Chunky Dotty Beanie (Adult)

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The Dotty Beanie has been one of my most popular beanie patterns since the dot stitch is so addictive, and the delicate purls look beautiful scattered throughout the design. I wanted to make a super bulky (level 6) version of the Dotty Beanie so that we could wear these during the frigid winter months and I knew they would work up very quickly! I used the beloved Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the “Fisherman” colourway and casted on 40 stitches for the adult size (must be a multiple of 4). After completing the ribbing with 9 mm needles, I then switched to 10 mm needles for the body.

Chunky Dotty Beanie

The dot stitch is very addictive to work up, and you can visually double check your work to ensure that the purl stitches are lining up. The dot stitch is worked over a 4 round repeat – you can check out my video found at the end of the pattern in which I demonstrate how to knit the dot stitch!

Chunky Dotty Beanie

Towards the end, you work some decreases during the knit stitch rows to do the crown shaping. At the very end, you thread the yarn tail through the last remaining stitches and pull tight to close up the hole.

Chunky Dotty Beanie

I opted to use a yarn pom pom for my Chunky Dotty Beanie, and I used my Clover Pom Pom Maker to do so! This handy tool greatly facilitates the process – you can check out my full tutorial on how to use the pom pom maker HERE!

Chunky Dotty Beanie


Here is the free pattern for the Chunky Dotty Beanie:

Chunky Dotty Beanie


  • This beanie is knit in the round starting with the ribbing at the bottom and the dot stitch for the main body.
  • The ribbed band is about 3″ tall- you can add or subtract rounds depending on how much ribbing you want.
  • If you would like to adjust the number of stitches for the cast-on, be sure to make it a multiple of 4.  Add more stitches to make the hat wider, decrease the number of stitches to make it narrower.
  • To make the hat slouchier with more height, add more rounds to the body.  To make the hat shorter, decrease the number of rounds in the body.
  • This pattern uses the dot stitch which staggers purl stitches among knit stitches for a beautifully textured and dotted look.  The dot stitch is worked over four rounds.
  • Keep checking to make sure your purl stitches are lining up appropriately in the body of the hat.  Once you begin the decreases, the purl stitches will no longer line up, but it is not very noticeable since it is towards the top of the hat.
  • For a seamless join, I cast on an extra stitch as demonstrated in this video HERE.
  • The decreases (K2tog or knit 2 stitches together) are worked in the knit stitch rounds (not the rounds where there are purl stitches).
  • The Dotty Beanie has plenty of stretch with a beautiful slouch.
  • Add a yarn or faux fur pom pom as an optional finishing touch!


Gauge: 9.5 sts and 14.5 rounds in dot stitch = 4″ in dot stitch

We will begin with the ribbing.  Using 9 mm needles and long tail cast on (need 55″ tail for the cast-on), cast on 40 stitches.

R1-10: *K1, P1* around. (40 sts)

We will now begin the dot stitch.  Switch to 10 mm needles,

R11: *P1, K3* around. (40 sts)

R12: Knit around. (40 sts)

R13: K2. *P1, K3*, repeat around until two stitches remain.  P1, K1. (40 sts)

R14: Knit around. (40 sts)

Rounds 11-14 make up the four round repeat that will be repeated for the body of the hat.

R15-30: Repeat Rounds 11-14.

R31: *P1, K3* around. (40 sts)

We will now begin the decreases and crown shaping.  The purl stitches will no longer exactly line up, but it is not noticeable towards the top.

R32: *K3, K2tog*, rep 8 times. (32 sts).

R33: K2.  *P1, K3*, repeat around until two stitches remain.  P1, K1. (32 sts)

R34: *K2, K2tog*, rep 8 times. (24 sts)

R35: *P1, K3* around.  (24 sts)

R36: *K1, K2tog*, rep 8 times. (16 sts)

Cut yarn and thread tail through remaining stitches.  Pull tight, tie knots and hide end.

Finished dimensions: 17″/43 cm in circumference, 10″/25.4 cm in height

***Please watch my video below in which I demonstrate HOW TO KNIT THE DOT STITCH (I am knitting my original Dotty Beanie in the video, but the stitch pattern with the 4 round repeat is exactly the same):


The Chunky Dotty Beanie works up incredibly quickly and has such gorgeous texture!

Chunky Dotty Beanie & Scarf

It has a beautiful slouch to it and the yarn pom pom adds such a cute touch!

Chunky Dotty Beanie & Scarf

I designed a matching Chunky Dotty Scarf using the same yarn and dot stitch so you can knit this stylish set! Both designs will keep you very warm and look so elegant over any coat. You can find the free pattern for the Chunky Dotty Scarf HERE!

Chunky Dotty Beanie & Scarf

I hope you enjoy working up your Chunky Dotty Beanies! Every year I usually have one specific project that I make a TON of for gifts – this year, it is this design (I’ve already made 10)! The duo-color version of this beanie and the child size will be coming to the blog in the coming weeks – if you want all the patterns now, check out my PDF on Etsy since it contains 4 PATTERNS: the Chunky Dotty Scarf, Chunky Dotty Beanie (adult and child size) and the Chunky Duo-Color Dotty Beanie! You can also find the convenient kit HERE that includes all the yarn you need to knit the matching Chunky Dotty Scarf and Beanie (adult size). Enjoy working up these chunky beanies, everyone! Happy knitting!

Chunky Dotty Beanie

This pattern is an original pattern by Stephanie Lau of All About Ami.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.

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