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Aren’t these Super Bunnies AMAZING?  If they look vaguely familiar, it’s because they were made using my “Spring Bunnies" pattern!  Cathrine Johansson originally from Norway and currently living in London, England adapted my pattern to make these heroes including Super Bunny, Spider Bunny, Bat Bunny and Robin Bunny!  When I first saw her work on Instagram (@kittycatknit), I squealed with delight and told her that I HAD to feature them on my blog since they were so amazing!

Cathrine has been crocheting for 6-7 years, but she only started making amigurumi earlier this year.  She found out about my blog through my feature in the magazine “Simply Crochet" and has already made my Dragon and Teddy Ornaments.  Cathrine loves superhero films, and she was watching “The Amazing Spiderman” when she was working on a Spring Bunny.  This gave her the inspiration to try and make some little Super Bunnies!  I love how creative Cathrine was with the colour changes and felt shapes, and it really shows how you can adapt a pattern to make it your own!  Cathrine says that she plans on making the Avengers sometime in the future too!  

Please follow Cathrine on Instagram @kittycatknit to see more of her work, and don’t forget to tag me (@AllAboutAmi) and use the hashtag #AllAboutAmi to show me your crocheted creations using my patterns!  I love seeing them and featuring them on my blog :)  See the free Spring Bunnies pattern that these Super Bunnies were based on HERE!

[All photos in this blog post courtesy of Cathrine]

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