a picture of a cute pink jellyfish amongst other sea friends on a particular page.  The older sister found something that she really liked as well (I’ll keep that a surprise for a future blog post).  I had been wanting to crochet them something as a farewell gift, and I was happy to put this book that I had purchased last summer to use again.  Making amigurumi is much quicker when you’re following patterns rather than experimenting and designing them!

I wanted to make a bright, fun jellyfish, so I decided to use this beautiful lemongrass-coloured yarn I had used on my slippers (see picture here).  I started off by crocheting the head/body…

You need to crochet in the back loops only for a particular row so that it is easier to crochet the “wavy, skirt-looking thing” onto it later.  I love how Ana Paula Rimoli included this when she was planning as it indeed does make it easier to attach!

Head/body is stuffed and ready to go!  Safety eyes have been attached and cute smile has been embroidered 🙂

Next up I went around and crocheted this “wavy, skirt-looking thing” onto the head/body.  It gives a delightful scalloped edge.  This jellyfish looks like a sunflower from the bottom!

Here is a view of the scalloped edging from the top:

Then I crocheted three inner tentacles and six outer tentacles.  I love how twirly and curly the outer tentacles are!

Jellyfish after attaching the three inner tentacles:

I then attached the six outer tentacles, spacing them evenly around the inner tentacles.

Ta-da!  And here is Jellyfish with all the tentacles attached!

The tentacles give Jellyfish so much texture!  Jellyfish is itching to put those tentacles to good use…

And so, next we have a series of six pictures showing our amigurumi Jumpin’ Jellyfish!

Ryan and I had fun taking these shots!  We attached a very thin white thread to Jellyfish and then I had to carefully lower and raise him without letting him turn and rotate too much!  This proved to be difficult sometimes as Jellyfish liked to spin around and around.  I love the first picture with Jellyfish all scrunched up!  [UPDATE: A very kind reader named Debbie has made a gif file of my Jumpin’ Jellyfish!  See this cutie in action HERE!  Thanks, Debbie!]

I really enjoyed making this project as it was very different from all the other amigurumi I had previously crocheted.  Instead of attaching ears, arms and legs, it was neat attaching tentacles!  The younger sister absolutely loved him when she took him out of the bag as she let out an extremely cute giggle and smiled from ear to ear.  I think Jellyfish will make a great companion for her overseas!

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