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Pattern: Newborn Teddy Hat

This easy-to-make teddy hat is the perfect gift for any newborn!  It’s a wonderful way to show your love and support with this soft and cute accessory that will keep a newborn warm and looking uber adorable :D

Note: Feel free to follow along with my blog post here to see step-by-step photos.


  • brown yarn (I used “Bernat Satin in Mocha, Medium (4) weight”)
  • 5.50 mm crochet hook
  • tan felt
  • brown embroidery floss
  • yarn needle


R1: *Chain 3, 11 dc* in magic ring.  Sl st in top of beg ch-3 (12 sts).

R2: Ch 3, 1 dc in same st, *2 dc in each dc* around, sl st in top of beg ch-3 (24 sts).

R3: Ch 3, *2 dc in next dc, dc 1 in next dc* around, sl st in top of beg ch-3 (36 sts).

R4-9: Ch 3, dc 35, sl st in top of beg ch-3 (36 sts).

Finish off.


R1: 6 sc in magic ring.

R2: Sc 2 in each sc around (12 sts)

R3-6: Sc 12

Fasten off and leave long end for sewing.  Cut out two semi-circles of tan felt.  Sew onto ears with brown embroidery floss.  Sew open end of ears together.  Sew ears ontop of hat.


This pattern is an original pattern by Stephanie of All About Ami (September 2011). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern.


Newborn Teddy Hat

I’ve been having lots of fun trying other crochet projects besides my usual amigurumi (see my cup cozies and my cell phone cozies).  Recently, I’ve been obsessed with crocheting hats!  There will be plenty of blog posts about the ones I’ve been working on in the future, but to kick things off I thought I’d start out with this newborn teddy hat that I made!

I designed and made this hat as a gift for our new baby nephew.  I had plenty of soft brown yarn left over from making the P.J. Teddies, so I had the idea of making a baby hat! I think giving a crocheted hat is a wonderful gesture to show the new parents that you were thinking of them and that you are supporting them!  Sometimes parents have baby clothes ready but no hats yet, or perhaps other hats are simply too big for newborns.  These crocheted hats are small but can also stretch, and they can help keep newborns warm as they are being transferred out of the hospital or transported around to their appointments!

I started off by crocheting around a circle as I usually do for my amigurumi.  Notice how big the stitches are when I use a big hook (5.50 mm) instead of my usual small hook (2.00 mm). 

These hats are super fast to whip up compared to making amigurumi!

I wanted to put a twist on this simple hat by adding teddy bear ears!  After all, I do have a lot of experience making bear ears ;)  Note: in this photo, I sewed the open ends together, but I later had to undo this so I could sew the brown felt in place.

Crocheted bear ears + hat

Since I’m so used to lining the ears of my bunnies and teddy bears with felt, I thought I’d do the same with these ears!  Here you can see how we sewed the felt shape onto the ear with embroidery floss. 

Both ears are complete, so now the open ends can be sewed together!

Ears ready to be attached to the hat now!  Don’t the felt and stitches add great detailing?

Here is the hat all complete!

I thought you’d probably like to see some pictures of this hat being worn, so here it is, being modeled by a newborn less than a day old!  The great thing is that if this hat is too big, you can easily fold the edges up.

It can also be worn without the edges folded up too…

Isn’t this picture super adorable?  It looks like Ryan is carrying a little baby bear… and how fitting is it that the baby is being wrapped in a cute “Winnie the Pooh" blanket?

The pattern for this simple, easy-to-make teddy hat can be found here!  Newborns are already adorable, but newborns wearing these teddy hats definitely up the cuteness factor!

Sneak peek of upcoming blog post: Newborn Teddy Hat

Sneak peek of upcoming blog post: Newborn Teddy Hat

Brown bear with scarf

You all know how much I love teddy bears (see Fuzzy White Bear and Valentine Teddy), so here’s another teddy bear I crocheted a while ago.  This teddy bear is from the same series as Koala and Bunny from Ana Paula Rimoli’s second book (the pattern is essentially the same for all the animals with the only difference being the ears).  I loved the rich brown colour of the yarn I was going to use, and I knew the red scarf would contrast it beautifully.

I crocheted each body part and got ready for assembly.  I actually altered the feet to make them wider (compared to the original pattern). 

Brown bear with scarf

Next I attached the head and body, arms, legs, and nose.  In the last picture he sure looks like a mole!

Brown bear with scarf

Now here he is with his ears!  He looks so sweet and happy (maybe because the other bears I made look sad!).  He’s looking a little naked though…

Brown bear with scarf

He needs a scarf to keep warm! :)

Brown bear with scarf

And here he is donning his beautiful red scarf!  The wider feet make him look so cute as he sits down :)

Brown bear with scarf

We got this hot chocolate mug for Christmas, and I couldn’t resist placing him in it.  This would make a great Christmas gift, hey?

Brown bear with scarf

And now beside the mug…

Brown bear with scarf

As stated above, these three were made from the same pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli.  I love them all!

Koala, Bear and Bunny

And here’s one last picture…teddy bears unite!

Teddy bears

I love how he turned out!  You can never have too many teddy bears, right?

Sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog post: Brown Bear with Scarf

Sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog post: Brown Bear with Scarf

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