Since I made my sister Ashley a bunny, I tried to think of what I could make for my younger brother Corey.  Corey is a hardcore gamer, so I knew that anything video game-related would be ideal.  WolfDreamer has some beautiful Pokemon and Mario Brothers Patterns (e.g. Chain-Chomp, Goomba) up on her blog for free (check out her list of patterns on the right side of her blog)!  I thought Bob-omb (pattern found here) was so cute with his little details, and I knew he’d be pretty quick to make.

I have so many fond memories of playing Super Mario 64 with Ashley and Corey back when it first came out.  I remember picking Bob-ombs up and throwing them at enemies and also running away from them in terror as they flashed red, threatening to explode if you came too near!

I started off by making his body with black yarn and stuffing it.

Then I made the various parts of his cap and wind-up key with grey yarn.

Next we cut out ovals from white felt for the eyes.  I had to go out and buy yarn for the feet because I didn’t have a nice yellow-gold colour (I had a baby yellow at home, but I knew that wouldn’t look too good.  I also didn’t have any orange either).

And here’s the finished product now with the feet attached from different angles!  He looks so cute, hey?

Here’s a picture so you can see his actual size.  Excuse my extremely dry hands in the photo :S  The cold, dry winter has not been good for my hands…


I gave it to Corey wrapped up, and he was able to guess what it was as he felt it in the wrapping paper!  He really liked it and proudly displays it on his desk in his room.  You can see what a big Nintendo fan he is with his Luigi, Waluigi and evolutions of Eevee in the back.  Haha, there’s so much going on in this photo.  Corey really likes chocolate too 🙂


I’m definitely going to be making more video game amigurumis in the future, including a certain character from my favourite video game of all time 😉  I haven’t started yet, but keep checking back to see who it’ll be!  Who is your favourite video game character?