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Despicable Me Posters

You all remember this little guy, right?

Well, the folks over at “Illumination Entertainment" (the film production company behind "Despicable Me") loved my crocheted Minion so much that they wanted to send me some “Despicable Me One-Sheets” for my efforts :)  To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what a “one-sheet” was, but a quick search on Wikipedia answered my question:

"A one-sheet is a specific size of film poster advertising (27" x 40").  Since a one-sheet is used in the official advertising for films, they are prized by both collectors of memorabilia for specific films and of film posters themselves. Film posters sold in general retailing are in poster size, which is 24" x 36". Most prized are posters which have been rolled and shipped in tubes instead of being folded.”

With this new knowledge, Ryan and I excitedly headed over to FedEx to pick up our tube shipped all the way from Santa Monica, California :)

We brought the tube home…

And began to take our one-sheets out: look at those minion eyes!

This one-sheet is so cute since it’s filled with minions of all different personalities and expressions :)

They also sent over this super shiny one-sheet.  I love how the whole family is in this one with the catch phrase “Superbad.  Superdad.” 

Here they are together:

I thought it was neat that you could still see the images when you flip them over :)

I’d like to send my thanks over to the people of Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios for taking the time to send me these beautiful one-sheets :)  They’re great collector’s items, and they’ll always remind me of the crocheted Minion that Ryan and I spent hours upon hours making!

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