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Chocolate Banana Bread

I love discovering new blogs whether they’re crochet, fashion, craft, baking or food-related.  As soon as I found Alice’s “Savory Sweet Life”, I scoured her site and found so many delicious recipes I wanted to try.  I love Alice’s writing style and beautiful, crisp photos.  Alice is a busy mom of three who started her blog as a creative outlet and an expression of all that she loves: food, photography, and sharing with others.  It’s always interesting hearing how people start their blogs and share their passions and interests with the world!

One of her recipes that immediately jumped out at me was her “Chocolate Banana Bread with Sour Cream and Chocolate Chips" recipe listed under her “Best Recipes of 2009”.  I thought it sounded like a good twist on the traditional banana bread (which we frequently bake), and I already had most of the ingredients at home.  I just had to go out and buy some bananas and sour cream!  I love using sour cream in cakes since it makes them extra moist.  Find the recipe here.

The batter is all ready to go into the oven!

And here’s the cake one hour later!  Mmm…you could smell the chocolatey-ness :)

And now to cut a slice of the moist, rich chocolate banana bread…

Instead of baking your traditional chocolate cake or banana bread, why not combine the two and give this “Chocolate Banana Bread" a try.  It’ll certainly satisfy any chocolate cravings you may have!  I can’t wait to try Alice’s other recipes…everything looks so delicious :)

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