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Asian Lettuce Wraps Stir Fried Sticky Rice Cakes (Leen Gao)

Over the weekend, we went to an International Potluck at our church.  We made some of our favourite Chinese dishes, and I thought I would share them with you!  Both dishes are very simple to make, and we’ve made them countless times for dinner :)

At the top we have “Asian Lettuce Wraps”: the flavourful meat is sweetened by hoisin sauce and wrapped within lettuce leaves like a burrito.  They’re a fun party food with a delicious crunch!

At the bottom we have a Shanghainese dish called “Stir Fried Sticky Rice Cakes (Leen Gao)" by Steamy Kitchen.  Growing up, I always loved eating the sweet chewy “leen gao” for Chinese New Year.  I was delighted to find this recipe for “leen gao” in a savoury dish and it is also surprisingly easy to make.  I buy my sticky rice cakes (or “leen gao”) frozen from T&T, my local Asian supermarket, and soak them, as well as the dried Chinese mushrooms, overnight.  Stir fries are quick and easy, and this one has a nice variety of textures from the chewy rice cakes to the crunchy cabbage and bamboo shoots.

Both dishes were a hit as we took home empty platters at the end of the night!  It’s always fun trying out new dishes at potlucks and being introduced to different foods :)  Remember to keep these recipes in mind the next time you want to try something new for dinner or for an upcoming potluck!

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