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Anime Expo 2014

Hello, everyone!  I am very excited to share about our experience at Anime Expo 2014 in Los Angeles last month!  It’s been our dream to attend one of these big anime conventions, and we thought going to Anime Expo (AX) would be perfect since we could also visit Disneyland in Anaheim while we were in California :)  Anime Expo is the largest anime and manga convention in North America, and we excitedly bought our 4-day badge months in advance and were so excited to attend it!

As we drove up to the Los Angeles Convention Center, we saw a MASSIVE line-up that seemed never-ending as it winded its way around the building.  We hoped that this was not the line-up that we would have to wait in since we had already purchased our badges on-line, but sadly, it WAS the line-up to pick up our actual badges.  It was a scorching day as the sun beat down on us and we knew there was no way that Myla would be able to wait in this line-up.  Thankfully, the AX staff let Myla and I wait inside the convention center as Ryan and my brother Corey lined up to pick up our badges.  In total, they waited a whopping 3.5 HOURS!  Here is a glimpse of the line-up and all the people waiting to get inside…


Many people were cosplaying in the line-up, such as this Wolverine Joker - this was Ryan’s favourite cosplay of the day! 


Towards the end of the line, people were getting excited that they were finally approaching the entrance to the convention center, so they were giving each other high fives!


Myla and I rewore our Mei and Totoro costumes from last year on Day 1 of AX!  Check out my blog post HERE to see how I put together this very simple costume and crocheted the cherry balls for my hair.  Last year Myla couldn’t even walk, so it was sooo sweet that I could hold my little Totoro’s hand and have her walk around in her cute costume complete with a leaf headband!  Just look at that adorable smile :)


Now Myla actually knows who Totoro is as she enjoyed the movie and likes to play with the Totoro stuffies we have at home (last year she was oblivious to who Totoro was)!


On Day 2 of AX we wore another matching mommy-baby cosplay outfit as we dressed up as Togepi and Misty!  I loved playing and watching Pokemon growing up, so it was fun dressing up as these two.  I bought this yellow tank and jean shorts from H&M and made the suspenders out of ribbon.  We bought Myla’s white dress from a gently used kids’ clothing store and glued these blue and red felt triangle shapes onto it.


Notice the pokeball I’m holding in the picture above?  It was fun adding a touch of crochet to this costume by using Makayla’s free pokeball pattern found on her blog “Planet Yarn" HERE!  It was very quick and easy to work up, and Myla really enjoyed throwing it around!


Myla was ecstatic to find this big Totoro!  Too bad we weren’t dressed in our Mei and Totoro costumes that day that we encountered this giant cutie :)  As you can see, Myla is clutching her pokeball as she stares at Totoro!


On Day 3 of AX, Myla dressed up in her “Attack on Titan" Mikasa costume that we worked so hard on!  It was amazing seeing her wearing it after all the hours we put into this costume!


To read more about how we made this costume and to see plenty of step-by-step pics, check out the blog post I wrote about it HERE!


Here are a couple of other cosplay photos that Ryan snapped!  It truly was amazing seeing all the effort and love that people put into making their costumes and showing them off to everyone.  People spend the whole year working on them, and it was so neat seeing people’s creativity in their costumes.  





Besides seeing all the cosplayers, I was VERY excited to explore the exhibit hall as it had the largest collection of Japanese culture goods in North America with over 240 vendors and exhibitors.  I knew I would be able to find tons of kawaii and unique items!  Check out these adorable panda, Ariel and bunny socks I picked up :)  I can’t wait to wear them and see Myla’s face when she sees my feet, hehe…


I immediately fell in love with the adorable jewelry designs by Faheema of “Unicorn Crafts”.  For starters, check out this extremely cute packaging!


I ended up buying these kawaii “Milk and Cookie Earrings”!  Faheema has other cute earring sets such as “Bacon & Egg” and “Mac & Cheese”, so be sure to check out her Etsy store HERE!


I loved this Cat t-shirt by “Lokisa" when I first saw it!  It has so many cute cat expressions, and the colour is very vibrant.  Myla enjoys pointing to the different pictures as we talk about how each cat feels. Lokisa features originally designed and handmade items manufactured in the US- you can check out their site HERE!


I connected with Stephanie of “The Steppie" last year when I discovered her extremely cute clothing line (see me wearing her "Arrow x Heart Flowy Tank Top" in my "Fluff Bears" blog post HERE).  Stephanie is a very talented designer and entrepreneur, and it was such a pleasure being able to meet her in person!  Her booth was packed full of panda and ninja goodies, from tote bags and onesies to tank tops and phone cases.


I picked up this “Panda Bums Racerback Tank" and let me tell you, it is one of the comfiest tanks ever because of its very soft material.  The racerback and flowiness of the tank is very flattering, and I’ve already worn it many times!


I was also really excited to pick up this “Nerdy Panda Gradient Tank Top”, Stephanie’s new summer tank!  The pretty rose pink to baby blue gradient is gorgeous, and I couldn’t resist the cute nerdy panda face too!


The last Steppie item I brought home is this “Panda Face/Nerdy Panda Ceramic Soup Mug”!  I love how huge this mug is and how one side has the normal panda face while the other side has the nerdy panda face :)  I use this mug when I drink my milk tea in the mornings, and Myla loves seeing the different faces!


As you may know, I am a huge “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" fan (see the amigurumi Link I crocheted HERE), so I got really excited when I saw this “Triforce of Courage Tank Top" by Geeky U!  I had actually seen this shop on Etsy before, so I was really happy to see them in person since I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping.  Shipping to Canada on this tank would’ve been a whopping $15, almost as much as the tank itself!  Sigh…so sad when shipping costs are so high…


One of my favourite items that I picked up from AX are these “Kawaii Star Wars Group Leggings" by "WeLoveFine”!  I used to watch the Star Wars trilogy a lot growing up, and these chibi Star Wars characters were too cute to resist!  I really can’t wait to wear these comfy leggings to an upcoming convention :)


We had a blast exploring Artist Alley as there were so many incredibly talented artists showcasing their artwork and crafts.  I was very excited to meet Sharon of “Ami Amour”, a fellow amigurumi artist who is a staple at AX’s Artist Alley.  She started selling her plushies and patterns five years ago in her shop HERE.  Sharon is incredibly kind and gracious, and it was such a delight meeting and chatting with her.  She was the only amigurumi artist in the whole Artist Alley, and she gifted me with the cute amigurumi Soot Sprite that I’m holding in the picture below!  Be sure to check out Sharon’s facebook page and blog to see more of her work and access her free patterns as well!


We purchased two prints from Artist Alley, the first being the gorgeous one below by Jo of “My Rolling Star”.  We immediately fell in love with all of her dreamy, whimsical, ethereal pieces, and it took us a while before we decided which one to take home.  I love this beautiful piece depicting a girl bringing her imagination and creativity to life through her artwork.  We can’t wait to frame it and find a place for it in our home!


As soon as we saw this stunning piece showing Studio Ghibli characters on a trek through a mystical and mysterious forest, we knew we had to take it home!  Unfortunately, I put the artist’s business card in the pocket of my jean shorts- I then proceeded to wash said shorts at home forgetting that I had anything in the pocket.  Needless to say, her card has now disintegrated.  If you know who the artist of this piece is, please let me know so that I can give her credit and update this blog post!  Thank you to Christine who helped direct me to the artist!  This gorgeous piece is by Brigitte of “Relatively Serious" and you can see the process gif for this print HERE!


Overall, we had a wonderful time at Anime Expo despite the rocky start during registration (I saw some people on Twitter calling AX “linecon” since so much of the convention was spent lining up!!!).  There is a certain camaraderie and spirit present during conventions such as these, and everyone was so friendly and kind.  The love of anime, manga, and Japanese culture was such a unifying factor in bringing people together from all different backgrounds and ages.  We really enjoyed seeing all the creative cosplayers, meeting all the exhibitors and artists of AX, and also preparing costumes and dressing up ourselves!  We hope you enjoyed reading about our experience there and seeing what we picked up (I thought that chances are if you like kawaii amigurumi, you’ll probably enjoy seeing some of the adorable items I picked up too :D).  Hopefully we can attend another Anime Expo in the future!  Let me know if you’ve ever attended an anime convention and if you like any of the items that we brought home with us :)


The blog will be quiet for a while as we travel to Tokyo, Japan!  Thank you so much to everyone who gave such thoughtful tips and recommendations for our trip!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get lots of inspiration for future projects, and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you when we get back :) 

The blog will be quiet for a while as we travel to Tokyo, Japan!  Thank you so much to everyone who gave such thoughtful tips and recommendations for our trip!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get lots of inspiration for future projects, and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you when we get back :) 

Magazine Features

Hmmm…what are Ryan and I reading?

Some super awesome magazines we’ve been featured in!  I was thrilled when Anna M. Park, the editor-in-chief of Audrey Magazine contacted me, saying that she loved my crochet designs and wanted to include some of them in their upcoming spring issue!  Audrey is the “Asian American Women’s Lifestyle Magazine”, and I was so excited when my hard copies came in the mail.  Growing up, I used to read magazines such as “Cosmo Girl”, “Seventeen" and "Teen Vogue”, and I would get very excited whenever I saw an Asian face on a page, which of course was rare.  Audrey highlights Asian-Americans in entertainment, sports, and pop culture in general, and they also feature Asian-American models in their beauty and fashion sections.  I think it’s exciting where the Asian-American community is headed as the cultural landscape diversifies and more Asian-Americans are visible in the media!

Hannah Simone, of Indian and German-Italian-Greek-Cypriot descent and co-star of New Girl is on the cover of the Spring issue!  Previous stars who have graced the cover of Audrey include Jenna Ushkowitz of Glee, Jamie Chung, Freida Pinto, Tia Carrere, Mindy Kaling and Olivia Munn :)

My feature is on the very last page!  They included a large picture of my Dragon as well as a picture of my Spring Bunnies in the corner.  The feature also includes a little bit about me, including my inspiration, my blog name and how I got started in crocheting.  I am so thrilled and honoured to be featured in this great pioneering magazine!

My brother Corey is a big Nintendo fan (I’ve crocheted a Bob-omb and Luigi amiguurmi for him as well as a Pokemon cell phone cozy) and he’s always loved reading Nintendo Power.  I used to flip through his magazines as we played our fair share of Nintendo games together growing up (e.g. Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Luigi’s Mansion, etc).  Corey told me about the “Community" section at the back of every issue of the magazine which features fanwork from all around the world.  I thought I would submit the amiugurumi Link I made since I was so proud of how my Hylian shield and accessories turned out!  I was thrilled when I heard back from Nintendo Power as they were very interested in my amigurumi!  Freelance writer and game journalist Nathan Meunier asked me some questions and began writing his article.

I did not know when my Link would be featured, but one day I got an excited message from Corey, telling me that he found Link in the March 2012 issue with Sora of Kingdom Hearts on the cover!

I quickly went out to the store and bought myself a hard copy!  I love the title of our feature: “Lover’s Link" with the description, "This Zelda-inspired amigurumi makes for matrimonial harmony”.  The article highlights how we work as a great husband and wife team and how we wanted to create our own accessories after following Japanese artist Becchin’s original design.  It’s so exciting being featured in a magazine that we used to read growing up! 

Lastly, I was contacted by the wonderful people over at CraftgawkerCraftgawker was being featured in a crafts magazine in the UK called “Crafts Beautiful Magazine" (haha I’ve probably never used the word "crafts" so many times in one sentence before :P).  This magazine wanted to use some images from Craftgawker, so Craftgawker asked if they could have my permission to send them the photo of my amigurumi Dragon!  Of course, I happily obliged and was excited that such an awesome site with so many beautiful images wanted to use one of mine!  Craftgawker has been very instrumental in introducing people to my blog, and I highly recommend you check out their site if you haven’t so already: there are so many gorgeous images of inspiration for free tutorials and wonderful craft ideas.  You can see my Dragon featured on the page that appeared in the magazine!

We are so thankful to be featured in these wonderful magazines, particularly since Nintendo Power and Audrey Magazine are not targeted towards craft or crochet audiences.  They are mainstream magazines that can be bought in stores!  Hopefully some new people will be introduced to the wonderful world of amigurumi and crochet!  Thank you so much for all your continued support, everyone :)


I’m so glad I started my "All About Ami" facebook page shortly after I started my blog.  It’s been a great way to connect with people from all around the world as it’s so easy to share photos, ask questions and comment on each other’s work!  I love seeing the work of other amigurumi artists, and one day back in October, I was browing through an album by Sharon Ojala of “Amigurumi Freely”.  What caught my eye was a photo of two beautifully-made Mario brothers: Mario and Luigi!  Sharon linked to the original pattern by Nikki or “FullMetalPiglet”, and I was blown away by her awesome patterns which she also provides for free.  Her work ranges from anime and video game dolls to awesome sackboy patterns, most of which are accompanied by videos!

My brother Corey is a BIG Luigi fan…whenever we play Mario Kart, Mario Party or any other Nintendo game that requires you to choose a character, he always chooses Luigi.  He collects Luigi memorabilia, from shirts to figurines, so when I saw such an amazing Luigi amigurumi, I knew I had to make it for him!

I started off by crocheting his head and then working on his body.  It’s such a great idea to crochet in the back loops only for a couple of rows (near top of head) so it’s later easier to attach his hair.  I also love how the body continues from the head so you do not need to sew them together later on.  

Next I crocheted more of Luigi’s body, leaving an opening in the front. 


Then we sewed a zipper in this opening, which is characteristic of the Sackboys (Sackboy is a character from the game LittleBigPlanet- see what he looks like here if you’ve never seen him before). 

Next up was his round nose which we then sewed onto his face…

Then we sewed on his flat button eyes which we got from Walmart (see how Nikki attaches them here towards the end of the video).  I’ve only ever used beads and safety eyes for the eyes of my amigurumi, but I love the look of these buttons!  They give a very doll-like effect :)

Our bald Luigi then needed some hair!  The hair was crocheted row by row as a separate piece with some picots added at the end for a wavy look.  The hair piece was then attached to the back of Luigi’s head.

Next we crocheted some semi-circles for his ears and attached them on the sides of his head where his hair ended.

On the other side of his ears we added his sideburns!  Hee hee…Luigi looks like an aging man with no hair ontop- only on the sides and at the back!

Next up came a very defining feature of Luigi’s face: his mustache!  He looks very distinguished now :)

I then worked on Luigi’s green hat with a brim…

But we couldn’t forget to personalize his hat!  We embroidered a green “L” onto a white oval and then sewed it onto the green hat.  See the making of Luigi’s hat in this video here.

We were so excited to have Luigi try on his hat!  It really helps complete his look :)

Haha, but of course Luigi was still missing his limbs!  His legs were crocheted by picking up stitches on the lower part of the body and crocheting downwards- once again, I love this technique since you do not have to attach the legs separately later on.  We switched from blue to brown yarn towards the bottom so that Luigi could have some brown shoes to wear!  See how Nikki picks up stitches in her videos here and here.

His arms were crocheted in a similar fashion by picking up stitches in the upper part of the body.  I then switched from green yarn to white yarn to get ready for the gloves.

I really love her technique of making fingers for the gloves.  See how she makes them in this video hereEach finger is a little tube branching out from the glove base.  Once again, I love how you do not need to make each finger separately and individually attach them later on.

I then crocheted a white band, folded it, sewed the ends together and then wrapped it around the glove base to give the gloves a more finished look.

Then we added Luigi’s blue overall straps and yellow buttons to complete his clothing!

And voilà, our Luigi Sackboy is finally complete with all of his wonderful details!

Here’s a top-down view:

And a side-view…hee hee, I really love his nose!

Love his shiny button eyes, mustache and sideburns too :)

I think having the zipper adds such a neat, unexpected look to this Luigi doll.  What a great idea to make different characters into Sackboys (Nikki has patterns for a Link, Mario and Sonic sackboy too)!

In this back view of Luigi you can get a better view of his hair: the picots add such a lovely effect to give Luigi wavy hair on the bottom! 

Even though I love designing my own amigurumi patterns, I still enjoy trying out and following other people’s designs, particularly when I learn new techniques or when I feel like they are taking my amigurumi-making to another level.  I felt this way when I made my Link doll (original pattern by Becchin, translated by Tanoshimou) since he had a pivoting head around a ball joint and I learned how to attach hair in a different method.

With this wonderful Luigi pattern, I learned how to pick up stitches, how to incorporate buttons and zippers into amigurumi, how to use picots for a wavy look in crochet and how to make fingers in such an ingenious way.  I’m so proud of these two amigurumi dolls and how they expanded my horizons in amigurumi technique.  Here you can see they’re having a heart to heart :)  Link is a curious little one and Luigi is more than happy to impart some wisdom on him!

As I mentioned in the sneak peek, they have some things in common: striving to save princesses and defeat bad guys, as well as their love of green and brown :)

Luig is one of the biggest amigurumi I’ve ever made (the biggest being my Despicable Me Minion), and I am so proud of how he turned out!  My brother Corey, who is a regular reader and supporter of my blog, was so surprised when I presented him with his very own crocheted Luigi!  He sits proudly in his room with the rest of Corey’s Nintendo collection.  I was very happy that I could make something so meaningful and special for my brother!  Just a couple weeks ago we were playing the new “Mario Party 9" on the Wii as a family, and we had such a blast with all the incredibly fun mini-games!  It brought back so many memories from when we used to play growing up.  As always, Corey chose to be Luigi :)

If you have any Nintendo lovers in your life, this would be such an awesome gift!  Be sure to check out FullMetalPiglet's site here for her other sackboy, video game and anime doll patterns which she generously provides for free!  The Luigi Sackboy pattern can be found HERE.  I hope my step-by-step photos can help you along the way as I know many of you found the step-by-step photos for Link to be very helpful!  Keep in mind that I made this Luigi more than half a year ago back in October, but I will try my best to answer any questions that you may have…of course, you can always ask the original artist as well!   Keep challenging yourselves in trying new techniques and expanding your horizons about amigurumi!  And as always, feel free to contact me through my facebook page, twitter and e-mail! 

Link has a new buddy!  What could they possibly be discussing?!?  Maybe how to save princesses and their love of green!!!
Sneak peek of upcoming blog post: Luigi (pattern via Fullmetalpiglet)

Link has a new buddy!  What could they possibly be discussing?!?  Maybe how to save princesses and their love of green!!!

Sneak peek of upcoming blog post: Luigi (pattern via Fullmetalpiglet)

Look what got released over the weekend: “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" for the Nintendo 3DS!!!  Ryan’s excited to play the game for the first time, and I’m pretty excited to relive some childhood memories :)  Gotta love the storyline and the music!

Look what got released over the weekend: “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" for the Nintendo 3DS!!!  Ryan’s excited to play the game for the first time, and I’m pretty excited to relive some childhood memories :)  Gotta love the storyline and the music!

Pattern: Link’s Hylian Shield, Sword and Sheath

Link was crocheted using an original pattern by Becchin, translated by Tanoshimou. Check out the following links (haha, no pun intended) to help you make your own hero of Hyrule:

  • Becchin’s ‘person core’ page that Link is based on: he has great step-by-step photos (click here)
  • Becchin’s photos of Link as well as a very useful video showing the process (click here)
  • Tanoshimou’s translation of Becchin’s pattern into English (click here)
  • MY step-by-step blog post to see how I used the above resources to make this adorable Link (click here)

I followed Tanoshimou’s pattern except for the hat, as I found the pattern written out produced a hat that was far too big for Link.  I kept single crocheting 42 all the way around from rows 12-18, went counter-clockwise for row 15, and then went around clockwise for rows 16-18 (I did not take it past row 18).

Now onto my pattern for Link’s Hylian Shield, Sword, and Sheath!


  • blue and grey yarn (for the shield) and brown yarn (for the sword and sheath)
  • yellow and red embroidery floss
  • 2.00 mm crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • glue gun
  • chopstick

Note: I worked in continuous rounds (vs. joined rounds).


The shield consists of the (1) front part, (2) back part, and (3) strap.

(1) Front part

Using blue yarn,

R1: Ch 2, 2 sc in second ch from hook, turn. (2)

R2: Ch 1, *sc 2 in next sc*, rep 2 times, turn. (4)

R3: Ch 1 *sc 2 in next sc*, rep 4 times, turn. (8)

R4-6: Ch 1, sc 8, turn. (8)

R7: Ch 1, sc 3, *sc 2 in next sc*, rep 2 times, sc 3, turn. (10)

R8-10: Ch 1, sc 10, turn. (10)

R11: Ch 1, sc 1, dc 1, dc 1, tr 1, tr 1, ch 1, tr 1, tr 1, dc 1, dc 1, sc 1.

Fasten off and weave in end.

Resulting shape should look like this:

Using grey yarn, single crochet around the border of the shield.  Chain 2 at bottom corner.  Chain 3 at top corners (see below diagram).

Result after single crocheting around border:

Using grey yarn, embroider the following design along the edges with a yarn hook:

Using yellow yarn, embroider the Triforce and a triangle.

Using red yarn, embroider the Eagle design.

(2) Back part

To make back of shield, follow same pattern above (i.e. Rows 1-11) using blue yarn.  Do not use grey yarn to single crochet around the edge and do not embroider any designs.

(3) Strap

Using blue yarn,

Ch 3.

R1: Sc 2, starting in second ch from hook, turn.

R2-12: Ch 1, sc 2, turn.

Attach strap onto back of shield (NOT the embroidered one). 

Glue gun (or sew) front of shield to back of shield.

Hylian shield attaches to Link’s arm like so:


The sword consists of the (1) blade and (2) cross-guard.

(1) Blade

Cut off tip of chopstick (blade should be about 2.5 inches or 7 cm).  Using scissors, carve notches into the chopstick.

(2) Cross-guard (make 2)

Using grey yarn,

Ch 2

R1: Sc 1, starting in second ch from hook, turn.

R2-8: Ch 1, sc 1, turn.

Finish off, weave in ends.

Glue gun 2 cross-guards together around the blade.


The sheath consists of the (1) tube and (2) handle.

(1) Tube

Using dark brown yarn,

R1: Ch 2, 6 sc in second ch from hook.

R2-13: Ch 6.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

(2) Handle

Using dark brown yarn,

Ch 2

R1: Sc 1, starting in second ch from hook, turn.

R2-19: Ch 1, sc 1, turn.

Finish off, leave long end for sewing.

Sew both ends of handle to tube. 

Place sword in sheath to see if it fits.

Now you’re made a Hylian shield, sword, and sheath for Link!


Now Link is prepared for battle!!!  If you have any questions or find any errors, feel free to contact me.  Thanks and good luck!

This pattern is an original pattern by Stephanie of All About Ami (May 2011). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern.


I have so many fond memories of playing “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" on the N64 back in the day (in 1998 to be exact!!!).  Time sure flies by.  I remember staying up late during the summer nights as my brother and sister led me with the player’s guide, instructing me on where I should go and what I should do.  We loved the storyline and the music, and we shrieked with excitement as we fought bosses together and became annoyed at Navi the fairy whenever she told us to "Listen!". 

When I first became interested in amigurumi, I scoured the internet for pictures and ideas for my first projects.  Ryan stumbled upon an amigurumi Link which we both thought was absolutely adorable.  The original pattern was by Becchin (found here), an incredible Japanese amigurumi artist with beautiful, intricate work.  Tanoshimou kindly translated the pattern (found here) so the rest of us could make our very own Link’s! 

When I first looked at the pattern, I knew it looked somewhat complicated, so I decided to put it on the back-burner as I tried my hand at more simple projects (e.g. Jigglypuff) since I was a beginner at amigurumi.  I am so glad this Link project was not my first.  I probably would’ve become very frustrated and possibly might’ve given up.  I knew I could tackle this project now since I had quite a few amigurumi projects under my belt.  And so, I excitedly began this project which had been on my to-do list for months!

This Link is unique because his head can pivot and rotate.  The head is actually removable and pivots around a ball joint, which I thought was such a brilliant idea.  Thus, I first started by crocheting the ball joint and upper body.

Next, I worked on Link’s brown boots, comprised of two parts: the soles and the tops.  They had to be sturdy enough so that Link could stand upright in them!

Next, I crocheted two legs and joined them together, switching to green yarn in the last row. 

Then, I attached the legs to the ball joint/upper body.

Next up was the cool part: the removable head!  At first, I was a little confused about how this all worked, but as you can see in the pictures below, the part that flares out (in the second pic) flips upwards and wraps around the ball that is ontop of it.

And so, adding the eyes and stuffing the head was a little bit different than normal since the base was hollow.

Once his head was complete, I worked on making the top part of his hair and also attached some ears.

This is what I had completed so far…

Now with his head on the ball joint!  It looks like Link has a buzz cut…

Next up were his arms.

Now with his arms attached!  It’s funny how he actually looks proportional here (with the ball joint being a proportional head).  But of course amigurumi are characterized by their oversized heads!

Then came a challenging part: the hair!  I used double crochets to go down the back of his head.

For the front part, I chained long strands on either side of his face (in front of the ears) for his sideburns.

Ryan helped me with the bangs and did an absolutely fantastic job stitching them on with a yarn needle.  Here are some different angles showing his bangs.  I think attaching hair with this method is such a great idea as it gives a very clean-cut look.

I thought the pattern for the pointy hat was clever since you increase the stitches on certain sides (I’m so used to increasing evenly around a circle).  However, for some reason, I found that the hat pattern that was written out produced a hat that was way too big (see hat on the left below).  Someone also commented about this, so I’m glad I’m not the only one!  Thus, I had to modify the pattern (see hat on the right), otherwise it looked like Link was absolutely swimming in his hat.  I talk about how I modified the hat in my accessories pattern post here (right before the materials section). 

I was so excited to see if this hat fit.  Here he is!

A few more pics from various angles…

I knew Link the warrior wouldn’t be complete without his accessories….like his Hylian shield and his sword!  And so, we made up our own patterns to create them.  Ryan was the one who actually embroidered the designs onto the Hylian shield for me, and I was blown away by how accurate and intricate it turned out!  To check out step-by-step photos and patterns of how I made each accessory, click HERE. Here’s a pic of Link with them!

Now with sword in hand!

From more angles…

From behind you can get a better view of his sword and sheath, and how his shield attaches to his arm.

Since Link’s head is pivotable, it’s fun to pose him just like our old action figurines :)  For example…

"Oh no!  What’s going on over there?!?"

"Zelda’s been captured by Ganondorf.  *Sigh*."

"Have no fear!  Link is here!  Ganondorf’s no match for me!"

Haha, you get the point.  Here are a few pics showing Link’s relative size in case you’re curious. 

Here he is on guard at the corner of my desk.

I am so happy with how Link turned out.  Becchin’s pattern is very intricate, from his pivotable head to his removable boots.  Link is incredibly sturdy as it amazes me how he can stand all by himself.  If you are or know of any Legend of Zelda fans, you should definitely give this pattern a try.  Once again, the pattern for the Hylian shield, sword and sheath can be found HERE.  Let me know what you think of this Link and if you played “Ocarina of Time" back in the day too!  What are some of your favourite video games?

Sneak peek of upcoming blog post: my favourite video game character….Link!!!  Link original pattern by Becchin, translated by Tanoshimou.  Hylian shield, sword and sheath pattern by me :)  Full blog post with plenty of pics to come!

Sneak peek of upcoming blog post: my favourite video game character….Link!!!  Link original pattern by Becchin, translated by Tanoshimou.  Hylian shield, sword and sheath pattern by me :)  Full blog post with plenty of pics to come!

It seems the time has come for the boy without his fairy to begin his journey.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
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