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Crochet Corner: Cup Cozy

In this week’s edition of “Crochet Corner”, we will be looking at the cup cozy.  When I first made these cup cozies, I had no idea how popular they would become.  My cup cozy tutorial is now the most popular tutorial/pattern on my blog :)  I was thrilled to see them all over Pinterest and to hear everybody’s glowing comments.  I had fun making the tutorial taking step-by-step photos and adding in arrows and instructions.  I think their popularity is due to their simple, modern design that beginners can whip up in no time!

Alex of All Things Alex had just learned how to crochet a few weeks prior to making her own cup cozy.  She posted about it here.  I absolutely love the fuscia colour she used :)

Cody of Simply Homemade used my tutorial to make this cup cozy for her daughter’s teacher, who is a tea drinker.  Read her blog post about it here.  Cody said that she was thinking of sticking some special teas into the cup when she gave the gift.  What a wonderful idea!  The variegated colour gives this cozy a lot of texture!

Lillie sent me a picture of her Christmas cozies that she made in less than 30 minutes!  She said she had a lot of fun making them and that she’ll soon be making more :)  Love the very Christmas-y colours of these cozies!

Jessica of Designs from Scratch made these black and white cozies for her stunning stainless steel mugs.  She documented the whole process with photos here.   

Jessica even took it an extra step by adding a bottom to her cozy!  Her mugs look super snug now :)  Jessica says that she is still getting compliments about them!

I think these cup cozies would make great Christmas gifts for the tea and coffee lovers in your life (perfect for Christmas gifts for teachers too, as in Cody’s case).  Fill them up with chocolate, candy and packets of tea and coffee.  Use their favourite colours and find unique and fun buttons that pop- who can resist such a lovely gift?  Find out how to make them here!  And keep sending me photos of your work for more upcoming “Crochet Corner" posts :)

My new teapot and teacups from my family :)  They know how much I love tea!  They’re from the Nordic collection of David’s Tea, described as retro-modern and Scandinavian-inspired.  Don’t you just love the design and shape of the teapot and the hints of lime green?  Can’t wait to try out my “Sweet Indulgence" teas too!

Cup Cozy Tutorial

After making these amigurumi cups, I thought I’d try my hand at making some actual cup cozies since I love drinking tea.  These cup cozies will protect your fingers when your cups get too hot from your warm drinks :)  Follow along with my tutorial to make your very own!


Make a series of chain stitches and measure it around the cup you’d like to use.  Make the chain a bit longer than the circumference of the cup. 

Single crochet along each row until you’ve reached your desired height.

Wrap the crocheted piece around the cup (to visualize where you’ll be crocheting).  Make sure that the top edge of the piece has the “v’s” showing outwards (flip if necessary).  Single crochet down the left side.


Next, make a series of chain stitches to run across the bottom of the cup.  Make sure the cup cozy fits nice and snug, so do not chain too many stitches.  Slip stitch to the right side. 

Single crochet back across from the right side to the left side (1), and then slip stitch to the left side.  Then single crochet from the left side to the rght side (2) and then slip stitch to the right side.

Next, single crochet up the right side.


Now, single crochet down the right side (1), across from the right to the left side (2), and then up the left side (3) to give a decorative touch to all the edges.  Of course, you can adapt how you crochet around the handle any way you’d like (depending on which side you started on).  

Sew a button onto one of the sides.

Make a loop by chaining stitches on the other side.  Measure it to make sure it comfortably and snugly loops around the button.

This is the finished product!

My mom loves drinking coffee and tea, so I wanted to make a cup cozy for her too.  I made a few changes to this one since it was my second time around.  I made the cup cozy lower so that there would be more space for the lips to drink from the cup.  I also chose a cup that was two-toned (light grey on the outside, green on the inside) for colour variation, and I also used a deeper pink thread when sewing on the button for a nice pop of colour.

It was somewhat tricky crocheting a cup cozy for this cup since it tapered downwards and was not the same size throughout the height.

And so, I had to crochet this shape.  I started off with the widest length and then decreased some of the rows throughout to accomodate for the tapered shape of the cup.  To make life easier, I’d recommend choosing a cup that is the same width throughout.

This is how the cup cozy turned out!  I followed a similar pattern to join the edges, this time adding a few more rows of single crochets along the sides and the bottom.  I also placed the button further inwards and downwards to help hold the cup cozy up (otherwise the cozy would slip down).

I love the look of the crocheted cup cozies!  They look both rustic and kind of modern at the same time.

And here’s what it looks like in action!  Now you can look cute and chic drinking your coffee and tea :)


Try making these cup cozies with different colours and buttons!  I think it’d be cute to add felt shapes, faces (a smiley cup!), crocheted hearts and flowers to these cup cozies too :)  These cup cozies would also make great gifts!  Comment and let me know how it goes if you try making these!  To see how other people’s cup cozies turned out, check out my “Crochet Corner" post about them here :)

Crocheted cup cozies for tea and coffee drinkers :)  Tutorial to come soon!

Crocheted cup cozies for tea and coffee drinkers :)  Tutorial to come soon!

Coffee Cups

I’m not actually a coffee drinker but the pattern to make a little cafe con leche cup on Ana Paula’s blog was too hard to pass up.  This pattern can also be found in her first book.  I loved the rosy pink cheeks and cute little smile!

Coffee cup

I used green worsted weight cotton yarn (4 ply), and since the stitches were so big, we were actually able to stick two beads between the stitches (rather than crocheting them into a row and crocheting around them).  Ryan used a glue gun to secure the beads in place.  I also modified Ana Paula’s handle to the following pattern:


Chain 2

Round 1: Work 4 sc in 2nd chain from hook

Round 2-10 (or to desired length): Sc in each sc (4 sts in each row)

Fasten off

And here’s the finished product:

Coffee cup

I also couldn’t resist taking some photos of the little cup with some of my favourite home-made treats: Rice Krispy Squares!

Coffee cup

I also found this photo of a coffee mug on Puchi.tomato’s flickr page.  I loved the sleepy expression of the mug!  There was no pattern, but I thought I’d try and make it by myself!

Here are pics of the assembly:

Coffee cup

If anyone is interested in the pattern, let me know and I will try and write out what I did.  One important part is to sew the handle onto the cup so that it curves like half a heart.

And the finished product!

Coffee cup

I haven’t made the cute little marshmallow yet, but I can always still add it on :)

Again, I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the mug with more treats: cinnamon buns this time (alas, not home-made though). 

Coffee cup

Aren’t they cute together?

Coffee cups Coffee cups

I have plans to make a cup cozy using this pattern in the future, so stay tuned for that!

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