Finnley the Fox: Book Giveaway

Interested in crocheting your own Finnley the fox?  You may remember that Ryan and I had the pleasure of being guest designers in Tracey Todhunter’s book called “Crochet, Learn It. Love It” last year!  We are thrilled to be giving away a copy of this book (read all about the making of Finnley and more details about this book in my blog post HERE)!  I am so honoured to have my pattern published in a book that is available worldwide, and there are even copies at my local library! The book has stellar reviews on Amazon, and it warmed my heart to read that someone specifically bought the book to make our fox!

Crochet, Learn it. Love It” is a skill-building book that walks through the stages of crochet while providing patterns and inspiration ideas along the way.  To enter this GIVEAWAY [NOW CLOSED- Congratulations, Juliane!], simply leave a comment below telling us what crochet challenge you would like to tackle next (e.g. learning how to crochet, working in the round with amigurumi, crocheting a blanket, Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace crochet, tapestry or intarsia crochet, etc)!  This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE as I was sent an extra copy, and I am willing to ship it anywhere in the world!  It will close on Sunday, July 2nd at 8 PM MST!  I will randomly choose a winner from the blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (you can enter through all these different methods to increase your chances)!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy of the book, check out my Amazon Affiliate link below!


  • Amanda O’Connor

    I would love to win and I need to learn how to do more crochet but I am doing a crochet blanket and that is going well.

  • Karen

    I would like to be better st amigurumi. To be able to secure the head and limbs better.

  • Anne Marie

    Lovely book – I would love to learn tunisian crochet.

  • This looks amazing, thank you so much for this opportunity. I would really love 2 challenges: making my own crochet patterns more intricate and I also would love to learn tunisian crochet. Again, thanks for the opportunity. Love from the Netherlands, Inge

  • Amy McKeever

    Ive been telling myself I’m going to tackle Tunisian crochet for a while now…

  • Kirsten Cox

    I would love to learn Tunisian!

  • Erin Kitzman

    Just finished how to do corner to corner crochet but would love to learn how to do broomstick lace. There are some gorgeous patterns using that stitch! 🙂

  • Nicole Wood

    Tunisian and broomstick lace are on my to-do list!

  • Sandra Donald

    I am currently learning broomstick crochet next I want to learn the crocodile stitch

  • Nicole Acuna

    I’d love to learn Tunisian crochet!

  • Mimi Wong

    I would love to start amigurumi!

  • Allison Church Bird

    I’d love to get beyond my current low level crochet skills! 🙂

  • Belén Galán

    I want to learn Tunisian crochet 🙂

  • Naomi

    Looks like a fun book! I am loving learning how to do amigurumi! My biggest challenge is learning how to join the pieces without them looking like separate pieces 🙂

  • Wendy Drewes

    I would like to learn Tunisian & broomstick crochet. Thank you!

  • Caro Maddens

    I’d like to learn how to make lace!

  • Sofia Mac Mullen

    I want to learn tunisian and tapestry crochet.

  • Natalie Criscione

    I would love to learn and use more beautiful textured stitches like the star stitch you posted about!

  • Minh Huynh

    I need to get better at finishing amigurumi projects that I start, the limbs and faces stall me.

  • Rachel Anderson Miller

    I would like to try tunisian crochet again. I had issues with my tension so I took a break from it. My latest challenge will be teaching my nieces and daughter to crochet. Hopefully I will be able to give them a foundation that will turn into a love of crochet!

  • Rebekah Berry

    I would love to learn more about Tunisian crochet. I already bought some of the long hooks for it. Just need to learn the stitches. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Olisushi

    I would like to learn how to add crochet to existing clothes, I saw some models on the web, and this is one of my future objectives!

  • Audry

    I’d love to learn more about arugami and Tunisian crochet…I’ve tried both, but far from mastering either 😊 thanks so much for the chance!! Would love to own this book!! ❤

  • All I know how crochet is in rounds (amigurumi) so I would love to broaden my crocheting skills!

  • Christina McMichen

    I’d love to learn C2C

  • Arika

    I’d love to learn intarsia crochet and learn new techniques for amigurumis

  • Ellie Raine

    What a brilliant Giveaway!! I’m currently trying to learn Amigurumi because my daughter keeps sending me links to unicorns and cute animals. She’s almost 27 and is obsessed with Unicorns and Minions lol!

  • Judi Bisson

    Broomstick lace is on my to-do-list.

  • AWriter

    I would love to learn amigurumi. That’s why I picked up crochet to start with. I’m a knitter but so far I’ve crocheted a baby blanket and a shawl, both simple patterns.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I’m fairly new to crochet and would like to learn how to tackle Tunisian crochet next…

  • Diana Berry

    My next challenge is going to try my hand at Tunisian crochet. Making a Amigurumi Bear for my Great Granddaughter, at the moment. Love Crocheting.

  • Brianne Dekker

    I definitely want to learn Tunisian crochet at some point…no matter how much it intimidates me!

  • Audrey

    I wanna learn all sorts of patterns to make things like blanket, bags and of course, Amigurumi!!

  • Mary Clare Struthers

    Tunisian crochet!

  • Tara Hayes

    I would love to learn Tunisian crochet, Liked and shared on FB

  • Melissa Barratt Johnston

    I really love making Amigurumi, the next challenge I want to overcome in crochet is c2c I’ve never done it but it looks so fun!!

  • Steph Cross

    I love Amigurami but I’m not very good at it… So that would be the next challenge I’ll be trying.

    P.s. Finley the Fox is FABULOUS! And oh so cute! 😍

  • Jackie Lee (hellojleebean)

    definitely want to learn how to Tunisian crochet!

  • Juliane Sørensen

    I’m still trying to get better at amigurumi. Currently tackling Lalylala’s Sepp the Seahorse, and I’m really struggling with the fins on the head!

    • Congratulations, Juliane! You are the random winner of this giveaway! I’ve just e-mailed you!

  • Julie Bartels

    I’d like to attempt Tunisian again. Maybe third time will be the charm!

  • Ally K

    I’d love to get better at amigurumi. I’ve only tried it a couple times and I definitely need more practice!

  • Hi

    I want to learn Tunisian crochet.

  • Blossom R.

    Sorry I didn’t realize I put Hi as my name 😂. Sorry. Still want to Tunisian crochet.

  • Leah Zc

    I want to get better at crocheting cables. I also want to learn to knit.

  • Freeform crochet is very interesting to me and I want to make something using puff stitiches.

  • Kristi Lee

    Lace and Tunisian crochet!

  • I really want to learn to make awesome borders, and maybe more stitches than just basic single and double crochets!

  • Cheri H.

    I would love to learn to work in the round with amigurumi.

  • Brittany

    Hi! Looks like the book is amazing! I would love to win it and learn tapestry or intarsia crochet. I really want to master the color changes and get into designing with tapestry. I just need a good teacher or tutorial. Hopefully this book can help me. It looks brilliant! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tatyana Bitencourt

    i’d love to learn tunisian crochet!

  • Holly Louise

    I would love to design a crochet cardigan! 🖤

  • Ann Kurtz

    I would love to win the book and try the broomstick lace or something else fun.

  • Kharirotul Latifah

    I would really love to know how to make a cactus ami, and do the seamless color change. This is a wonderful book. Hopefully i can get 1 of it 🙏🙏🙏

  • Tae

    I would love to teach myself Tunisian crochet! I see people posting projects with this stitch, and I always wanted to try! I’ve been postponing to teach myself 😅

  • Camille Monae

    I’d really like to learn how to write and design my own patterns for amigurumi

  • Sarah

    My next big hurtle is hairpin lace (kinda crochety) and Tunisian. Also working on a crochet design that I’m a bit nervous about 😲

  • Sabrina Pedlar

    I’d love to learn tunisian crochet. Ps. Finnley is adorable! 😍

  • Yaney Yusup

    Finnley is adorable!
    I want to learn the various tunisian crochet stitches.

  • Elisabeth

    I would love to pick up on shaping Tunisian!! Thnx

  • Elisabeth

    I would love to pick back up on Tunisian crochet. Thnx

  • Faith Ryder

    I’ve never tried Tunisian crochet, so that would be my crochet challenge. Lovely looking book and Finnley the fox is adorable 😊

  • Pálfi Edit Eszter

    I would love to learn crocheting c2c blankets. 🙂

  • Iratxe Aguado

    I would try tapestry crochet

  • Terri Jones

    I would like to learn C2C and graphs among​ other things. Finley is just adorable, would live to make him.

    • Valerie Zalewski

      c2c is just great, but beware as it’s highly addictive!

  • Leslie

    I would like to try amigurumi. I’ve been afraid to start so far.

  • NexLor

    Hi !
    Thanks for this amazing Giveaway !! 🙂
    I’d like to learn tapestry, it’s so beautiful !

  • mcmb

    Hello, thanks for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway. I personally would like to learn Tunisian and broomstick stitches. Have a wonderfully blessed day, Thanks again.

  • Sarah J

    I would love to learn intarsia. Next project will be a memory fusion blanket

  • Justyna Diepen

    hello. thank you for the giveaway. I would love to learn tunisian crochet. Greetings from the NEtherlands!

  • Angela Wang

    I’d like to do a really big project, like a blanket 🙂

  • Valerie Zalewski

    I’d love to learn to do Tunisian crochet well. My attempts so far have been pathetic.

  • Cathy S

    I’d love to learn Tunisian crochet.

  • Cathy S

    I’d love to learn Tunisian crochet.

  • Therese Eghult

    Oh how exiting. I would love to learn the C2C- technique! Hope for luck! ♥️😄

  • Ashley Zayas

    I would LOVE to learn Tunisian crochet!! It is so beautiful!!!! That will be my next challenge 🙂

  • Linda Chan

    I’d like to try some Tunisian crochet.

  • Lorraine Watts

    I would love to learn any of them. I have taught myself a few things, but would really like to learn more. The ones that I am most interested in are Tunsian, broomstick lace and intarsia.

  • skiellach

    Would LOVE to win Finnley the Fox and be able to make him! Thx for the opportunity!

  • dawn eire

    I was thinking of trying my hands on the Granite Cardingan of yours. I’ve worked on a lot of Amigurumi’s and jewellery before, but haven’t worked on bigger cloth pieces than shawls and hats yet, so this will be a real challenge for me. ^^

  • I would love to learn tunisian crochet as I love the look of the fabric…so versatile!! Of course I want to learn every type of crochet and master the art 🙂

  • Judy Ramsey

    Congratulations on your spot in the book, Finnly is so cute I would love to win the book. You do such a great job on all your projects. I want to learn more about crocheting in the round to make Finnly. Thanks

  • imel lengari

    i love the finnley 😍💕 it’s so cute…wanna add some keyring so i can set it on my bag.. i’d love to learn more amigurumi and blanket too!! thankyouuu..

  • DeeAnne Kimmel

    I would love to learn Tunisian crochet! Love Finnley!

  • deb

    I hope to be able to crochet amigurumi much better and improve my skills. I also love planned color pooling crochet but its very challenging. Thank you Stephanie for all your beautiful patterns.

  • Heather

    I, too, would like to learn Tunisian crochet. I’ve seen so many lovely Tunisian projects that inspire me to learn and try it for myself someday.

  • Rose Sky

    I would like more patterns for working in the round.

  • Katherine

    I’d love towork on lace stitches. Haven’t tried those yet

  • Mandy Maddii Fong

    I want to finally try crocheting an amiguri!!!!!!

  • donsgirl40

    I’d love to learn color pooling, I’ve never tried that.

  • beccazbex

    I would love to learn to do your cascade cardigan. Looks so nice and warm for winter 😍

  • Christie Yuen

    I would love to crochet a shawl or cardigan! I’ve been always creating amigurumis. Congrats on Finnley and your family featured in the book!

  • Rosalin A

    I would love to learn to perfect my crochet techniques when it comes to make a face/head for amigurumi. So it will not be a hexagon but my amigurumi will have a round face.

  • Lisa Lou

    Absolutely love this little fella! I would love to learn how to make blankets to a professional level, I learnt to how to make Amigurum animals when medical reasons meant I had too much time on my hands 🙂 Crocheting flat is my next challenge!

  • Lisa T.

    I would love to learn how to crochet a cardigan. I would also love to encourage my daughters (8 & 10) to learn how to crochet the cute amigurimis 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway & congrats!

  • Kim

    I would love to start learning interlocking crochet next! 🙂

  • nkam1

    I am ready to start my Amigurumi zoo collection and add that crochet skill : ) Finnley is adorable!

  • Luana Mercuri

    I would love to learn how to make a t-shirt 🙂

  • Isabella Dior

    What a great book! I am a self taught crocheter, having started when I was 10 yrs old (an older friend taught me how to chain stitch on the school bus!). I know I have some areas of mind block and would use this book to identify and eliminate those blocks . I could do better, and this book would help me get there. I love crocheting and creating new things with my hands!

  • Erinne

    I want to learn how to crochet and this little fox is great inspiration!

  • Kelly Groves

    What a lovely little chap Finley is, I’m sure my little girl Summer would love mummy to make her very own little fox!
    My next project to try is definitely broomstick lace, it’s so different from normal crochet stitches.

  • Crafty Math-Chick

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this book – your little fox is ADORABLE! My next crochet challenge is to make a BIG amigurumi stuffed animal with Bernat blanket yarn. I also want to learn how to make one of those Mile-a-Minute blankets as well. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  • Rose Nishiyama

    I would like to do more crocheting but right now I have a problem with my arthritis in my hands. But when they start feeling less stiff, I would like to start on a shawl for autumn. But if I win the book, think I could work on a few little critters for the grand kids.

  • Mandie Robertson

    I’d love to learn intarsia crochet!

  • Chris Hall

    Id like to learn a bit about amigurami and things to do with that along with everything that goes with it. 😇😇😇

  • JJ Wong

    I’m always on the lookout for cute amigurami patterns to crochet for my nieces and nephews. I’m working on a sock monkey now & it’s taking forever to finish!

  • B’ney Hallstrom

    What a fun giveaway! My next crochet challenge is to keep coming up with new design ideas and increase what I sell in my shop while we move and I get closer and closer to my due date! trying not to stress 😂

  • Caitie

    So many new things to learn… I got given a Tunisian crochet hook, very keen to try that out.

  • Tammy Huffaker

    I want to learn amigurumi next! I have to finish a blanket first before I start a new project. I have a package of DIY crochet Star Wars figures and Disney princesses.

  • lesley

    i want to learn amigurumi next. i am currently working on your monkey but only have a small amount done so far as it seems intimidating. i know once i actually complete my first one it will be easier

  • Jessica Quan

    I want to learn C2C graphghans or even how to crochet clothing next! I started with amigurumi and have done pretty well with that….could use some help on stuffing them though!

  • Helena Thurø Barlach

    I would very much love to learn the broomstick lace! Its so pretty ❤️

    I also really want to thank you for making this a worldwide giveaway! I get so sad when you host a giveaway that I cant enter, because I dont live in the US

  • Teresa Cunningham ngham

    What to learn next, how about how to not drop stitches, or how to NOT list count of the rows! For beginning or for when one gets older.

  • Zot

    I’d like to finally learn broomstick crochet.

  • Natalie

    I would love to learn how to do broomstick lace crochet! I’d also love to learn how to make my own amigurumi and crochet patterns in general.

  • I want to learn tunisian crochet

  • Sandy

    I want to learn amigurami so I can make book marks and other adorable things. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  • Rita M Karaffa

    I would love to learn how to do broomstick lace. It seems very intimidating for me.

  • Christina W.

    I would like to tackle crocheting a c2c blanket and also to crochet a basket.

  • Mara Guida

    I’d like to learn how to crochet. I have been thinking about this for a few months now.

    I think I’d like to make a few “arigumi”.

  • Sarah

    I’d like to learn intarsia crochet. What a great looking book!

  • Jmaka

    I think I’m ready to learn broomstick crochet.

  • Ka Hulme

    And thank you for the opportunity! There are two challenges I am going to try. The first one is to make a sweater with sleeves. The second is to learn Tunisian crochet

  • Kaileigh Nickel Kwan

    I’m looking forward to making some clothing using new crochet stitches!

  • Deborah W

    I would love to learn working in the round with amigurumi. I know basic crochet so I think I could do it.

  • maria joao Lima

    In crochet i just do amigurumi, so any of the others is a challenge for me! But maybe i’m more curious about trying Tapestery!

  • Jeanne Kozloski

    I’m a beginner- I want to learn how to do baby blankets

  • Phoebe Leung

    I would love to make a wearable piece!!! I’ve only done two amis so far~ I would love to make the granite cape that you’ve made! <3<3

  • avidcrafter

    I am interested in doing more amis. I tried a few for easter gifts and they were very cute. I think it would be fun to do more, and then possibly some bigger items.

  • Chris Baker Cox

    I am interested in learning some new patterns. I would like to tackle an afghan too!

  • Alicia Grayson

    I’d like to make a finnley the fox! I want to figure out the nose part!

  • Sheri L Richards

    I have been planning to learn amigurumi in the next few weeks. This would be so fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  • Joleen Spelbrink

    I retired a few years ago and rediscovered a love for crochet. I do a pretty good job, but need to learn more. Seaming, reading patterns at times are challenging, but I am pushing myself to learn.also just learning new stitches. Would love to try the little red Fox for my new grandson, Henry!

  • Claire Boorman

    I would love to do some Tunisian crochet and have a go at intarsia, as love the idea of pictures on crochet. Love a challenge.

  • Madelyn

    I’d love to learn tunisian crochet!

  • Carolyn McPherson

    OOOhhhh, I would also love to give tunisian crochet a go. Even spelling the name of Tunisian crochet is enough to scare me lol, let alone trying!! xx

  • Heather Edwards

    I want to try it all! Lately I’ve been drawn towards tapestry crochet. I just need more hours in the day!

  • Afeefa

    Would love to learn tapestry crochet!

  • Brittany

    I want to learn how to crochet a blanket.

  • Susan Bryant

    I would love to learn intarsia crochet. I’ve worked a little with Tunisian (only 1-2 stitches), but I really enjoyed it.

  • nutkinnb

    I would love to learn working in the round with amigurumi! I’ve had a couple of false starts, but really want to settle in and learn!

  • Rachael Newell

    I really want to learn the make a graphgan next. That little fox is so cute! My nieces adore foxes.

  • Beverly Marks

    I would so love to learn the Tunisian stitch

  • Karen H

    I would like to learn how to crochet with color work. Changing colors in a project intimidates me!

  • Sol Cassel

    I would like to be braver at crochet and do amigurumi

  • I love that finley the fox… I will be looking for that book. Really want to try it..