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Baby Myla Smiling Family Photo

Everyone, meet Myla!  She is the newest addition to our family and was born last week at 7 lbs 1 oz!  Isn’t she a smiling cutie bear, donning the shell-stitch beanie I crocheted for her?  Thank you for all your warm wishes, prayers and comments, particularly on my last post!  I am recovering slowly and Ryan and I are adapting to the non-stop schedule of feeding, burping, changing diapers and resting.  Kudos to you parents out there who have gone through this- it isn’t easy, and it definitely makes you appreciate your own parents that much more!  We love her so much and giggle at all her little expressions and movements.  Thanks for being a part of my pregnancy journey and now a part of our journey into parenthood!

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  1. meandmylovelypassions said: Congratulations! :)
  2. glammamamma said: Congratulations! She’s beautiful!
  3. nisa69 said: Congrats!!
  4. scrunchystan said: congrats!!
  5. nebegurumi said: congratulations!
  6. hessah-a said: love her <3
  7. okghostkid said: OMG she is soooooo cute! I wish you and ryan good luck!
  8. artsysketch said: Congratulations!! :)
  9. avianflew said: congratulations! what a beautiful baby girl :P I know you two are going to be great parents!
  10. midg33t said: Congratulations! May she bring you both a lot of happiness :D
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