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Hot Dog

Last week I blogged about an adorable Jumpin’ Jellyfish that I made for a girl moving overseas with her family (see the blog post here and this hilarious gif file that a reader made for me here).  As her older sister flipped through Ana Paula Rimoli’s book “Amigurumi Toy Box”, she told me that she loved the hot dog the most because she loved food!  Given how there were plenty of animals in the book, such as pigs, bears, ducks, tigers and frogs, I thought it was so cute and funny how she chose the hot dog as her very favourite!

I happily began working on this hot dog since I had never crocheted anything before quite like it!  We began working on the sausage and stuffed him along the way.  Look at that adorable little smile and mustard cheeks :)

The sausage was very quick to whip up!

Then we worked on the buns, consisting of the bottom part and the top part.  Both parts are crocheted in an oval shape as you crochet around a series of chain stitches.  Here are the bottoms of the buns!

And here are the tops of the buns!

I then sewed the top of the bun onto the bottom of the bun, ensuring I didn’t stuff it too firmly as the bun would puff out too much…

Both halves of the bun complete!

Now to sew them together along the inner edges…

Attached and ready for the sausage to be placed inside!

Have you ever seen such a happy hot dog before?

Hot dogs are definitely a summer staple food!

It’d be hard eating something so cute though…

I think someone’s trying to escape being eaten….

And here’s a pic showing the relative size of this amigurumi hot dog!  Pretty true-to-life I think :)

This hot dog was fun to crochet since, just as the jellyfish, I did not have to attach any ears, legs, arms or tails!  The assembly was quick and easy and unlike anything I had ever worked on before.  Ana Paula Rimoli also includes a pattern to make a cute ketchup and mustard bottle to go with this hot dog (see set here).  I know the Jellyfish and Hot Dog will be dearly loved as they travel overseas with these two adorable sisters.  Enjoy them, girls!

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