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Crochet Corner: Minion 2

With the sequel "Despicable Me 2" coming out in exactly a week, I knew I HAD to do another "Crochet Corner" post to feature the absolutely amazing minions that people have made using my free pattern!  After completing this ambitious and detailed project and writing up the pattern two years ago, I wondered how many people would actually take the time to make their own Minions.  I was blown away by how many people have put in hours upon hours to follow my pattern, and out of all the amigurumi pictures that people have sent me, I must say that I have been the most impressed with the incredible Minions that people have made!  As a refresher, this is how my Minion turned out (I wish we could take some new photos of him, but sadly he is on a different continent!):


Michelle from New Zealand made this cutie named “Sebastian” by adjusting my pattern to make him smaller!  I love how Michelle gave him a lopsided grin with eyes gazing upwards too :)  As you can see from her pics, the overalls and goggles are removable!  Great work, Michelle!


Jose only started crocheting in December 2012, but she says that she has fallen in love with her new hobby!  She has made my Spring Bunny, my Sweetheart Bunny, and of course, her own Minion!  Jose says that she had a lot of fun making all these amigurumi, and it is so impressive that she made this little guy with only a couple months of crocheting under her belt at the time!  Great work, Jose :)


Gizem of Gizu’s Doll World from Turkey made this lovely Minion, and she says that they’re having lots of fun together!  He looks adorable holding a beautiful crocheted heart!  Love his sweet smile, Gizem!


Pauline from Malaysia posed her beautiful minion with this big fluffy teddy bear!  She writes that she especially likes how his parts can be removed!  He looks like he could be an identical twin to the Minion that we made!!!


Yi Ting from Taiwan took two weeks to make her own Minion, but she says that it was so worth it when she was all done!  He looks wonderful, Yi Ting! 


Priscilla from the Netherlands made the smallest Minion that I’ve seen using my pattern!  He looks so cute and dainty when being held!  She says that she will be working on a one-eyed Minion as well- can’t wait to see him, Priscilla! 


Many people have already made one-eyed Minions, including Bogee of “Safety Eyes Manila" from the Philippines!  Bogee was also featured in my first Minion Crochet Corner post as this is her second Minion!  I always get excited when I receive e-mails from Bogee as she always makes such beautiful amigurumi using my patterns.  She made this shorter, one-eyed Minion for a friend’s birthday gift, and she says that she has a couple more Minions to make for friends before she can make one for herself to keep!  How generous and thoughtful of you, Bogee :)  She says that she finds crocheting very therapeutic and relaxing, and the look on people’s faces when they receive their gifts is absolutely priceless!


Denise from the United Kingdom also made a one-eyed Minion, and she says that her kids are incredibly excited to see the sequel too :)  Perhaps this guy will also tag along with your family to the theatre, Denise?


This next bunch of photos show both one-eyed AND two-eyed Minions!  Crocheting one Minion already takes a LONG time, but this didn’t deter these Minion-lovers from making two of them!  Rachel from Australia wrote about this amazing pair on her blog HERE.  She first made the two-eyed Minion for herself, and her little cousin loved her Minion so much that she requested her very own!  Rachel adapted my pattern to make this shorter, one-eyed counterpart in time for Christmas, and her little cousin named him “Bobby”!  They both look so well-made, Rachel :)


Jennifer made these Minions for her sister as “Despicable Me” is her favourite movie!  Her sister desperately wanted her own crew- she writes that she is “now contracted for enough Minions for her to try her own trip to the moon”!  It’s amazing that these are actually Jennifer’s first major amigurumi pieces, and she says that she found my pattern easy and fun to follow.  That is wonderful to hear, Jennifer!  You are such a great sister!


Jing Jing from the Philippines made this pair with demure smiles too :)


Zeynep sent me these lovely photos after seeing my first Minion Crochet Corner post last year!  She made her first Minion as a Father’s Day present for her husband last year.  Then, her son requested a one-eyed Minion since he loves Minions so much!  I love how Zeynep posed the two of them hugging each other, high fiving each other and standing ontop of each other!  I can imagine all sorts of trouble that this pair could get into ;)


This next picture comes with a sweet story!  Victoria stumbled upon my page when she came across my Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie blog post.  As she delved more into my blog, she found my Minion pattern and knew that she HAD to make it as she had just made a one-eyed Minion beanie for her 4 year old nephew.  Her nephew is obsessed with the movie and absolutely LOVED his matching Minion!  Victoria told me that she used fabric glue to attach the Minion’s jumper and goggles to his body otherwise there would be a bare-bottomed Minion running around ;)  I thought that was so funny…  Victoria also made minion cupcakes for her nephew’s birthday!  What a sweet auntie :)  There is so much cuteness going on in this photo!!!


As always, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to send me your photos and share your stories behind them!  If you would like to make your own Minion, please check out my free pattern HERE and the accompanying step-by-step post HERE.  You can also see more Minions that people have made in my first Minion Crochet Corner post from last year HERE!  We are incredibly excited to see the sequel as I’m sure all of you are too :) 

Crochet Corner: Snake

It’s been one month since we released our Chinese New Year Snake pattern, and it’s been wonderful seeing your versions!  Thank you for sending us pictures and for the warm feedback :)  We wanted to include all the ones we’ve seen so far, so this is the biggest Crochet Corner post yet with a whopping 16 Snakes!  Let’s take a look at some of the amigurumi Snakes who’ve been slithering around the globe!  


Jing from New York City was the first one to show me her Snake on Instagram less than 24 hours after I posted the pattern!  I was astounded by how quick she was- her little Snake looks great!  You can see her other crocheted creations on her blog here.


BeaLee’s Jewellery & Craft from the United Kingdom made this adorable Snake!  Love the long slithery tongue and the great shapes!


Amigurumi Wizard from the Netherlands made this little cutie!  I love how he is tilting his head looking up :)  I really admire Amigurumi Wizard’s work (he decorated his entire Christmas tree with amigurumi ornaments!) - you can check out his blog here and even purchase some of his super cute creations here.


Fishmamma from Taiwan made this little one!  She used yarn for the tongue and scales and felt for the eyes, making him more child-friendly :)  He’s wider than other snakes I’ve seen, but this makes him super cute!


Jennygurumi from Ohio made her own version of my Snake too!  Love the beautiful detailing she did :)  You can check out her other crocheted creations on her cute blog here!


Kawaii Cuteness chose a vibrant blue colour for her Snake!  She also crocheted the tongue too!


Monet from Wisconsin also used blue yarn for her Snake!  I love to see that people are thinking outside the box and using different colours than your traditional green!


Ania did a phenomenal job with her Snake!  I love the head positioning, the big eyes and the beautiful detailing.  She said she had a lot of fun making him, and he turned out great!


Phaikki tagged me on Instagram to show me her latest creation named Ular-larr…I love it when people name their amigurumi ;)  She just started making amigurumi at the end of last year and since then has become addicted!  Your Ular-larr is super cute, Phaikki!  Glad you’re enjoying your new hobby so much!


Carmen of Crafty Queens from Holland made this delicate little brown Snake!  Looks like he’s indulging in some sweets with his long tongue!


Vy from Illinois made a Ms. Snake with a flower atop her head!  What a way to personalize your own Snake :)


Kim-Hoa from California made this little guy to help celebrate Chinese New Year too!  He looks so well-made as she did a great job with all the details, from the beautifully-stitched body, to the nose, the fangs and the tongue.  He’s soaking in the California sun near the window :)


Crystal from Toronto stumbled upon my blog through Pinterest a few months ago and has made several items from my patterns, including her own Snake!  And is that a crocheted basket I spy behind her Snake?  Crystal has definitely been a busy crocheter!


Rebecca was inspired to make her Snake Slytherin-style for her friend who was born in the Year of the Snake and is a big Harry Potter and Slytherin fan!  Rebecca used black felt for the tongue and grey felt for the belly.  It’s neat how everyone adapts my pattern to make it their own!


Peggy from New Jersey made this little guy as a Chinese New Year gift for her 5 year old daughter!  He looks great, and I’m sure her daughter loves him!


Rachel from Australia made her own Snake using Chinese New Year colours!  Rachel took her little Snake out for some Chinese New Year festivities and snapped some photos along the way- some tourists saw her and asked to take some photos with her little Snake too since they found him so adorable!  How cute is that?  My Graduation Teddy was Rachel’s first real amigurumi, and since then she’s made many more, including my Despicable Me Minion! You can check out her crochet projects on her blog here.


Hope you enjoyed seeing all these friendly little Snakes from around the world!  If you’ve been inspired to make your own after seeing all these little guys, you can access the free pattern HERE and see the story behind him HERE!  Thank you for sending me your pics, everyone!  Keep sending me pics of your work through e-mail (, Facebook, Twitter (@AllAboutAmi) and Instagram (@AllAboutAmi)!  You can also check out my other “Crochet Corner" posts HERE!

Crochet Corner: Scarecrow

About one year ago, I made this Scarecrow for CRAFT since they asked if I could design an amigurumi for Halloween.  I can’t believe another year has come and gone, and it’s already October with Halloween fast approaching!  You can read about how we made him and see many step-by-step pictures in this blog post here and get the free pattern HERE.  I thought I would show you some Scarecrows that have been made all around the world and remind you of this pattern in case you would like to make one this month too!

Rima from Syria was a beginner in crochet but that didn’t stop her from tackling amigurumi projects!  Rima excitedly sent me pictures of all her amigurumi creations, including the whole P.J. Teddy Family, a Spring Bunny, a Valentine Teddy and this Scarecrow :)  All of the details look fabulous, from the dainty little daisy to the cute little patch.  The flecks of gold in the green and brown yarn she used give this Scarecrow an interesting texture!

Almudena from Spain made her own Scarecrow and used different colours of yarn for his straw hair to add dimension!  It looks like he’s running towards someone to give them a great big hug :)  Almudena said that she really likes the hat and will use my pattern again to make it for another doll!

Nishant is a 15-year-old avid reader of my blog from India who loves to both knit and crochet amigurumi.  It’s exciting how crafting and crocheting is becoming more popular with younger people, and with males too!  I know the vast majority of my readers are female, so it’s nice to hear that guys are taking an interest in amigurumi and crocheting as well :)  Nishant’s scarecrow looks so friendly with his big eyes and sweet smile!  Great job with the hat too, Nishant!

Tiffany from Texas recently made her own Scarecrow, and he proudly sits ontop of her bookshelf!  She is thinking of names for her little buddy, and one possibility might be “Patch”- I love hearing about the creative names that people give to their amigurumi to really make them their own!  Glad you could make him in time for Halloween, Tiffany :)

Amy of “Creatively Inclined" from the United Kingdom named her Scarecrow "Tim"!  Looks like Tim is getting into some trouble while attempting to crochet himself a friend ;)  Love the creative posing, Amy!

Thank you for showing me pictures of your work, everyone :)  It still boggles my mind that people are reading my blog and following patterns that I’ve written from places as far away as Syria, Spain, India and the United Kingdom!  Everybody’s Scarecrows are very unique and cute, and it’s neat to see how people can interpret the same pattern very differently!  I love seeing your work, so please keep sending me pictures through e-mail (, twitter or facebook!  If you would like to make your own not-so-scary Scarecrow this fall, check out the step-by-step blog post HERE and the free pattern HERE

Crochet Corner: Minion

I first blogged about the amigurumi Despicable Me Minion we made back in October.  He certainly was a labour of love as we spent countless hours working on all his details (he’s still the largest amigurumi we’ve made to date) and writing up his complex crochet pattern.  After publishing the step-by-step and pattern posts, I wondered whether anyone would try making him.  I really hoped so since we had poured so much time and effort into this Minion!  As the months went on, people started sending me photos of their own Minions, and I was absolutely amazed to see how wonderfully they all turned out!  It made me feel good knowing that people could read and interpret my pattern so well since each and every Minion looked fabulous.  Come see all the different Minions that have been created around the world :)

Catherine did an absolutely beautiful job crafting her own Minion.  I love how my Minion was posed with an apple, and Catherine crocheted a delicious banana for her Minion to hold!  Love the props and your fine attention to detail, Catherine :)

Laura made this Minion for her son, who absolutely loves him!  What a sweet present :)  I imagine Laura’s son and this Minion will go on many fun adventures together…

Tiffany's Minion is holding a massive chocolate bar!  I think he was sent on a secret mission by Gru to bring back enough chocolate for the girls :)  He looks so cute just standing in the middle of the room, chilling with his chocolate bar!

Phyllis’ Minion was her first real amigurumi project!  I love how she adapted my pattern to make a shorter Minion, also giving him huge googly eyes and a lopsided grin!  He looks a little mischievous to me ;)

YarnAccumulator made this Minion for someone special on Valentine’s Day!  She gave him a tuft of hair in the middle instead of individual hairs spread throughout the top of his head.  I love seeing how people put their own touches on their amigurumi!

Donesia made this Minion for her husband, and she loves how his goggles and pants are removable!  He looks very well-made, and I love how his hair flops down instead of sticking straight up.  His expression is so cute as he looks super excited or amazed about something!

Tracy from the United Kingdom made this special Bob the Minion for her son as well!  Looks like he’s guarding that cup of tea for her at the moment:)

GreenGrapes said it took her forever to finish this Minion, but all her time and effort were worth it!  She did a wonderful job, and I’m so happy she persevered through this project to complete him :)

Camille also said it took her forever to make her Minion, but she managed to complete hers as well!  Here he is enjoying some sunshine on a bench- great work, Camille!

Maria from California made a Minion for her brother, and she commented that my pattern was the best she’s ever followed.  Thank you for your kind words and feedback, Maria!  I love how she gave this Minion a graduation cap and diploma too (in the style of Graduation Teddy)!  I’m sure her brother loved this special gift!

Bogee from the Philippines made this fabulously expressive Minion.  I really love his lopsided grin and how he’s looking off to the side (the addition of the small white circles in the corner looks great!).  I also really like the colours that Bogee used- the light blue contrasts nicely against the yellow, grey and black as well.  Absolutely wonderful job, Bogee!

If you haven’t already seen the making of my Minion, please check out the step-by-step blog post HERE and the free pattern HERE.  Thank you so much for sending me photos of all your Minions, everyone….they are slowly taking over the world!  Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios were also kind enough to send me some special one-sheets (posters) after seeing my amigurumi- you can read about it HERE.  

I originally wanted to do this “Crochet Corner" post because I thought the sequel was being released today (July 3).  However, upon further investigation and realizing there was no promotion happening for the movie, I realized that it was being released on July 3, 2013.  Haha, I guess that means we have to wait another year before we can see the sequel!  That also means there’s still one whole year to work on your own Minion in time for “Despicable Me 2" ;)

Crochet Corner: Sweetheart Bunny

In this week’s edition of “Crochet Corner”, we will be featuring Sweetheart Bunny.  We made this little bunny for my sister’s silent auction and as this year’s Valentine’s Day amigurumi!  We gave her a pretty pink jumper adorned with a red heart and a sweet little bow as an accent.  Let’s see how everyone else’s Sweetheart Bunnies turned out :) 

Novy was on a long hiatus from crocheting (more than three years), but she took up her hobby again when she saw the pattern for this bunny!  I’m so happy that Novy has rejoined us in the world of crochet!  Her bunny looks very well-made, and I absolutely love the colours she used.  The yellow heart and bow pop so well against the pink and whiteness!  It makes me so happy that this pattern inspired Novy to pick up her crochet hook again.  I hope I’ll be seeing more of your amigurumi work in the future, Novy :)

Susi of Siouxsiexs’s Weblog from Peru made her own polkadot Sweetheart Bunny!  I love how she used the same fabric for the lining of the ears and for her bow (as well as the backdrop for her photo!).  Susi said that she found my pattern very easy-to-follow and that she loves my patterns :)  Thanks so much, Susi!

Stephanie named her Sweetheart Bunny “Melanie” and followed my pattern very closely.  There are so many beautiful fabrics out there, and it’s wonderful being able to use them in crocheted projects for a nice contrast.  The blue and white bow is an unexpected pop against the bunny!  Melanie looks very sweet indeed, almost like she’s blushing :)

Tina used a beautiful lightweight yarn (mercerized cotton I think) to make her bunny, and you can see how dainty and small she turned out when you compare her to a pair of scissors!  Instead of using fabric or yarn, Tina used ribbon for her bow.  Tina wrote that she just needed to pick up some red yarn to make her little heart and finish her up!

Katka of Katkas Creations made this Sweetheart Bunny for her mom for Valentine’s Day.  Then, Katka went on to make THREE more Sweetheart Bunnies: one for her son’s friend, and two for her boys.  Katka has made way more Sweetheart Bunnies than I have!  I’m so happy that you like the pattern so much, Katka…and I’m glad it’s been a hit with your loved ones :)

Catherine used a bright fuscia colour for her Sweetheart Bunny’s jumper and cheeks.  Did you notice the adorable pink shoes that Catherine’s bunny is also wearing?

Catherine included another great addition too: a pom-pom tail!  How cute is that little fluffy tail?  What a great idea!  I’m sure she sits much better now with this tail too!  I love the modifications you made, Catherine!

Amanda of Wisconsin was new to amigurumi and crochet when she stumbled upon my blog.  She fell in love with some of my patterns, and within a week she made the Spring Bunnies, Snuggles, a Knotted Headband, a phone cozy, an Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie and….a Sweetheart Bunny.  Isn’t that amazing?  Amanda said she is really enjoying her new hobby and that my site has really helped with learning new techniques and tips.  I’m so happy to hear this, Amanda, and I think it’s so inspiring how you’ve really taken off with amigurumi and crocheting! 

Candy from Singapore made a little satchel bag for her bunny!  I think it’s so cute when amigurumi have accessories :)  What a fancy border and cute background for this little bunny’s photo too!  What a model ;)

Do you all remember how my Sweetheart Bunny was based on this image on my pencil case?  I thought this bear and bunny were such a cute pair with their adorable facial expressions and cute little hearts.

Well, Višnja posted this photo on my facebook page a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, and Ryan and I were absolutely blown away!  Višnja modified my pattern to make Sweetheart Bunny’s Bear friend!  Isn’t he absolutely adorable?  I love his little blue shirt and rosy cheeks.  The stitching of the nose is so well done, and using buttons for the eyes gives these two an adorable doll-like look.  We were so impressed as it really shows how people can do such amazing things by putting their own creative touches on patterns! 

You too can make your very own Sweetheart Bunny by following my free pattern here and checking out the step-by-step photos here.  Keep sending me your photos through my facebook page, twitter or e-mail (  Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to send me their kind words and encouragement and for showing me all your lovely amigurumi!

Crochet Corner: Spring Bunnies

Since this past Tuesday was the first official day of Spring, I thought I would do a Crochet Corner post on my Spring Bunnies!  I’m hoping the weather will be Spring-like, but we’re known to have unexpected blasts of winter where I live *fingers crossed*.  It was also exactly one year ago when my first pattern for CRAFT got published on their website.  I was beyond thrilled when former editor-in-chief Natalie Zee Drieu commissioned me to design a Spring project even though I had only been blogging for two months.  After it went live, Natalie told me that the Spring Bunnies pattern was extremely popular, and I’ve seen more final pictures of the Spring Bunnies than any of my other amigurumi designs!  So, without further ado, let’s check out some Spring Bunnies that have been popping up all over the world!

First up, we have Grace of Craft by Grace from Indonesia.  It’s neat because Grace used my “Amigurumi for Beginners" post and the Spring Bunnies project to teach some people to learn how to crochet!  She started from the very beginning, teaching the basic stitches and how to read a crochet pattern.  Below is Grace’s first Spring Bunny. 

Grace taught Erni how to crochet, and here is her first ever amigurumi project!  They took this picture during their last class together.  Great job, Grace and Erni!  You make a wonderful teacher-student combo!

Oraflana made this beautiful pink Spring Bunny.  I love how everyone chooses their favourite fabric for the lining of the ears, so each Spring Bunny looks very unique.  What a lovely bunny!

Christine of Oh So Pathos from Montreal, Canada made this bunny for her mom.  Her mom was going through a rough period at work and wanted something ”comfy and warm-hearted” to remind her that her job wasn’t everything and that there was more to life.  Christine made her mom this bunny so that she could take a moment to breathe and relax whenever she saw it.  I’m sure Christine’s mom loves her handmade bunny and is always reminded how much her daughter loves her too!  I love the funky fabric that Christine used and how black, white and pink contrast so nicely together. 


Hilary of Buzz & Lola from Ireland made her own Spring Bunny and plans to make him a smaller friend once she masters using a smaller crochet hook!  People are always surprised to hear what a tiny crochet hook I actually use, but that’s how I get those tight, small stitches :)  I love the colours that Hilary used with the grey felt and pink nose on his cream body.  He looks very snuggly and cute!

Bogee made her own Spring Bunny with both a flower and a carrot- lucky bunny!  Bogee found it difficult to sew the felt on the feet and ears, so she actually sewed the stitches on the felt pieces first and then used fabric glue to stick the felt pieces onto the crocheted pieces.  What a great trick!  This bunny looks very well-made, and the stitching looks so even :)  Great work, Bogee!

Kitty of Belgium used my Spring Bunnies pattern for her very first amigurumi project.  She made a pair of bunnies and used yarn for the eyes.  Kitty says that working on these bunnies made her fall in love with crochet all over again.  I’m so happy to hear that your love for crochet has been reignited, Kitty :)

Candy from Singapore crocheted some bunnies and donated them to the Rabbit Society who is helping abandoned bunnies.  I think it’s very sweet how these plush bunnies are helping their live counterparts in Singapore :)  Candy did a wonderful job with her pink bunny with ears sticking straight up!  So adorable! 

And here is Candy’s floppy-eared bunny.  Love the dainty floral fabric she used for the lining of the ears.  What a sweetie!

Victoria of YarnRoundHook from the UK made these two Spring Bunnies, Flower and Petal, for her two children.  Victoria writes that they are so well-loved that some stuffing is even escaping!  She also points out that Flower turned out bigger than Petal- it’s interesting even how a little difference in the weight of the yarn can make a difference in the overall size of the amigurumi.  They both look very well-made and very cute, Victoria!  I’m so happy to hear that Flower and Petal are getting so much love from your children!

As always, I have many more pictures of Spring Bunnies to show you, but I’ll save them for a future post.  Be sure to check out my Spring Bunnies step-by-step blog post here and download the free pattern on the CRAFT website here.  Keep sending me your pictures on facebook, twitter and e-mail!  I hope your Spring has been off to a great start and that you’ve enjoyed reading about all these amigurumi bunnies who’ve been brightening up people’s days all around the world :)

Crochet Corner: Dragon

It still amazes me how popular our amigurumi Dragon is, and I can’t believe I was thisclose to not making him.  I’m so thankful that Ryan urged and encouraged me to give him a try to celebrate the Chinese New Year!  Many moms and moms-to-be have e-mailed me, expressing their excitement of making this crochet dragon for their own dragon babies!  I thank all the people who have sent me pictures of their work through facebook, twitter, e-mail, Ravelry and on the blog, and I would love to share some photos of little Dragons who’ve cropped up all around the world in this Crochet Corner post!   

Ana, originally from Spain but now living in Switzerland, is a loyal reader and commenter of my blog.  She was one of the first people to send me pictures of her finished project, and I was sooo excited to see how other people’s Dragons were turning out.  I think Ana did an absolutely wonderful job with the detailing and I love the colour she used.  Her Dragon looks very well-made, and I love how she included his shadow in the pic below too!  Thank you so much for your continued support, Ana!  I really appreciate it!

Sarah posted her cute Dragon on my facebook page, and I love how happy and sweet he looks!  She used tan felt for the belly and for the wings on his head, and she included the rosy pink cheeks as well.  Adorable!

Kendra from North Carolina made her own little Dragon, and I love how he is really leaning back as though he’s about to blow out a huge puff of fire!  So sweet :)

Katka of Katkas Creations from the United Kingdom is another loyal reader who absolutely loves amigurumi and the amigurumi community.  I’m honoured that my patterns were the first English written patterns that Katka followed, and I know she’s had fun also making my Spring Bunnies and Teddy Ornaments.  Katka opted to use yarn instead of felt and a glue gun for the belly and horns as she made this toy for her son!  You can also check out her facebook page here.  Thanks for your support and always kind words, Katka!

Mandy of Crystal Panda made this Dragon for some friends who are expecting their first baby!  Would you believe that this is Mandy’s first amigurumi?  She whipped this little guy up very quickly and says she is happy that amigurumi is very forgiving as it was hard to keep the count correct at times, but he definitely still turned out!  I love how Mandy added her own unique touch to the scaling on his body as well.  Mandy writes that it’s bittersweet having to give him away, but she might make one for herself in the future!

Lavinia attached a picture of her Dragon to the comments section of my Dragon pattern post.  His expression is so unique with his eyebrows and slight, wide smile.  Lavinia also crocheted her black horns instead of using felt.  What an expressive little Dragon! 

Migou writes that she found my pattern easy-to-follow with detailed information.  Happy to hear it!  Her dragon turned out adorably, and I think it’s pretty awesome that he’s holding a microphone.  He could be the next Karaoke Superstar or American Idol!

Amelia made two dragons: a green one and a red one, both complete with adorable little fangs!  The detailing looks great, and I love how she posed them with a crocheted red heart in between.  Amelia says she’ll be keeping the green one and donating the red one to a craft fair donation.  Great job using your skills to help others, Amelia!  She’ll also be making a blue dragon for her friend who absolutely loved these two when he saw them!

Puchitomato from Calgary, Alberta, Canada also made two dragons!  She used such bright, fun colours!  I love the green felt on the purple yarn, and the purple felt on the hot pink yarn.  I really love that hot pink…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hot pink dragon before!  These two look very well-made…what a cute pair!

And as a fun surprise, Puchitomato also added some wings to his back!  They look awesome :)  This will give him some extra help getting off the ground!

If you haven’t already seen my amigurumi Dragon, check out my step-by-step blog post here and the free pattern here.  It’s been such a pleasure seeing all your photos, everyone!  I still have MANY more photos of yours to include, but I’ll save them for another Crochet Corner post :)  Hope your Year of the Dragon has been going well!

Crochet Corner: Valentine Teddy 2

Hey everyone!  It’s been a long time since my last Crochet Corner post, but I thought it’d be another great opportunity to highlight YOUR work based on my patterns since Valentine’s Day was this week!  Valentine Teddy still remains very popular, and I absolutely love seeing photos of your teddies since everybody has a different take on him (see my first Crochet Corner post on Valentine Teddy here).  Here is my fuzzy cutie in case you haven’t seen him before:

I love how Ziale of Florence, Italy gave her teddy red pants to match his red bow!  Her Valentine Teddy looks very suave and ready to go out on the town, doesn’t he? What a great idea!  A matching girl teddy wearing a red dress and a red bow on her ear would be perfect!

Emilee of California gave this sweetie to her Mom for Valentine’s Day, and she tells me that her Mom absolutely loved it!  Who wouldn’t? Emilee even used the same yarn that I did, which is why they look so similar!   She didn’t have a dog slicker brush, so she fluffed up her little guy with a brush they use for their cats!  This is only Emilee’s second amigurumi project and fourth crochet project ever.  She did such a great job!  Beginners can do absolutely beautiful work :)  I would’ve guessed Emilee had years of experience by looking at her Valentine Teddy!

Shannen of Sweet N’ Cute Creations is another amigurumi artist who I’ve become friends with since since starting my blog (we’re both on tumblr!).  She is a sweet girl who is only 16 years old- she is definitely inspiring the younger generation!  Shannen provides many cute free patterns on her blog here, and is very prolific as she’s done many many amigurumi projects!  Here’s a big-eyed teddy that she made using my pattern :)   Keep up all your great work, Shannen!

Julie of One Little Red Fox made a grey Valentine Teddy with a snazzy gingham bow. What a great idea to use a different colour!  Julie says that she loves to crochet since she finds it easy and because it helps her with her insomnia.  Crochet certainly helps pass the time away…

Lastly, Malarie from California was looking for a gift for her boyfriend, so she decided to give my pattern a try even though she was new to amigurumi.  Malarie loves to crochet, but her carpal tunnel hinders her from crocheting all the time.  And so, she spread out her crocheting over time and was very happy with the results.   Her boyfriend absolutely loved him!  You did a wonderful job, Malarie, and I love the little buttons you added.  Thank you for sharing your story with us!  Keep on crocheting with all your love and patience!

If you’re interested in making your own Valentine Teddy, check out my free pattern here!  It’s neat to think that these Valentine Teddies are being made and loved all over the world :)   Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time to send me photos!  I still have more photos to share, so if you didn’t see your work yet, it’ll probably be featured in the coming weeks!   Happy crocheting :)

Crochet Corner: Teddy Ornaments

Ryan and I have absolutely loved getting all your wonderful feedback about our Christmas teddy ornaments through our facebook page, twitter, tumblr and blog.  I’ve never received so many comments or tumblr hearts for a post before, and I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to stop by and leave a kind message!  I know a lot of new people have been introduced to my blog through other sites and through Ravelry, so I would like to welcome you all here!  It’s wonderful seeing people explore all my previous projects and I really appreciate the support I’ve received for my blog overall :)

Within a day of my posting the pattern, people already started sending me photos of their own teddy ornaments!  We were absolutely blown away to see how popular they were!  It warms our hearts to know that these teddies are being made and hung on trees all around the world!  In this Crochet Corner post, we have a whopping twelve teddy ornaments to share with you :)

Catherine made her own rendition of the brown teddy complete with a festive red scarf and attached red bell!  He’s a perfect addition to her Christmas amigurumi set with her absolutely adorable snowman and penguin :)

Jill of Dapper Toad made a brown teddy for her tree as well!  See those cute little mini snowmen also hanging on her tree?  Jill provides a free crochet pattern for them here!  You can never have too much amigurumi for your tree, right? 

Grace also made a brown teddy for herself, and she might make some to give away as presents!  Cute brown and white loop to attach him to the tree! 

Emily made an adorable little matching hat for her brown teddy!  It’s cute how he’s posed with her cat :)  She says she’ll be making more for her co-workers as Christmas gifts!

Stephanie of the UK made her own panda ornament with a red scarf and has been requested to make another one for a friend’s tree!  These teddies are popping up everywhere :)


Camille said she saw my teddies and made her very own the same day!  Her panda has extra big eyes with her big eye roundies :)  I love how she positioned him next to an orange to show his relative size! 

Theaie of Micca Design from Germany also made a panda.  Doesn’t he look so sweet sitting in her mug?  Adorable!

Jourdan made both the brown teddy and the panda, and she tells me that the recipient of these teddies loves them both dearly!  Who wouldn’t?  Love their facial expressions with their cute smiles and big eyes.  I love how our teddies have similar scarf colours! 

Irina of the Ukraine made these teddies as presents for her friends.  Her teddies are so colourful with the variegated yarn and bright scarves!

Michelle's koala is very unique: instead of crocheting her koala, she knitted the body and then turned it inside out.  She then placed the knitted piece around an actual ornament ball instead of filling it will stuffing!  What an interesting idea! 

Nng House Adm of Malaysia posted this pic of a Snowman ornament she made using my pattern!  It’s neat how you can easily adapt my teddy ornament pattern to make many other ornaments :)  Love his carrot nose, wide smile, and red scarf!

And lastly, Bunny of Malaysia made this sweet brown teddy complete with a Santa hat!  Love his big eyes and how she positioned him atop her furry white carpet and in front of the Eiffel tower in this photo.  The Eiffel Tower is getting me excited for Paris!

Thank you for sending me all your photos and for posting them on Ravelry, everyone :)  I see that the brown teddy and panda are popular to make!  Are there any others out there who have tried to make the koala?

It still amazes me that something we’ve worked on in our home is spreading to homes all around the world, and that people are following the patterns I’ve written up!  We’re very thankful for all your support and encouragement and we can’t wait to share more projects with you all and see where this journey takes us.  Hopefully you’ve been inspired to make your own teddies after seeing all these cuties too!  I know some people have already made plans to make them for next Christmas!  Check out my step-by-step photos here and the free pattern here!  And keep sending us photos of your ornaments because we absolutely love seeing them :) 

Crochet Corner: Cup Cozy

In this week’s edition of “Crochet Corner”, we will be looking at the cup cozy.  When I first made these cup cozies, I had no idea how popular they would become.  My cup cozy tutorial is now the most popular tutorial/pattern on my blog :)  I was thrilled to see them all over Pinterest and to hear everybody’s glowing comments.  I had fun making the tutorial taking step-by-step photos and adding in arrows and instructions.  I think their popularity is due to their simple, modern design that beginners can whip up in no time!

Alex of All Things Alex had just learned how to crochet a few weeks prior to making her own cup cozy.  She posted about it here.  I absolutely love the fuscia colour she used :)

Cody of Simply Homemade used my tutorial to make this cup cozy for her daughter’s teacher, who is a tea drinker.  Read her blog post about it here.  Cody said that she was thinking of sticking some special teas into the cup when she gave the gift.  What a wonderful idea!  The variegated colour gives this cozy a lot of texture!

Lillie sent me a picture of her Christmas cozies that she made in less than 30 minutes!  She said she had a lot of fun making them and that she’ll soon be making more :)  Love the very Christmas-y colours of these cozies!

Jessica of Designs from Scratch made these black and white cozies for her stunning stainless steel mugs.  She documented the whole process with photos here.   

Jessica even took it an extra step by adding a bottom to her cozy!  Her mugs look super snug now :)  Jessica says that she is still getting compliments about them!

I think these cup cozies would make great Christmas gifts for the tea and coffee lovers in your life (perfect for Christmas gifts for teachers too, as in Cody’s case).  Fill them up with chocolate, candy and packets of tea and coffee.  Use their favourite colours and find unique and fun buttons that pop- who can resist such a lovely gift?  Find out how to make them here!  And keep sending me photos of your work for more upcoming “Crochet Corner" posts :)

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