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36 Weeks Maternity Shoot

Hi everyone!  We are 9 months pregnant and one month away from our due date!  It feels kind of surreal how life is going to change so drastically soon and how baby could really come anytime during the next few weeks.  It’s been so fun preparing the nursery, shopping for baby items, squealing over the cuteness of tiny baby clothes and of course crocheting baby projects!  We’ve also been trying to do belly shots throughout the pregnancy, and it’s been really neat seeing the progression and growth throughout the months.  I thought I would share some photos from our 36 Weeks Maternity Shoot we did a couple days ago, especially since it involves some crocheted goodness!

We shot these photos by a pond near our house!  Don’t the beautiful reeds and trees provide a gorgeous background for this green and gold photoshoot?

I was thrilled to find this pretty green maxi dress from a Banana Republic outlet at the end of the season for more than 75% off the original price :)  I love the ladylike ruffles on the top and the flowiness of the bottom.  Maxi dresses have been some of my favourite pieces to wear while being pregnant!

I wanted to display these little crocheted button booties I blogged about recently.  They look so tiny and dainty in my hands!

We really can’t wait for our baby to wear these!

The idea for the big crocheted bow belt was inspired by this lovely maternity session I found on a blog called “Onto Baby”.  I knew I wanted to make one for myself as soon as I saw how pretty and adorable the bow looked wrapped around the belly!  It makes the belly (and the little one growing inside) look like a beautiful gift adorned with a bow!

Once I found this green dress, I decided that I would crochet a gold bow to provide a beautiful accent against the green.  I ended up using the rest of the gold yarn that was left-over from my Scarecrow amigurumi and the gold baby booties.  I think my green and gold ensemble is perfect for the fall, especially with the green and gold glow in the background! 

Ryan helped me make this beautiful “36 Weeks" sign!  Doesn’t he have nice writing?  I’ve always admired how neatly he writes, but this really looks like a computer font!  You can see how he was practicing in pencil first before going over it in ink…

As for the bow, I crocheted a rectangular piece, folded it in half and then sewed the edges together.  I then crocheted a narrow strip to wrap around the middle to give it a puffy ruched look.  The belt was made by double crocheting row after row, and we added a wooden button for closure.  Since the belt is made of double crochets, it is essentially adjustable since the button can fit between any of the double crochets on any row!

We are so thankful for this gift from God and we cannot wait to meet our little baby soon!  Thank you for your kind e-mails and messages, warm wishes and prayers for our family :)  We feel very blessed and are very appreciative of you all!

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