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The Magic Circle

When I first started crocheting amigurumi and learning how to crochet in rounds to create a ball, I used the “Chain 2 method”.  In this method, you add a series of single crochets into the second chain from your crochet hook.  My amigurumi books used this method, and I never thought about any other techniques that might be better, although I had come across “The Magic Circle" while looking up patterns and how to begin amigurumi on-line.  I read that some people found it difficult, and so I never even bothered to try it out for myself since the Chain 2 method was so simple! 

However, as I was making Link, I decided to try out this “Magic Circle” because the Chain 2 method still leaves a small visible hole.  It isn’t a huge deal, but I did not want any stuffing to show and I wanted a cleaner finish.  I found the Magic Circle to be a very simple technique to start amigurumi, and it leaves no hole at all!  Now that I’ve learned this method, I will never go back to the Chain 2 method! 

Here is a tutorial on how to begin amigurumi with “The Magic Circle”:

Sometimes it’s easier seeing everything in action, so here’s a great video by Teresa of “The Art of Crochet” showing how to begin the Magic Circle using the steps I showed above.  She even provides a slow-motion repeat of this technique at the end of the video.

Have many of you already been using the Magic Circle technique when making amigurumi?  Some still prefer the Chain 2 method, but it’s nice knowing that there are other techniques out there.  I always use The Magic Circle now, and I’m so happy I finally took the time to look into it!

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