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Mikaylove Giveaway! [CLOSED]

I still very vividly remember back in March 2011 when I received an e-mail from a blog reader named Kay.  I had just started my blog two months prior in January and not very many people knew about my work.  Kay said that she had found my Valentine Teddy pattern and had made her very own!  This was the very first time someone had sent me pictures of their work using my pattern, and I was so incredibly excited.  I had spent hours writing up my patterns (there were only two at the time) and figuring out my designs, so to know that someone was using it somewhere in the world was incredibly special!  You can see Kay’s Valentine Teddy here.

Kay started her own blog called “I’m Hooked" and I loved perusing it as she posted adorable pics of her popsicle keychains, mini wallets/pouches, and all the lovely items she made for her baby girl (what a shoe collection!).  What really caught my eye was her cute amigurumi penguin pattern that she had translated HERE.  It was my first time crocheting with two colours at the same time, and I absolutely loved how this cutie turned out!  You can read Penguin’s step-by-step blog post here.  I think this little penguin would make an adorable Christmas ornament, don’t you?


Kay and I kept in touch, and I am so thankful for her love, support and prayers for our family.  We are now both moms to beautiful baby girls!  She even sent us a package full of goodies for baby Myla- this really brightened up my day and lifted my spirits as the first few weeks coming home from the hospital were challenging at times.  Her thoughtfulness and generosity blew me away! 


As we were messaging each other, Kay revealed how she had started her blog when she was pregnant and a bit lonesome.  Kay wrote,

"It was your pattern that got people to even look at my page and from there I gained an audience that was interested in my work and most importantly, me. And even though I no longer blog, I will be forever grateful of the amigurumi bear pattern that changed my life.  So, thank you!" 

This brought me to tears, knowing how much of an impact my blog could have on someone.  I’ve received at least a half dozen e-mails from people all stating that they’ve been inspired to start their own blogs after seeing “All About Ami”, and I’m always so overjoyed to hear this.  God has given me this platform to express and share my creativity and love of crochet with others, and I am so happy to hear that it has impacted others in such a positive way!

Even though Kay no longer blogs, she too has found a way to do what she loves and share it with others through her Etsy store called “Mikaylove" that she has just launched.  Mikaylove is derived from her daughter’s name “Mikayla”, and as a stay at home mom, Kay was inspired by her love for her baby girl to create a handcrafted jewelry line that would appeal and be affordable to all audiences.  Kay sent me some of her pieces and I immediately fell in love with their elegant and classy designs.  I liked them so much that I ordered some more for myself and my family! 


Kay sent me the “Cross Weave Bracelet in Peach" (LOVE this) and the "Double Wrap Bracelet in Maroon" (maroon/burgundy or ‘oxblood’ is such a trendy colour right now for the fall!).



Kay’s classic designs go well with any outfit and you can definitely dress them up or dress them down!  I looove stacking bracelets to add interest to my outfits….can you ever have enough bracelets?


I ordered the stunning “Mikaylove Original Design Necklace in Turquoise & Grey" for myself since I love the colour combo and bib necklaces are so popular right now!  Isn’t it gorgeous?


I also ordered the “Double Wrap Bracelet in Mint Green" since I love this colour.  I think peach and mint green go so well together! 


The little “Mikaylove” tag of authenticity on each piece is very cute too :)


I think that all of the Mikaylove pieces are affordable, with prices comparable to those found in retail chain stores, except these pieces are all handmade!  I am all for supporting handmade artisans and moms who are working from home.  Kay has many different pieces available in a vast array of colours (see pic below for more of her designs).  Please check out her store HERE to see her collections!  You can also find Mikaylove on instagram too (@Mikayloveinc). 


Kay has been generous enough to offer THREE GIVEAWAYS for my readers!  In order to enter, please visit the Mikaylove Etsy store HERE and select your FAVOURITE PIECE.  There are three ways to enter (one winner will receive their selected favourite piece from each of the following groups):

(1) Blog comments: Leave a comment on this blog post, stating your favourite piece (e.g. “I love the Cross Weave Bracelet in Cream”).  One comment per person please.

(2) Facebook: Leave a comment on the Facebook link to this post stating your favourite piece (click HERE to access the “All About Ami” Facebook page).  Like and Share the post (be sure to change the share settings to “Public” so I can see it) for additional entries.

(3) Tumblr: "Like" this post and reply with what your favourite piece is.  Reblog this post for an additional entry (only once please).  Tumblr winner must be a follower of BOTH “All About Ami" and "MIKAYLOVEINC" on tumblr HERE

You may enter all three ways!   If you are under 18, please ask your parents’ permission before entering.  The contest is open worldwide and will run until Wednesday, December 5 at 9 PM, MST.  Winners will be announced on Friday, December 7.

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  1. itsmyhamburger said: I love the Cross Weave Bracelet in Peach! It looks like it would go well with any outfit :)
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    Cross Weave Bracelet...Burgundy
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  14. lovableelesliee said: They’re all so beautiful it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say the Chevron Bracelet in Mint Green! :)
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  16. bornonthewrongplanet said: Oh its so hard to choose just one piece! That are all so beautiful! But if I have to pick just one…it would be the Ethereal Bracelet in Chartreuse because blue is my favourite colour and that shade is just stunning. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
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