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Crochet Corner: Cell Phone Cozy

A year ago I did a series of blog posts showing some simple ways to crochet cell phone cozies.  Cozies made using Tutorial #1 had crocheted edges while Tutorial #2 showed the “sock method”.  Tutorial #3 involved the use of fabric lining- the pink cozy with wooden button (the one I actually made for myself) was made using this method.  Back then I made it to fit my future iPhone which I did not get until several months later.  I love having a handmade cozy to protect my iPhone in my purse.  It’s fun popping it in and out too :)

Let’s take a look at some cell phone cozies that people have made for their own cell phones!

Audrey of Audrey’s Corner from Germany made three cell phone cozies using my tutorials!  She used the crocheted edges method and made some for her friends as well.  I love how she used a different yarn colour for crocheting the edges.  It gives the cell phone cozies a nice two-toned colour variation!

Audrey added a dainty flower to the bottom of this delicate cozy…

And she added a cute cherry button in the corner of this cozy which she made for herself!

Kai Yee of Alberta, Canada learned to crochet recently and has become a big supporter of my blog :)  She started by making cell phone cozies and has now learned how to read amigurumi patterns and make some beautiful amigurumi!  I love this bright green she used and how she added a cute giraffe and elephant on the bottom.  She used the sock method described in Tutorial #2.  It’s wonderful how so many young people are taking up this awesome hobby :)

Tiffany made a front flap and crocheted button for her cozy using the sock method!  The stitches in Tiffany’s cell phone cozy have a different look because she crocheted in the front loops only.  You can see the lines on the flap since the back loops are not crocheted in.  There are many variations you can do with these cell phone cozies!

Rahmeh of Exceptionally Ordinary of Jordan also made a cell phone cozy with a front flap and crocheted button using the sock method.  It’s nice having that extra protection of the front flap so you really know your cell phone won’t accidentaly pop out!

Kristi is a friend of mine who was interested in learning how to crochet.  I sent her some youtube videos and had her over a couple of times to give advice or answer any questions she had.  Kristi totally blew me away as she picked up crocheting so quickly and really took off with it.  She’s made some awesome creations, from adorable hats and baby bear suits to amigurumi food.  I absolutely love the cell phone cozy she made below.  The fuscia pink and lime green work so nicely together, and the added wristlet is a great way to carry this cozy around.  The little green heart is so adorable.  Learn how to crochet a heart here.

Kristi made these two as well: she used a technique called the “reverse single crochet" or "crab stitch" to do the unique top edging on the cell phone cozy on the left.  It gives a kind of roped effect.  See Planet June’s tutorial on how to do it here.

Brittany of Georgia, USA was a newcomer to crochet and she tweeted me this photo of her first cell phone cozy!  I think her cozy looks so mod with the colours and pink button in the corner. Brittany followed my third tutorial and used a beautiful pink lining to contrast the bright green.  Wonderful job, Brittany!

Babby tweeted me a photo of the cell phone cozy she made for her mom’s birthday!  She also used the fabric lining method and said her mom loved it!

Višnja of Serbia used a flower lining for her cell phone cozy and an animal-print button to pop against the pinkness!  You can get so creative choosing different colours, fun buttons and unique fabric- it’s neat seeing it all come together!

Amanda of Wisconsin was new to amigurumi and crochet when she stumbled upon my blog.  She sent me many photos of her work as she has grown to love her new hobby.  I included her “Sweetheart Bunny" in my last Crochet Corner post.  Here, you can see her yellow cell phone cozy.  Sometimes it’s hard to add charms to phone nowadays, but you can add charms to your cozies as Amanda has done!

Frau Shizzle tried crocheting again for the first time since elementary school to make these cozies.  She made one using fabric lining and one using the sock method- she says she likes the sock method most.  I love her colour choices as the taupe yarn, greenish button and beautiful lining work so well together in her first cozy.  The striped earth tones of her sock cozy look wonderful together as well!  I love them both :)

Lastly, here’s a great way to “amigurumi-fy” your cell phone cozy!  Studio Ami took inspiration from my tutorials and made this ADORABLE cell phone cozy based on the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service.  The front flap serves as the face with the large round eyes and cute nose.  She also added triangles on the top of the flap for the ears.  How creative!

If you’re new to crochet, these cell phone cozies are a great beginner project since you do not need to know how to read patterns.  They are very practical and functional, and they also make great gifts for friends!  These would also make great last-minute Mother’s Day gifts too :)  Check out all three of my tutorials here to see the different methods and to learn how to make one for yourself!  Keep sending me photos of your work through my facebook page, twitter or e-mail!  Thanks, everyone :)

Check out this Pokémon cell phone cozy I made for my brother!  He is a big Pokémon fan and he just got the iPhone 4S :)  I got one too, and we’ve been having a lot of fun asking Siri questions ;)  We made a sleek, simple cozy showcasing the Pokéball design using my second cell phone cozy tutorial here (aka the ”sock method”).  The pokéball looks kind of 3-D, as if it’s popping out!  I used to love watching the anime and playing Pokémon, so this was a quick and fun project!

Check out this Pokémon cell phone cozy I made for my brother!  He is a big Pokémon fan and he just got the iPhone 4S :)  I got one too, and we’ve been having a lot of fun asking Siri questions ;)  We made a sleek, simple cozy showcasing the Pokéball design using my second cell phone cozy tutorial here (aka the ”sock method”).  The pokéball looks kind of 3-D, as if it’s popping out!  I used to love watching the anime and playing Pokémon, so this was a quick and fun project!

Here’s a quick recap of all the cell phone cozy tutorials I blogged about:
Tutorial #1 with the crocheted edges
Tutorial #2 using the “sock” method
Tutorial #3 with the fabric lining
Which one is your favourite?

Here’s a quick recap of all the cell phone cozy tutorials I blogged about:

  1. Tutorial #1 with the crocheted edges
  2. Tutorial #2 using the “sock” method
  3. Tutorial #3 with the fabric lining

Which one is your favourite?

Cell Phone Cozy Tutorial #3

This is the third and final tutorial of my cell phone cozy series (check out the first two here and here).  This one takes the most time and effort, but the results are beautiful.  This is the cozy I made for myself, hence the pink- my favourite colour!

I started off by crocheting a long piece.  Make sure the width of the piece is the same width as your phone (you do not have to take into account the thickness of the device as in the other tutorials). 


Wrap the piece around your phone to make sure it fits. 

This cozy will have a front flap, so wrap the piece over itself. 

We will be making a button hole in this front flap, so make rows of single crochets that run only halfway across one side.  Bind off the end when finished.

Now even it out by making rows of single crochets on the other side.

Single crochet all the way across to close up the hole.  For a more in-depth look on how to create a hole in the front flap for a button, see Tutorial #2 (has step-by-step pictures with arrows).   

This is the new part: we will be using fabric for the lining of the cozy!  You may remember this fabric from the Spring Bunnies (lining of their ears).  I had material left over, so I was happy to use it in another project.  Wrap the fabric around your cell phone and sew a straight seam down the middle.

Wrap the crocheted piece around the fabric lining.

Sew the crocheted piece around the fabric lining.  You can see the seam in this picture.

Sew on your favourite button with colourful thread for contrast.  In this case, I used a wooden button with hot pink thread.  These materials may look familiar because I used the same silk bamboo pink yarn, wooden button and hot pink thread when I made my mom’s cup cozy

Here is the finished cozy, all buttoned up with the cell phone inside!

The fabric lining really adds a nice touch with the decorative patterns only peeking out on the sides.

As you can see, I really like pink!

This cell phone cozy is a welcome addition to the other must-haves in my purse: my Kindle (I love whipping this out and reading whenever I have time to pass), keys, handcream, Sashiko kleenex holder and now my new handmade, chic-looking cozy!

And that concludes my series on cell phone cozies :)  Hope you found them useful and that you’ve been inspired to make one for yourself or for a loved one.  It’s great being able to use and carry something special you’ve made that can’t be bought in stores!

Cell Phone Cozy Tutorial #2

This is the second tutorial of my three-part cell phone cozy series (Check out Tutorial #1 here and Tutorial #3 here).  With this second method, we crochet a “sock” for our cell phones.  There are no seams and no joining of edges required.  This is actually my favourite way of crocheting cell phone cozies because I think it is the most simple and quick method.

To begin, you make a series of chain stitches that is about the width of your cell phone (or a little bit longer if your device is thick).  Once you are done, single crochet to the left side (1) starting from the second chain from the hook as shown below in the top loops (aka back loops). 

Once you have reached the left side, begin single crocheting in the bottom loops (aka front loops) of the beginning chain going towards the right side (2).  In essence, we will be crocheting around and around the beginning chain. 

From here on in, we will be crocheting in both loops (top and bottom or front and back loops).  We single crochet towards the left side at the top (3) and then towards the right side on the bottom (4).  This is similar to crocheting around a circle for amigurumi, except now we get a long, oval-like shape.

Once you keep crocheting around and around, the edges will start to curl up on itself since we are not increasing at all (the number of stitches in each row is the same).  Be sure that the right side of your piece is showing outwards (see my “Right Side of Amigurumi" post).

After many more rows…

The finished product with the cell phone inside!  The cozy really fits like a glove with the cell phone snugly tucked inside.

To make the cozy cuter, we added this little bunny (reminiscent of the Spring Bunnies!).  See my tutorial on how to add felt shapes to your cozy here.

The bunny adds a nice touch :)

Next, I will talk about some other ways you can decorate or add some closure to your cozies.  Here, I’ve crocheted a plain black cozy using the “sock” method.

I crocheted a 5-petal flower (click here to learn how to make them) and found a cute colourful button.

I sewed the button in the centre of the flower and sewed the flower onto the cozy for a pop of colour.

If you want your cell phone to be extra protected, you could use some form of closure at the top.  For example, you could put the flower/button near the top front of the cozy and make a series of chain stitches on the back of the cozy to loop around the flower/button.

I opted to use the flower as a decoration in the corner.

Another option is to make a full front flap with a button for even more secure protection.  Here, I’ve crocheted a pink cozy that is the length of my cell phone.

Next, I crochet across half of the sock (the back), chain 1 and then turn instead of continuing to crochet around in a loop. 

Once the flap is long enough, we will get ready to create a hole for where the button will go through.

To create a hole or gap in our flap, we will single crochet half-way across on the right side (1) and stop.  Do not continuously go across to the left side to complete the row. 

Next, we chain one and go back across to the right side (2).  Then we chain one again and go back halfway towards the left (3).  Bind off here (or keep going a few more rows depending how big your button is).

Join yarn with slip stitch at the point indicated in the picture below.  We will now work on the left side.

Single crochet across the left side (4), chain one, crochet towards the right side (5), chain one, then crochet towards the left side once again (6).  Both the left and right sides should be even now.

Now, you can single crochet straight across the row (not stopping halfway), forming a hole in our flap.

Keep single crocheting rows until you’ve reached your desired length.

Next, it’s time to add our button.  There are so many cool buttons out there, but I thought it’d be cute to add a crocheted button.  To do this, I started off with a magic circle and crocheted around a small button (increasing then decreasing rows).

I then sewed the crocheted button onto my cozy.

And here it is with the button slipping through the hole we created very nicely :)  You could also use a piece like this to hold credit cards and ID.  Add a crocheted strap to the corner and you’ve got yourself a cute wristlet for days when you don’t feel like carrying a big purse! 

While on a long road trip, I made these striped cozies because I was trying to think of ways to use up my old yarn from when I was little.  There are so many different colour combinations to try!  If changing colours, be sure to make the change towards the edges of the cozy so that the switch in colour is not readily visible.

Here are all the cozies we talked about using the “sock” method.  Of course, you could add a button or do the same flap technique using Tutorial #1 (with the single crocheted edges) as well.  Be sure to also check out Tutorial #3 which is what I actually used for my own cell phone!

Cell Phone Cozy Tutorial #1

This week I will be blogging about three different ways you can crochet cell phone cozies.  There are variations within each of these three ways I’ve come up with, so hopefully there will be one way you’ll like and want to try making.  Cozies are functional since they protect your cell phones, and they can look super cute and stylish too!  And of course, you can use this tutorial to make cozies for any device you have, including iPods, iTouches, mp3 players, etc. 

The first way consists of crocheting either one or two pieces and single crocheting these pieces together along the edges.  Here, I’ve crocheted one long piece that will wrap around the iPhone 4.  I measured the width of the device and single crocheted row after row until I got an appropriate length.  If your device is thick (has more depth), start with the width a little bit longer than the device itself to account for this (otherwise it may be too tight).  Be sure to measure your crocheted piece around your cell phone as you crochet to make sure it’s not too snug or too big.

Fold the piece in half and single crochet the edges together down the left side as shown below.  Bind off and hide the ends once you’ve reached the bottom of the left side.

Attach the yarn at the bottom ride side and single crochet upwards.  Bind off and hide the ends once you’ve reached the upper right side.

You should get this finished product with two single-crocheted edges!

Another variation is to crochet two separate pieces measuring the same size.  I wanted to vary the texture up a bit, so I alternated rows of back post and front post double crochets (click here to see how to do these stitches).

Place the two pieces ontop of one another and crochet down the left side (1), across the bottom (2) and up the right side (3).  With this way, you do not have to bind off and reattach the yarn as you continuously single crochet around the edges.  The bottom gets a single crocheted edge as well (as opposed to the pink cozy above).

Here are the two cozies we’ve crocheted so far.  They’re a bit plain, so if you’d like to jazz up your cozies, you can add felt pieces to make different designs.

We wanted to add a cute little ice cream cone to the pink cozy!  Working with felt can be difficult, particularly if you’re cutting very small, precise shapes.  And so, Ryan came up with this method to make this process easier.  He sketched out the shapes that we wanted on plain paper and then carefully cut them out. 

Next, we glued them onto small pieces of felt.

We then carefully cut out the pieces of felt.  Here are the sides with the paper showing.

And here are the sides with the felt showing.

The ice cream cone is ready for some embroidery floss :)

Ryan added some embroidery floss for the swirls in the ice cream and also added some eyes and a cute smile, just like our amigurumi!

We then used a glue gun to attach the ice cream cone to the cozy!  Of course, you can always just cut the pieces out of felt (without using paper) and sew the pieces onto the cozies as well. 

The ice cream cone suddenly brightens up the cozy and adds a cute touch!

We made a cherry for the tan cozy!  Thinking up different shapes and using your favourite foods is pretty fun :) 

Adding a cute face makes everything super kawaii!

And here you have it!  The first way to crochet cell phone cozies by single crocheting along the edges.  I love making cozies since they’re pretty quick to crochet and you don’t have to keep the count (unlike amigurumi!).  Check out Tutorial #2 and Tutorial #3 to see some other designs and ways to make cell phone cozies!

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